Builders who desire a high-paying activity must glance into Node.js. This well-liked JavaScript instrument has been round for many years, however the call for for individuals who can grasp it’s nonetheless going robust.

Are you curious about turning into a Node.js developer and exploring JavaScript additional? Is the wage price your time? This article is going to solution most of the commonplace questions on Node.js. We’ve additionally integrated more than a few stats to lend a hand you make a decision if that is the profession trail for you.

Excited? Let’s get began!

What Is Node.js? How Is It Used?

JavaScript has lengthy been a versatile programming language, therefore why it’s one of the vital well-liked, if now not the most well-liked, languages on the planet. Whilst it’s recognized for its talent to create complex client-side scripts, you’ll be able to additionally use it to create backend packages at the server-side with the suitable equipment.

Node.js is a backend JavaScript runtime setting — a program that permits you to write each server-side and client-side JavaScript outdoor of the internet browser.



This way has a couple of notable advantages over PHP and Python — Node.js purposes aren’t blocking off (they run similtaneously). Against this, each and every PHP or Python command stops different instructions till it’s completed executing. In different phrases, JavaScript server packages will also be a lot quicker and paintings higher in real-time.

Node.js is open supply and loose on peak of the whole lot else, so builders find it irresistible, particularly JavaScript devs who wish to take their coding to the following point. And the folk hiring those builders are curious about lately’s quicker, real-time, event-driven servers, so Node.js builders are in excessive call for.

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What Do Node.js Builders Do?

Node.js builders have a novel set of tasks and talents. As a extra advanced activity requiring you to grasp more than a few technologies, it’s more difficult to be told the abilities essential, however it additionally can pay higher.

Underneath, we’ve indexed the principle Node.js developer necessities. You’ll wish to know Node.js (and, via extension, JavaScript), however there’s a little bit extra to it if you wish to get employed. Glance into those talents should you’re going to land a role as a Node.js developer:

  • Mastery of JavaScript and the Node.js era, in addition to a operating wisdom of popular frameworks and different extensions
  • Figuring out of backend applied sciences and the power to construct server-side packages with Node.js
  • The power to paintings with a database
  • Talents with front-end applied sciences (corresponding to HTML and CSS) and the usage of JavaScript at the client-side
  • Protected programming requirements
  • Communique and organizational talents and the power to collaborate with different builders

You might also desire a Bachelor’s stage or higher in a pc science box, although now not all jobs require this in case you have hands-on enjoy to make up for it.

As a Node.js developer, you’ll most often paintings at the server-side of items, however you’ll most likely collaborate with frontend builders. On this means, Node.js construction may be very just like a extra specialised type of full-stack development.

You most likely received’t be operating simply with Node.js however with all of the server. So if backend or full-stack construction pursuits you in conjunction with JavaScript, this can be the suitable activity for you.

You’ll be able to additionally use Node.js to increase frontend packages; it’s only a much less commonplace use of this system. You’ll be able to certainly nonetheless discover a activity should you in finding that concept extra intriguing.

Is Node.js Top in Call for?

Node.js has at all times been well-liked, however you might have been listening to about it increasingly more in recent years.

JavaScript itself is a scripting language with a number of attainable. It constantly ranks within the top 10 of the TIOBE Index, so it’s a sensible choice if you wish to pick out a language with activity possibilities.

Node.js took the highest spot because the most-used framework spot in 2019 and 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, utilized by over 50% of its respondents. Reputation fell reasonably in 2021, however it remained the sixth-most well-liked era, and job searches for Node.js grew by 57%.

Job searches for Node.js

Activity searches for Node.js.

Regardless of this, employers looking for Node.js developers steadily in finding that they may be able to’t rent sufficient builders to satisfy their wishes. The excessive call for and coffee provide right here can result in a better than reasonable wage and more uncomplicated acquiring a role.

Node.js might not be the freshest profession available in the market, however it’s transparent sufficient that it’s now not only a pattern. In case you’re taking a look to be told a era that gives a solid, high-paying activity, Node.js could be a very good selection.

What Is the Moderate Node.js Developer Wage?

The wage for a Node.js developer runs at the upper finish. It’s because of the distance in professional Node.js builders and the ones taking a look to rent them. See for your self:

  • Talent: $117k/12 months, with a low of $100k and a excessive of $146k.
  • Glassdoor: $88k/12 months, with a low of $68k and a excessive of $114k.
  • ZipRecruiter: $114k/12 months, with a low of $73k and a excessive of $155k.
  • Payscale: $105k/12 months, with a low of $67k and a excessive of $113k.

