Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, Cortana, is without doubt one of the very best characteristic presented in Home windows 10. The substitute clever software gives a whole lot of options to revel in the use of your pc, get knowledge in your finger pointers and support your productiveness at paintings.

Maximum folks, on the other hand, aren’t aware of Cortana’s options, pointers and tips that may make our lives more straightforward. That’s why, on this publish, I’m compiling without equal listing of pointers and tips that will help you get maximum out of Cortana in Home windows 10 — on desktops and mobiles.

Be aware: Cortana instructions, when spoken out, must get started with “Hiya Cortana, …

1. Make Particular Searches

Cortana makes sense sufficient to turn you the most efficient fits on the height of the end result listing, however that may’t be enough for each and every state of affairs. That’s why, it supplies choices so that you can take regulate of your searches.

To get the custom designed and maximum related effects, slender down your seek question by way of the use of specifics akin to:


Seek the use of report names, wildcards (? and *) and extensions (for instance: .document, .exe, and many others.) and same old mathematics operators


Seek in a particular location together with OneDrive, the Web, Home windows Retailer or native garage drives (like C:)


Seek in a particular class by way of writing a class adopted by way of a colon (:) and your question to get category-based effects. Right here’s the listing of classes (as examples) to take hints from:

  • Apps: Edge (displays quite a lot of apps within the Home windows Retailer)
  • Paperwork: File (displays all similar-named paperwork)
  • Folders: Weblog (displays all ‘weblog’ named folders)
  • Song: Bob Dylan (displays all similar songs and albums)
  • Pictures: Birds (displays pictures with the identical names)
  • Settings: Area and Language (displays the requested settings)
  • Movies: Holiday in Venezuela (displays all identical named movies)
  • Internet: Home windows 10 (displays data associated with this question from the internet)
Make Specific SearchesMake Specific Searches

2. Observe Couriers and Flights

As a wise assistant, Cortana additionally tracks flight numbers and courier programs by means of their monitoring numbers.

It auto-tracks the flights and couriers with the main points discovered for your configured e-mail. You’ll additionally observe the guidelines manually if it’s now not discovered for your e-mail.

The software lets in monitoring couriers from products and services like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and many others. and outlets like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many others., and helps quite a lot of identified flight operators.

Observe those steps to trace flight or courier knowledge manually:

  1. Sort the flight or courier monitoring quantity within the Cortana’s seek field
  2. After Cortana validates the guidelines, click on on Observe your bundle (this step is just for courier programs)
  3. You’ll see the hunt outcome underneath Easiest fit
Track Couriers and FlightsTrack Couriers and Flights

3. Set 3 Sorts of Reminders

You’ll arrange time-based, location-based or person-based reminders the use of Cortana in your PC, and get the reminders in your cellular software.

Time-based reminders are after all in response to time, while location-based reminders are in response to the tracked location in your cellular software. If this is a perso-based reminder, the reminder will pop up whilst you obtain a choice or message from that consumer.

Observe those steps to set the reminders:

  1. Click on within the Cortana’s seek field, then kind or say the reminder question
  2. Click on on Set a reminder, then Cortana asks for consumer, position and time
  3. After surroundings the specified knowledge, then click on on Remind button

Listed here are few instance queries to set the reminders:

  • Ring a bell in me to select up the dry cleansing at 8PM day after day after today
  • Ring a bell in me to shop for the wait for John on 25 December this yr
  • “Ring a bell in me to congratulate when Sandhya calls or messages me
Set 3 Types of RemindersSet 3 Types of Reminders

4. Query for Technical Strengthen

Cortana is helping you get technical toughen for explicit queries and offers the requested knowledge inside of its app window. Your queries can be redirected to the Home windows Assist & Strengthen software, Microsoft Bing (seek engine) or Microsoft’s toughen pages at the Microsoft Edge.

Listed here are few instance queries to get technical toughen:

  • How do I connect with Wi-Fi?
  • How do I create a backup?
  • How do I modify my background?
Question for Technical SupportQuestion for Technical Support

5. Translate Phrases and Words

Cortana can translate words and sentences in 50 other languages. You’re required to kind or discuss the word (as a question) within the Cortana’s seek field and the unreal clever software would give the reaction again.

