On the planet of builders, there are somewhat actually 1000’s of various tactics to specialize. “App developer” is one activity name that’s gaining traction, and one thing an increasing number of individuals are starting to pursue and hunt down jobs for.

Have a knack for cell OSes like Apple or Android, or searching for a task that’s moderately extra specialised and in-demand than “instrument developer”? Let’s take a look at app builders, what they’re, and what sort of self-identified app devs make around the spectrum.

What Is an App Developer?

Let’s get something instantly: What precisely is an app, and what’s the variation between an “software” and a “program”?

Whilst “app” does very often check with cell packages that you’ll be able to to find at the Apple App Retailer, Google Play Retailer, or in other places, an software can also be written for any running gadget – and even for a web server.

An array of mobile apps.
An array of cell apps.

An software is designed to assist customers carry out a unmarried process, be it enjoying a sport, writing a file, or enhancing a picture. “Techniques” and “instrument” are wider phrases that may check with any knowledge that runs on sure {hardware}, and it’s no longer at all times made for the end-user. All apps are instrument, however no longer all instrument is an app.

Because of this, app builders (versus common programmers) are excited by creating a program that is helping an end-user do one thing.

Whilst that is maximum continuously a task name for cell builders (Android, iOS), it’s additionally very often utilized by desktop laptop devs (Home windows, macOS, Linux) or even internet app builders.

App builders might also focus on growing a definite more or less app, corresponding to video games, social media, video recording instrument, and so on.

Some even paintings cross-platform, which makes them a unprecedented commodity since they be capable of port an software to a couple of techniques.

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Fundamental Duties of App Builders

Fascinated with what the daily duties of app builders are? Right here’s a glimpse into what you’ll be anticipated to do.

  • Create instrument packages for a definite running gadget or with a definite programming language.
  • Create a blank and obtainable UI for the end-users.
  • Debug and connect code.
  • Replace and patch outdated instrument.
  • Paintings with artists, researchers, and different builders.
  • Keep up a correspondence with shoppers and publish prototypes.
  • Write documentation that’s obtainable to customers.

Usually, app devs are a bit extra targeted at the end-user than different builders, so you’ll be doing extra frontend graphical paintings and UI setup along coding, particularly in case you’re on an overly small workforce.

Sorts of App Builders

Even with “app developer” already being a specialised name, there are nonetheless a number of extra kinds of app building jobs to choose between.

  • Tool developer: Those in essence are similar to app builders; they may be able to be thought to be a moderately much less specialised activity name. Those builders generally tend to paintings extra at the backend coding side, regardless that there may be steadily nonetheless some focal point at the end-user.
  • Cellular app developer: That is steadily synonymous with “app developer”, however can give explanation. Those devs paintings with Android, iOS, or different cell running techniques. You’ll be able to specialize even additional by way of OS to your activity name, corresponding to “Android developer”.
  • Desktop software developer: Like cell devs, however they paintings with desktop laptop OSes like Home windows, Mac, Linux, and extra. Additionally like cell devs, you’ll be able to specialize, corresponding to “Home windows developer”.
  • Internet app developer: Those other people paintings on internet packages delivered from a internet server to a browser, corresponding to emails, forms, and browser-based gear like phrase processors.
  • Hybrid app developer: This activity makes a speciality of creating cross-platform internet packages which can be designed to behave and really feel like apps. Hybrid apps are written in internet languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Call for for App Builders

App building is relatively prime in call for, and you’ll be able to to find many activity listings in the hunt for some form of software developer.

A identical activity of software development has a job outlook of 22%, which means that it’s on target to develop so much sooner than different jobs in any business. In spite of an increasing number of other people piling into the tech business, there’s quite a few call for.

The median pay for software developers is $110,000/yr according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor.
The median pay for instrument builders is $110,000/year in line with the U.S. Bureau of Exertions.


As for particularly cell builders, your possibilities are excellent. Demand for mobile developers is expected to increase to 24% by way of 2026, and because of the continuing growth of cell units’ recognition, realizing the best way to paintings with those units will mean you can land a task.

In the end, mobile app developer was found to be the #1 job in America in 2017, excelling at enlargement, pay, and activity delight.

General, app building, particularly cell building, is an excellent activity to get into if you wish to really feel safe.

How Do You Turn out to be an App Developer?

