The information superhighway puts a plethora of assets and knowledge at our fingertips. Alternatively, it’s very important to know the way to spot and retrieve them. To try this, we will use URIs and URLs. Whilst you’re most certainly aware of the latter time period, you could be questioning, “what’s a URI?” Steadily, networking equipment across the internet use this time period, confounding customers who haven’t come around the acronym earlier than.

On this put up, we’ll give an explanation for what a URI is. We’ll speak about if a URI isn’t the same as a URL, damage down its more than a few parts, and discover its other use circumstances. Let’s soar in!

What Is a URI?

A Uniform Useful resource Identifier (URI) is a string of characters used to spot a useful resource. We will be able to make the most of a URI to pinpoint a web site, record, or perhaps a particular piece of knowledge. It’s an umbrella time period, below which more than a few different locators fall.

There are lots of several types of URIs, however the most typical one is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), akin to https://www.elegantthemes/, as you’ll be able to see underneath:

The Elegant Themes website as an example for what is a URI.


The URL is a particular form of URI that locates a particular web site on the net. On this case, the Sublime Subject matters house web page. This is a URL as it comprises each the title of the useful resource ( and the pathway to get there (https://).

URLs are normally related to web pages. Alternatively, we will additionally use other URI codecs to find recordsdata and different assets, akin to electronic mail addresses or telephone numbers.

Some further examples of URI codecs come with:

  • mailto:[email protected]
  • record:///house/consumer/record.txt
  • tel:1-888-555-5555

In those examples, the URI would use an ftp:// protocol if the useful resource had been a record. Moreover, it could make the most of mailto: for an electronic mail deal with.

Different forms of URIs are Uniform Useful resource Names (URNs) and Uniform Useful resource Citations (URCs). URNs are identifiers for revealed paperwork. Against this, URCs are designed as identifiers for particular items of knowledge.

An instance of a URN can be urn: ISBN 978-0-87779-636-7. You can use this URN to spot the paperback model of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Newest Edition by way of its Global Same old E-book Quantity (ISBN):

The ISBN number printed in The Merriam-Webster Dictionary copyright page.

The ISBN is a URI that uniquely and globally names a guide. It will possibly lend a hand customers check they’re getting the right kind model or version of a published useful resource that they would like.

What Is a URI Fragment?

A URI is a compact collection of characters figuring out an summary or bodily useful resource. Additionally, there’s a handful of parts that make up a URI.

Under is the fundamental syntax of a URI:

URI = scheme:[//authority]trail[?query][#fragment]

That appears lovely difficult, however it’s in reality lovely easy. So let’s take a better take a look at what every of those parts method:

  • Scheme: The protocol you utilize to engage with the useful resource, akin to “https”
  • Authority: The host and port data
  • Trail: Generally a series of segments separated by way of slashes (e.g., /weblog/posts/new-recipes)
  • Question: An not obligatory string that comprises a sequence of attribute-value pairs preceded by way of a query mark

Every other very important part is a URI fragment. That is an not obligatory and further identifier that makes use of the hash signal (“#”) to leap to a selected a part of the web page. In HTML, you’ll be able to append this fragment to a URL to find a particular segment of a web page or report, referred to as the “fragment identifier”. You’ll do that through the use of the worth of the part’s identification characteristic.

For example, it’s essential to use https://www.web sensible to navigate to the highest of a weblog put up. Or possibly you may use #pricing to direct customers without delay to the pricing desk on an extended options web page.

Let’s say you’ve a web page for your web site, and you employ the tag to spot the FAQ section of your page. On this state of affairs, you’ll be able to use https://www.web to move without delay to the related segment. You can simply want the FAQ container to have  as a CSS selector.

Is a URI the Identical as a URL?

As discussed, a URI is a personality collection used to spot a useful resource. Whilst there are several types of URIs, URL is the most typical one.

All URLs are thought to be URIs. Alternatively, now not all URIs are URLs.

The primary distinction between the 2 useful resource sequences is that URIs determine and URLs find. We use a URL to search out internet pages and URIs to spot HTML, XML, and other files.

Generally, a URL comprises the useful resource’s title and a domain name or IP address. Against this, URIs don’t essentially want to comprise a website title or IP deal with.

A URI can determine assets by way of the title, location, or each. Alternatively, URLs specify the useful resource and the way to succeed in it on the net.

How Are URIs Used?

You must imagine using a URI each time you wish to have to spot a useful resource. Alternatively, there isn’t one particular method to make use of a URI. Probably the most appropriate kind depends upon the useful resource and the context wherein you wish to have to get admission to it.

For instance, if you wish to have to find an internet-based useful resource akin to a web site, you’ll normally use a URL. This procedure would contain typing the URL into your internet browser’s deal with bar, together with https://, after which urgent Input.

When discussing website domains, akin to, it’s perfect to make use of a URL as it’s extra particular (which is why it has grow to be the default information superhighway navigation). It supplies the useful resource title and location.

On the other hand, think you had been the usage of a URN to spot a guide. If that’s the case, you may come with it in a quotation for that frame of labor. A URN can determine a useful resource by way of a novel title. Alternatively, it doesn’t essentially inform you how you’ll be able to find it.

However, you’ll be able to use URCs to spot the metadata of a report relatively than the true report.

For instance, it’s essential to use a URC to indicate to the HTML supply code of a web page. On this case, it will appear to be view-source: on your browser bar. It could take you without delay to the web page code for that URL.


The information superhighway allows us to search out and find quite a lot of assets. Whilst maximum customers are best aware of the URL construction, URIs usually come up with get admission to to anything else from books to web pages or even particular datasets and codebases. Alternatively, the protocols and strategies we use to spot and get admission to those fabrics rely on their codecs and contexts.

As mentioned on this article, a URI is a personality collection that allows you to determine a web site, record, or particular piece of knowledge. It’s an umbrella time period for more than a few locator fragments. The most typical URI is a URL, which locates internet addresses. Alternatively, there also are URNs, which will determine different forms of assets like books, and URCs can pinpoint particular knowledge issues.

We all know that URIs will also be dense subject material, so do you’ve any questions on what a URI is? Tell us within the feedback segment underneath!

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