Observe those steps to translate the use of Cortana:

  1. Click on in Cortana’s seek field
  2. Sort “Translate“, then input the word and “to French” (in case you need to translate the word to French)

Listed here are few instance words or queries for making translations:

  • How do I say excellent morning in French?
  • Translate hi there to Spanish
Translate Words and PhrasesTranslate Words and Phrases

6. Ship Textual content Messages from PC

Cortana involves rescue if you wish to ship a message whilst you’re away out of your telephone or too busy to select up. You’ll nonetheless use this software to ship a textual content message out of your PC (which is if truth be told despatched out of your telephone).

Observe those steps to ship a message:

  1. Open Cortana and in its seek field, kind “Ship textual content to
  2. Sort title of the individual out of your touch listing and press Input
  3. Then kind your message within the message field and click on Ship button

In case it’s a brand new quantity (now not indexed for your contacts), then you want so as to add the quantity for your touch listing first. To do this, you’ll be able to set up Other folks app in Home windows 10 and save the quantity there (it synchronizes along with your telephone).

Send Text Messages from PCSend Text Messages from PC

7. Seek the use of Herbal Language

Cortana is interactive and user-friendly, and lets in making queries in herbal language — similar as Apple’s Siri and Google Now. This implies you’ll be able to discuss with Cortana similar as you do with a human and it’ll give again responses.

You’ll apply those steps to look in herbal language:

  1. Sort or discuss your question within the Cortana’s seek field
  2. Cortana will auto-understand the context and resolution your question

Few examples for looking out the use of herbal language:

  • To find paperwork for the day prior to this
  • What’s the elements nowadays?
Search using Natural LanguageSearch using Natural Language

8. Determine Song and Songs

Cortana has were given quite a lot of tips up its sleeve and figuring out song or songs is one such superior characteristic. It now not simplest can concentrate to and establish song, it can even seek the internet for extra main points and description for the taking part in song or tune.

You’ll succeed in the similar the use of the next steps:

  1. Click on within Cortana’s seek field
  2. Click on at the musical be aware icon within the top-right nook (glance underneath Extra, if it isn’t visual or to be had without delay there)

Or you’ll be able to merely ask such queries to do the similar:

  • What tune is taking part in?
  • What’s the title of this tune?

Cortana will display the tune or observe name, album title and extra main points. You’ll click on at the tune to buy the tune or its album from the Home windows Retailer.

Do be aware that there exists few regional restrictions for this selection and Cortana won’t establish song in non-supported areas and as an alternative answer “I’m sorry, I don’t acknowledge this tune, Check out once more.

Identify Music and SongsIdentify Music and Songs

9. Calculate and Convert Numbers

Cortana, excluding its different options, can assist you to do elementary mathematics operations and easy conversions.

The software can convert between quite a lot of numeric gadgets akin to currencies, temperature, period, weight and liquid amounts, and many others.

You’ll carry out the next steps to calculate or convert:

  1. Click on within the Cortana’s seek field
  2. Discuss or kind “Calculate” or “Convert adopted by way of your question

Listed here are some instance queries to do the similar:

  • Calculate 8 + 2 – 10 / 10
  • Inform 30000 * 60 * 60 * 30
  • Convert 10 USD to EUR
  • What’s 90 meters in inches?
Calculate and Convert NumbersCalculate and Convert Numbers

10. To find Information and Get Solutions

Cortana may even transform your tutor and assist you to to find knowledge briefly than ever. The assistant can come up with elementary knowledge on a number of subjects and niches together with however now not restricted to necessary public figures, definitions, public vacations, film knowledge, commute locations, currencies, time zones, and many others.

Right here’s some instance queries Cortana can answer:

  • “Who’s Invoice Gates?”
  • When is Hard work Day?
  • Outline superfluous
Find Facts and Get AnswersFind Facts and Get Answers

11. To find Puts and Get Instructions

Cortana mean you can find an cope with with flip-by-flip instructions the use of its spouse app, Maps. Do be aware that this selection calls for you to have Maps pre-installed in Home windows 10 and if now not, you’ll be able to get it from the Home windows Retailer.

Right here’s what you’ll be able to do to get instructions the use of Cortana:

  1. Sort or say “Instructions to” adopted by way of location within the Cortana’s seek field

Listed here are few instance queries for purchasing instructions:

  • Instructions to Bloomington
  • Instructions to Central Park, New York Town
Find Places and Get DirectionsFind Places and Get Directions

12. Ship Emails Straightaway

Cortana means that you can ship emails without delay with out opening an e-mail consumer or a browser. The usage of this selection, you’ll be able to merely discuss your mail necessities and your individual assistant would ship that mail. Do be aware that for this selection to paintings, your email account must be configured with Cortana.