Concerned about app building in any of its paperwork? Listed below are some sources on the best way to get began and what you’ll want.

Task Necessities and Revel in for App Builders

Check out the crucial talents and necessities of an app developer.

  • An affiliate’s or bachelor’s level in a comparable box could also be required by way of some jobs, whilst a just right portfolio and revel in could also be sufficient for others.
  • Certification as a instrument developer or to your number one programming language too can glance just right at the resume.
  • Arms-on revel in or having up to now advanced and launched apps to your goal gadget will indisputably assist, particularly if the apps won an even selection of downloads and a spotlight.
  • Technical revel in and familiarity together with your goal OS and platforms are essential.
  • Skill to jot down high quality code and debug.
  • Conversation talents with shoppers and coworkers.
  • Innovation and analytical/problem-solving talents.
  • Skill to paintings within the entrance and a few UI/design talents.

The best way to Get started as an App Developer

Step one to changing into an app developer is choosing what applied sciences you need to focus on. Cellular app building and internet app building are very other, regardless that there can also be some crossover between desktop and cell building.

Do you need to paintings with telephones, computer systems, internet servers, or some mixture? Do you need to focus on a definite OS? Get conversant in the development tools and platforms to be had for the era you select.

The Android Studio homepage.
The Android Studio homepage.

There’s additionally the topic of which programming language to choose. Relying on how leading edge you need to be, the sky is mainly the prohibit right here – however there are some not unusual languages chances are you’ll need to glance into for app building, and there are masses extra choices than indexed right here.

  • Android: Kotlin, Java, C++
  • iOS: Swift
  • Home windows: C#, C++, Python, Java, Perl
  • Mac: Swift
  • Linux: Python, C++, C, Perl, Java
  • Internet packages: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby. Observe that frameworks like Django, Laravel, or Ruby on Rails are steadily used, particularly for languages like Ruby and Python that weren’t at first made for the internet.

Listed below are some gear and legit sources that can assist you get began. Additionally, imagine in search of novice guides to the language you select.

Apple (macOS and iOS):

Home windows:



Internet packages:

Reasonable App Developer Wage

Now for the expose: How a lot do app builders make in a 12 months? And the way does it examine by way of revel in point, location, and towards identical jobs?

Since “app developer” is an overly large class, we’ll additionally check out what cell app builders and internet app builders make in a 12 months.

Here’s what self-professed “software builders/app builders” make in line with the highest wage monitoring internet sites.

  • Indeed: $80k/12 months, in line with 3k salaries.
  • Glassdoor: $93k/12 months, with a low of $72k and a prime of $120k.
  • ZipRecruiter: $94k/12 months, with a low of $49k and a prime of $159k.
  • Payscale: $71k/12 months, with a low of $51k and a prime of $101k.

Reasonable all 4 of those information and also you get a complete reasonable of $85k/12 months. Whilst no longer as prime as some esteemed careers within the tech business, it’s a relatively respectable wage amongst identical jobs.

App developers make $93,000/yr on average according to Glassdoor.
App builders make $93,000/year on reasonable in line with Glassdoor.

What about particularly cell app builders that paintings with gear like Android and iOS? Let’s have a look.

  • Salary.com: $98k/12 months, with a low of $69k and a prime of $123k.
  • Glassdoor: $89k/12 months, with a low of $65k and a prime of $122k.
  • ZipRecruiter: $102k/12 months, with a low of $42k and a prime of $152k.
  • Payscale: $74k/12 months, with a low of $49k and a prime of $119k.

On reasonable that is $91k/12 months, which is in truth a bit increased than a generalized app developer.

Mobile developers make $89,000/yr on average according to Glassdoor.
Cellular builders make $89,000/year on reasonable in line with Glassdoor.

In the end, internet app building, for those who paintings with internet servers and their applied sciences.

  • Salary.com: $106k/12 months.
  • Glassdoor: $89k/12 months, with a low of $64k and a prime of $123k.
  • ZipRecruiter: $82k/12 months, with a low of $51k and a prime of $111k.
  • Payscale: $66k/12 months, with a low of $46k and a prime of $96k.

Right here you additionally finally end up with $86k/12 months, an estimate no longer a long way off from common app builders.

Web app developers make $89,000/yr on average according to Glassdoor.
Internet app builders make $89,000/year on reasonable in line with Glassdoor.