Put those in combination, and also you get a median estimated wage of $106k/12 months. All however one supply lists the wage as over $100k/12 months, which is a great signal.

This wage is a little bit upper than equivalent construction jobs within the business, and it’s so much upper than well-liked positions oversaturated with activity seekers like PHP developers or WordPress developers.

Average Node.js developer salary

Moderate Node.js developer wage.


However what about equivalent jobs like full-stack or JavaScript construction? And the way do Node.js developer salaries glance relying on location and enjoy point? Let’s check out the knowledge.

Node.js Developer Wage vs. JavaScript Developer Wage

In case you’re already making plans on finding out JavaScript, chances are you’ll marvel how the wage of a JavaScript developer compares to a Node.js developer. Specialised jobs have a tendency to pay higher than generic jobs like web developer, and the numbers give a boost to this. Listed here are the stats:

  • Indeed: $110k/12 months, in response to 400+ reported salaries
  • Glassdoor: $91k/12 months, with a low of $54k and a excessive of $152k
  • ZipRecruiter: $71k/12 months, with a low of $24k and a excessive of $134k
  • Payscale: $82k/12 months, with a low of $54k and a excessive of $127k
Average salary a Javascript developer makes

Moderate wage a Javascript developer makes.

Averaged wage is $89k/12 months, in comparison to the Node.js reasonable wage of $106k/12 months. As you’ll be able to see, it’s significantly better to specialize if you wish to make more money. A distinct segment talent set is more difficult to increase, however it will possibly take you numerous additional than finding out a unmarried programming language.

Signal Up For the Publication

Node.js Developer Salaries via Enjoy

Enjoy point may have a vital affect in your ultimate wage. Employers are keen to pay peak greenback for builders with a long time of enjoy, and you’ll be able to at all times be expecting your wage to extend as you spend extra years practising your talents of selection.

However occasionally, a junior wage will also be so tiny in comparison to the common that it may be tough to realize sufficient talent to earn a good salary. Is similar true of Node.js?

In step with information from FullStack Labs, junior Node.js builders earn a median of $86k/12 months; mid-range builders with 4–6 years of enjoy earn $99k/12 months, and senior builders earn $117k/12 months.

Average Node.js developer salaries as of August 2020

Moderate Node.js developer salaries as of August 2020.

During your profession, from junior to senior, your wage would possibly leap via as much as $30k/12 months. Even a junior developer’s wage can pay just a little higher than many equivalent construction jobs, however keep in mind that Node.js is a specialised profession that calls for a large number of technical talent and is thus a lot more difficult for a amateur to select up.

Node.js Salaries via Location

If there’s something that may have a big impact in your wage, it’s the place you reside on the planet. Many wage statistics will also be very US-centric, so should you reside outdoor america, check out this record of Node.js salaries via location:

  • Switzerland: $97k/12 months (90k Fr./12 months)
  • United States: $92k/12 months
  • Norway: $63k/12 months (549k kr/12 months)
  • Germany: $63k/12 months (€54k/12 months)
  • Canada: $58k/12 months (C$73k/12 months)
  • Australia: $58k/12 months (AU$79k/12 months)
  • Sweden: $57k/12 months (498k kr/12 months)
  • Netherlands: $56k/12 months (€48k/12 months)
  • Austria: $56k/12 months (€48k/12 months)
  • United Kingdom: $54k/12 months (£39k/12 months)
  • Finland: $52k/12 months (€44k/12 months)
  • Ireland: $52k/12 months (€44k/12 months)
  • Belgium: $49k/12 months (€42k/12 months)
  • France: $47k/12 months (€40k/12 months)
  • China: $44k/12 months (¥282k/12 months)
  • Singapore: $43k/12 months (S$59k/12 months)
  • Denmark: $42k/12 months (368k Kr./12 months)
  • Italy: $35k/12 months (€30k/12 months)
  • Spain: $35k/12 months (€30k/12 months)
  • Bulgaria: $23k/12 months (BGN 38k/12 months)
  • Portugal: $23k/12 months (€20k/12 months)
  • Mexico: $15k/12 months ($306k/12 months)
  • Russia: $14k/12 months (1m₽/12 months)
  • India: $9k/12 months (₹665k/12 months)
  • Indonesia: $6k/12 months (Rp 92m/12 months)
  • Romania: $5k/12 months (RON 19k/12 months)
  • Ukraine: $1k/12 months (₴28k/12 months)

Freelance Node.js Developer Salaries

Freelancing can introduce reasonably of a wild card for your attainable wage. While you get employed via an organization, it’s a more secure make sure that your wage numbers might be nearer to the common, and also you’ll at all times know you’re getting paid each and every month.