Listed here are the stairs to ship an e-mail the use of Cortana:

  1. Click on within the Cortana’s seek field
  2. Sort or say aloud “Ship an e-mail to” adopted by way of the recipients
  3. And, kind or discuss “pronouncing” adopted by way of the e-mail’s frame/content material
  4. After composing the e-mail, you’ll be able to edit by way of pronouncing “make adjustments
  5. Finally if all knowledge is excellent, merely say “ship” to ship the e-mail
Send Emails StraightawaySend Emails Straightaway

13. Create Calendar Occasions

Cortana can assist arrange your calendar, permitting you to create conferences and occasions with out opening the Calendar. It’s going to create an tournament with the guidelines equipped by way of you (or even ask for extra if it thinks the data is incomplete).

It’s going to additionally remind you of the set assembly or tournament as scheduled.

This is how you’ll be able to do the similar:

  1. Click on within the Cortana’s seek field
  2. Sort or say “Upload a gathering adopted by way of date and time “to calendar

Few instance queries to create calendar occasions:

  • Upload a gathering for Monday at 4PM to calendar
  • Upload an tournament for day after today at midday
Create Calendar EventsCreate Calendar Events

14. Use Cortana within Edge

Cortana integrates with Microsoft Edge, the default browser on Home windows 10, to ease and personalize your surfing revel in.

Whilst the use of the browser, you’ll see Cortana’s icon popping within the cope with bar, clicking which you’ll be able to have interaction along with your digital assistant. Cortana would possibly seem whilst you seek or browse for eating out, buying groceries on-line, paying attention to song, looking at movies, and many others.

To run this selection, you want to turn on the similar within the Edge browser:

  1. Click on on Choices (3 dots) button and click on on Settings.
  2. Scroll down in the best sidebar and click on at the View complex settings button.
  3. Scroll down once more there till you spot Privateness and Services and products phase.
  4. Toggle at the choice Have Cortana help me in Microsoft Edge.
Use Cortana inside EdgeUse Cortana inside Edge

15. Set Alarms & Reminders

Cortana may even set alarms and reminders to stay you arranged. The usage of this selection, you’ll be able to merely discuss out to Cortana for surroundings, modifying or cancelling alarms and reminders with out opening one of these utility manually.

Observe those steps to set an alarm or a reminder:

  1. Click on within the Cortana seek field
  2. Discuss out or kind “Set alarm for” or “Set reminder for” adopted by way of the date and time to set alarm or reminder respectively

To edit/exchange the configured alarm or reminder, say or kind “Edit alarm for adopted by way of date and time, and to show off the set alarm or reminder, say or kind “Flip off alarm for” adopted by way of date and time to the digital assistant.

Set Alarms & RemindersSet Alarms & Reminders

16. Presentations Track Lyrics

Cortana can assist each time you’re looking at some song movies or simply remembered some tune from the previous, for which you’d love to take a look at the lyrics. This job is as simple as asking or querying some other factor from Cortana.

That is how you’ll be able to see the lyrics of a tune:

  1. Click on within the Cortana’s seek field
  2. Sort or discuss “Lyrics of” adopted by way of tune’s name and “by way of” the artist’s title

Listed here are few examples of queries for purchasing lyrics:

  • Lyrics of Numb by way of Linkin Park
  • Display me lyrics of Identical Outdated Love by way of Selena Gomez
Displays Song LyricsDisplays Song Lyrics

17. Keep an eye on your Laptop

Cortana too can assist regulate your pc and alter elementary configurations simply by achieving out to the assistant. You’ll give easy instructions to regulate your pc together with such things as launching apps, controlling {hardware}, and many others.

That is how simply you’ll be able to do the similar by way of typing or talking:

  1. Click on within the Cortana’s seek field
  2. Sort or discuss out the magic phrases (aka command)

Following are some examples to do the similar:

  • Flip off Wi-Fi
  • Open Keep an eye on Panel
  • Exchange the wallpaper
Control your ComputerControl your Computer

18. Take a look at Information and Updates

Cortana additionally will provide you with the newest information and updates and random updates in response to its research. You’ll set your pursuits in order that it displays information and updates which can be relevan to you.

Do those steps to get information and updates:

  1. Click on within the Cortana’s seek field, then kind “Information
  2. Open Cortana and click on at the Pocket book icon at the left
  3. A number of the proven playing cards, make a selection Information choice
  4. Toggle on or off the settings consistent with your pursuits
Check News and UpdatesCheck News and Updates

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