Whilst the 3 kinds of app builders have identical salaries, cell app building particularly ranked out a bit bit increased.

App Developer Wage by way of Revel in Stage

Revel in point has one of the most greatest results on wage. It’s essential to grasp in case you’ll be creating a livable salary whilst you’re simply beginning out, if it’s value staying within the business lengthy sufficient to say senior place advantages, or in case you must specialize in other places.

Right here’s what you’ll be able to be expecting to make as an entry-level app developer, contemporary out of school or with little or no revel in.

  • Salary.com: $32/hour, which comes out to roughly $67k/12 months.
  • Glassdoor: $95k/12 months, with a low of $48k and a prime of $190k.
  • Indeed: $65k/12 months, in line with 20+ salaries.
  • ZipRecruiter: $79k/12 months, with a low of $19k and a prime of $151k.

That makes the typical entry-level app developer wage $77k/12 months. Now not unhealthy, taking into consideration some tech jobs pay even much less simply by the entire reasonable.

Entry-level mobile app developers make $78,765/yr on average according to ZipRecruiter.
Access-level cell app builders make $78,765/year on reasonable in line with ZipRecruiter.


For many who have a bit revel in below their belt, you’ll be having a look at those salaries:

  • Indeed: $56k/12 months, in line with 40+ salaries.
  • Glassdoor: $78k/12 months, with a low of $47k and a prime of $129k.
  • ZipRecruiter: $69k/12 months, with a low of $24k and a prime of $145k.
  • Payscale: $57k/12 months, with a low of $53k and a prime of $64k.

That comes out to $65k/12 months, not up to the entry-level place. That is most likely only a mirrored image of Glassdoor’s very prime estimate of entry-level salaries in line with just a handful of stories, nevertheless it does point out that the variation between an entry-level and junior place is most likely negligible.

Junior app developers make $69,000/yr on average according to ZipRecruiter
Junior app builders make $69,000/year on reasonable in line with ZipRecruiter

And after all, right here’s what you’ll be able to be expecting to be incomes after a decade or extra within the business.

  • Indeed: $101k/12 months, in line with 600+ salaries.
  • Glassdoor: $117k/12 months, with a low of $90k and a prime of $153k.
  • ZipRecruiter: $112k/12 months, with a low of $62k and a prime of $156k.
  • Payscale: $99k/12 months, with a low of $73k and a prime of $127k.

On reasonable that makes $107k/12 months, a good bit spice up from whilst you’re first beginning out.

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Senior app developers make $112,000/yr on average, according to ZipRecruiter.
Senior app builders make $112,000/year on reasonable, in line with ZipRecruiter.

App Developer Wage by way of Location

The place you are living on this planet has a significant impact to your wage, and it may well even affect the place you select to transport. Listed below are a pattern of nations and the way neatly they pay app builders, in each native foreign money and USD.

  • Switzerland: $85k/12 months (79k Fr/12 months)
  • Scotland: $53k/12 months (£39k/12 months)
  • Australia: $51k/12 months (AU$73k/12 months)
  • Germany: $51k/12 months (€46k/12 months)
  • Canada: $50k/12 months (C$64k/12 months)
  • The Netherlands: $48k/12 months (€43k/12 months)
  • Austria: $48k/12 months (€43k/12 months)
  • Singapore: $42k/12 months (S$56k/12 months)
  • United Kingdom: $42k/12 months (£32k/12 months)
  • Finland $41k/12 months (€37k/12 months)
  • New Zealand: $41k/12 months (NZ$63k/12 months)
  • France: $40k/12 months (€36k/12 months)
  • China: $38k/12 months (¥240k/12 months)
  • Hong Kong: $38k/12 months (HK$300k/12 months)
  • Israel: $37k/12 months (₪120k/12 months)
  • Italy: $32k/12 months (€29k/12 months)
  • Saudi Arabia: $26k/12 months (SAR 97k/12 months)
  • Mexico: $23k/12 months ($485k/12 months MXN)
  • Russia: $17k/12 months (1.3m₽/12 months)
  • India $7k/12 months (₹512k/12 months)
  • Brazil $5k/12 months (R$26k/12 months)
  • Nigeria: $3k/12 months (₦1.2m/12 months)
  • Indonesia $275/12 months (Rp 4m/12 months)

Freelance App Developer Wage

Freelancing for sure isn’t for everybody, nevertheless it’s essential to grasp what you’re strolling into sooner than you devote your self to such paintings. How does freelancing app building examine to salaried positions?

ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor document salaries of $110k/year and $101k/year for freelance iOS builders. Freelance Android builders can be expecting a wage of $119k/year. Android salaries might skew a bit increased, however there’s no massive disparity.

Codementor studies that freelance cell app builders as a complete make $61-80/hour. If the average full-time freelancer works 36 hours per week, that makes a once a year wage of $114k-$168k/12 months.

Mobile app developers have an hourly rate that ranges from $61-80, according to Codementor.
Cellular app builders have an hourly fee that levels from $61-80, in line with Codementor.


This in fact is dependent closely on what your shoppers are prepared to pay, what number of shoppers you’ll be able to to find, and what number of hours you’re employed every week.

Faraway App Developer Wage

For those who plan on running as a far off developer, the wage could also be a bit of other. Listed below are some estimates for what you may well be making.

Faraway Android builders may just make from $111k/year to $140k/year, whilst iOS builders are projected to make $112k/year.

A remote Android developer makes $140,000/yr on average, according to Talent.com. 
A far off Android developer makes $140,000/year on reasonable, in line with Skill.com.


Faraway cell app builders, normally, make on reasonable $73k/year. Junior builders can be expecting $60k/12 months beginning out, whilst you’ll be able to make $87k/12 months as a senior cell app developer.

In the end, if you need a common take a look at how far off instrument builders fare, they’re having a look at $90k/year.

App Developer Wage vs Internet Developer Wage

In line with the U.S. Bureau of Exertions’s 2020 statistics, internet builders make an average pay of $77k/year. You’ll be able to additionally see that in line with quite a lot of wage internet sites, web developers make on average 60k-75k/year.

Web developers make $77,000/yr on average according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor.
Internet builders make $77,000/year on reasonable in line with the U.S. Bureau of Exertions.


This compares to app builders’ wage of $85k/12 months, $8k-$25k greater than the wage of internet devs. Internet builders, particularly frontend builders, are recognized to have typically decrease salaries in comparison to instrument builders.

App Developer Wage vs Different Builders Wage

Internet builders can also be divided into 3 primary classes: frontend builders who use HTML and CSS to design the visual portions of a webpage, backend builders who focal point on the use of a lot of applied sciences for server-side paintings, and full-stack developers who can do each.

All fall below the “internet developer” umbrella, however every makes an overly other wage.

After all, there are different kinds of internet builders too, corresponding to internet app builders, however the ones 3 are the commonest titles.

Frontend builders make on reasonable $90k/year, backend builders $91k/year, and full-stack builders $97k/year.

With common app builders making $85k/12 months, you’ll be able to see how essential it’s to specialize as higher-level activity titles appear to make more cash. Internet building could also be an overly massive business because the web is at all times increasing.

Will have to You Be an App Developer?

Is app building the fitting occupation for you? In essence, it’s similar to the name of a instrument developer. So in case you’re concerned about that, app building may be the fitting direction. Plus, the 2 are very steadily interchangeable, so you’ll be able to probably practice for each positions.

For those who revel in growing packages with code, creating with the end-user in thoughts, and designing satisfying UI layouts, then an app developer could also be an appropriate place for you.

The outlook for this place in addition to the tech business as a complete is hopeful, and the wage is similar to identical tech jobs. If truth be told, the pay can steadily be a good bit higher.

Like different tech jobs, you’ve gotten a large number of flexibility to your occupation and get admission to to just right advantages. You’ll be able to conveniently paintings remotely (crucial nowadays), or make a selection to do freelance and contract paintings.

App design is a superb launching level for brand new builders, and from there you’ll be able to make a selection to specialize or simply keep to your area of interest.

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App builders could make an even wage by way of making $85k/12 months – regardless that with the prospective to make way more relying to your particular activity name and skillset.

As a moderately extra specialised activity than instrument building, app builders paintings on user-focused packages for cell and desktop running techniques. They even occasionally sign up for the ranks of web developers to create internet packages for servers. It’s a sexy huge activity name with room for lots of other talents.

For those who’re concerned about creating packages of any sort, you’re secure to take a look at out app building because it’s an overly in-demand activity.

If Javascript is one era you’re taking into consideration, take a look at the average Node.js developer salary too!

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