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But when you select to freelance, what number of purchasers you get, and the velocity you fee is all as much as you. There’s no making certain you’ll even draw in sufficient purchasers to maintain your self.

Then again, if you’ll be able to build up a successful freelance business, chances are you’ll in finding that you simply’re incomes way over you might want to have whilst tied right down to an organization that can pay you a flat charge.

So how do the numbers glance?

In step with ZipRecruiter, freelance Node.js developers make $113k/12 months or $54/hour. CodeMentor’s estimate is much more beneficiant: It lists an average hourly rate of $81–100 ($168k–208k/12 months, assuming a 40-hour workweek) and a mean hourly charge of $61–80 ($127k–166k/12 months).

Average hourly rate for Node.js developers

Moderate hourly charge for Node.js builders.

Those estimates are a lot upper than the common Node.js wage, even for senior Node.js builders. It may be difficult to get off the bottom as a freelancer, however in case you have the way and are keen to take a look at it, it will finally end up resulting in a profitable profession.

Far off Node.js Salaries

As remote work continues to develop ever extra well-liked, particularly within the tech business, you might marvel should you’ll earn as excellent of a salary operating remotely or if it’s higher to pursue a salaried, in-person activity.

It’s additionally very intently tied to freelance paintings, which is way more steadily far off, which would possibly skew the numbers reasonably. However increasingly more, conventional salaried jobs also are going far off, and firms are looking for extra at-home staff to fill the distance.

ZipRecruiter lists an average yearly salary of $114k for far off paintings — strangely upper than the common Node.js developer.’s estimate is even upper at $135k/12 months, with skilled builders incomes as much as $145k/12 months and entry-level positions starting at $88k/12 months.

Arc’s estimate is a little bit grimmer: It lists an average remote Node.js developer’s salary as simply $73k/12 months, with seniors most effective incomes $86k/12 months and juniors even much less at $60k/12 months.

Average Node.js developer salary for those who work remotely

Moderate Node.js developer wage for individuals who paintings remotely.

Because it stands, it kind of feels that far off paintings continues to be discovering a foothold within the business, and its availability can range wildly relying on many cases. It is advisable to finally end up incomes greater than the common, or you might want to really well earn a ways much less. The most productive recommendation is to stay your choices open and search for jobs that pay you rather.

Node.js Wage vs Frontend, Backend, and Complete-Stack Developer Salaries

You’ll be questioning how Node.js compares to equivalent jobs like frontend, backend, and full-stack developer. Complete-stack construction, particularly, would possibly hobby you, because the Node.js enjoy is similar in some ways.

Since Node.js construction is a extra specialised activity, it’s very more likely to have a better wage. However let’s evaluate information and spot the way it appears.

In step with Payscale, frontend builders make $75k/year, whilst backend builders make $81k/year. After all, now we have full-stack developer salaries, which reasonable at $97k/12 months, $9k/12 months lower than Node.js construction.

Back end developer salaries according to Payscale

Again-end developer salaries in line with Payscale.

You might already know that front-end builders have a tendency to get the quick finish of the stick with regards to wage, whilst full-stack builders don’t steadily receives a commission sufficient to atone for their broader set of talents.

Focusing on a role like Node.js construction, or anything else equivalent, is steadily your best option if you wish to receives a commission rather for the time you spend finding out the instrument.

Node.js has been around for decades, but the demand for people who can master it is still going strong. 👩‍💻 Learn how much you could make as a Node.js developer here ⬇Click to Tweet


With a median wage of $106k/12 months, pursuing paintings as a Node.js developer might be definitely worth the effort. In case you’re curious about JavaScript, wish to get right into a specialised tech activity, and are curious about full-stack paintings, it can be best for you.

Now not positive the place to start out? You’ll be able to at all times take a look at the Node.js documentation or in all probability pursue the Node.js certification supplied via OpenJS. Or, should you haven’t even began finding out JavaScript but, take a look at our starter’s guide to JavaScript to get orientated and pick your favourite code editor from our record.

Are you in search of a job as a Node.js and/or JavaScript developer at the moment? Sign up for our fantastic and entirely far off international group. Kinsta at all times has JavaScript developer positions open!

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