Use of this website, and or any WP FIX ALL service constitutes full acceptance of these and other terms which may be updated from time to time.


Our privacy policy, located at https://wpfixall.com/privacy is included herein by reference.

Our Plugins

Our service is streamlined through the use of a few key plugins. You grant us permission to install these plugins, as well as others that we may determine necessary for us to perform our duties under this service. Any removal, deactivation, or corruption of these plugins will negate our obligation to service your website–however, it will not negate your obligation to pay for the service until such time as you cancel service through our My Account section. Furthermore, as some of these plugins are developed by third-parties, we cannot be responsible nor liable for any adverse affects caused by them.


Backups will be scheduled and performed using the plugins of our choice. Automated backups may fail under certain circumstances beyond our control (eg. your hosting provider kills the process, your hosting account has reached its limits, or an off-site storage provider has an outage, etc.), we accept no responsibility nor liability for backup failures.


Updates will be scheduled, performed, and monitored via the plugins of our choice. While we do our best to keep up on the latest security & feature updates, we cannot guarantee that all plugin & theme developers have thoroughly tested their code; as such, we cannot be held responsible nor liable for any incompatibilities among your website’s plugins & themes.


Search Engine Optimization services are NOT included in any WP FIX ALL website care plan. For SEO Services, visit https://collinmedia.com/search-engine-optimization/.

Hacked/Compromised Sites

If your website is already compromised at the commencement of service–or becomes compromised at any point, there may be additional development fees to correct the issue if it will require extended and/or excessive tasks. You will be notified of these prior to any work commencing.


Your WordPress® Care Plan service level will be adjusted the following month–sometimes sooner.


Typically, renewals are processed immediately, and service will either continue; or, if expired at the time of your renewal, will recommence as if you just signed up for the first time.

No refunds.

Cancellations will be processed on your next normal billing cycle automatically when you cancel via the My Account section.


WP FIX ALL is a service of CollinMEDIA, and therefore the entirety of the legal terms located at https://collinmedia.com/terms are included herein by reference.