If an image is price 1000 phrases, a surprising product image is price 1000 web page visits. Even though I would not have information to again up that remark (but), product images will also be extraordinarily precious in your ecommerce web page technique.

To achieve your target market participants whoprefer purchasing on-line, you additionally wish to give your target market transparent, attention-grabbing pictures of your merchandise.

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However product images is not so simple as pointing and capturing. Even probably the most fundamental merchandise want the proper apparatus, lighting fixtures, and area to provide stunning pictures that promote consumers proper from the acquisition web page.

6 Product Pictures Guidelines (and Examples) for Taking Photos That Promote

Listed below are the guidelines, examples, and provides you can wish to successfully {photograph} and marketplace your merchandise in some way that makes your guests and possibilities wish to convert.

1. Do not be afraid to make use of your smartphone’s digicam.

That is the section the place I am intended to persuade you to put money into a high-end, 50-megapixel (MP) digicam with a 100-millimeter screw-on lens. However I am not going to do this.

If you happen to already personal a digicam that matches this description, profit from it. However for lots of kinds of merchandise, it is utterly appropriate to shoot product pictures on a smartphone.

More recent smartphones boast robust digicam lenses and settings that help you optimize your pictures for the several types of gentle and environments you may shoot in.

If you want extra convincing, simply take a look at Apple’s Shot On An iPhone campaignand the pictures that experience resulted from it over time akin to this one:

product photography tip: use a smartphone like the iphoneSource

2. Shoot from a tripod for photograph consistency.

Earlier than explaining tripods, I am obligated to begin with a cardinal rule: Do not prop your telephone towards one thing robust to attempt your lens towards the topic.

It is simply too simple for this makeshift setup to slip round right through the shoot and motive inconsistencies to your pictures’ look. If you happen to leisure your digicam on, say, a stack of books, simply be certain that this association does not trade over the process the shoot.

There is not any hurt in keeping your digicam your self when capturing only some product pictures in your ecommerce web page. However as what you are promoting grows, and you are taking extra pictures of extra merchandise, it may be tricky to standardize the product’s orientation in each and every photograph when capturing hand-held.

To make sure consistency throughout your merchandise, you can desire a tripod. And by chance, purchasing one is not all the time the large, industrial-sized funding it was.

Listed below are two kinds of tripods to believe.

Conventional vs. Versatile

It is a custom tripod — there are conventional tripods to be had for each cameras and smartphones.

product photography tip: use a traditional or flexible tripod when shooting your products


A versatile tripod will also be manipulated in numerous techniques. You’ll be able to bend its legs and position it on other surfaces to get the perspective you want.

product photography tip: use a traditional or flexible tripod when shooting your productsSource

Cellular Grip

There may be incessantly a screw at the best of your tripod which attaches in your digicam to carry it in position. The bottom of maximum professional-grade cameras has a screw hollow only for this goal, however smartphones can use the next adapter:

Mobile grip to attach smartphone to tripod standSource

The adapter grips the edges of your smartphone and will screw into both form of tripod, permitting you to perform the digicam controls with the telephone display screen dealing with outward and towards you.

While you decide which mount you can want, set it up in entrance of your product, and believe placing 3 items of tape at the flooring to mark the place you would love to stay each and every leg of your tripod over the process the shoot.

3. Select herbal gentle or synthetic gentle.

By no means underestimate how sure kinds of gentle can support (or obstruct) your product images. Bear in mind, patrons get the most efficient take a look at an merchandise in particular person, the place they are able to see the whole lot they wish to earlier than buying. The best lighting fixtures association is helping you disclose the ones crucial decision-making product options when all web page guests have to head on is a photograph.

A unmarried lighting fixtures setup may now not paintings for each product — a lighting fixtures association that works for some merchandise may weaken the semblance of others.

There are two kinds of gentle you’ll be able to make a selection as your major gentle supply: herbal and synthetic gentle.

Herbal Mild

Herbal gentle refers to daylight — easy as that. It is often referred to as “cushy gentle” for the reason that solar casts a bigger, softer vary of sunshine than, say, a lamp shining without delay at the product. Ecommerce product pictures thrive in herbal gentle if:

  • The product is shot out of doors or intended for use out of doors.
  • The product is utilized by, worn on, or shot with an individual (other folks generally tend to seem higher in herbal gentle).
  • You are seeking to emphasize the product’s atmosphere, fairly than explicit attributes of the product.

This is an instance of a shot the usage of herbal gentle:

product photography tip: use natural light


Synthetic Mild

Synthetic gentle contains candles, hearth, and extra often, gentle bulbs. It is also known as “onerous gentle” as it produces a smaller however extra centered gentle floor. This sort of gentle caters to merchandise with bodily main points that wish to be highlighted to provoke a web-based client.

This is an instance of synthetic gentle being use to shoot:

product photography tip: use artificial light


As a basic rule, stick with only one form of gentle in step with photograph — herbal or synthetic. Including herbal gentle to an artificially lit photograph can melt a product that is intended to seem sharp, and including synthetic gentle to a naturally lit photograph can sharpen a product that is intended to seem cushy. You do not need to get to your personal method.

4. Fill or soar your gentle to melt shadows.

Whether or not you employ herbal gentle or synthetic gentle, you can wish to reduce the shadows that any doable onerous gentle casts at the reverse finish of a product.

There are 3 ways to try this:

Fill Mild

Come with some other, less-intense gentle supply to complement your major gentle. This extra gentle is known as your fill gentle and is used as a counterbalance to melt the herbal shadow your major gentle produces in the back of an object.

To try this, position your fill gentle reverse your major gentle so your product sits between each gentle assets.

Flashbulb Soar Card

A soar card, or reflector card, is a small card that “displays” or “bounces” the primary gentle again onto the skin underneath your product to scale back shadows.

Some soar playing cards connect to the flashbulb of a pro digicam lens to diffuse the sunshine from the digicam’s flash. This card splashes a softer gentle onto the topic from above your set — fairly than instantly at it — so that you would not have lengthy shadows path in the back of the article you might be capturing.

See two variations of this merchandise under — each white (left) and foil (proper) displays can diffuse the flash.

product photography tip: using a flashbulb bounce cardSource

Standalone Soar Card

If you are capturing from a smartphone, a flashbulb soar card is not an choice, because you would not have a bodily flash you’ll be able to connect it to. As a substitute, make your personal standalone soar card located reverse your major gentle supply.

For rookies to product images, this soar card can successfully exchange your fill gentle, which counters the onerous gentle from the digicam flash or lamp that is dealing with towards the entrance of your product.

product photography tip: use a standalone bounce card


5. Use a sweep or portrait mode to emphasise the product.

There is not one proper strategy to place your product, lighting fixtures, and soar playing cards – they are able to trade dramatically relying for your background. However do not make a selection a background in keeping with what is very best to create. Backgrounds must resemble how you wish to have your patrons to understand your product when viewing it on-line.

Imagine first whether or not you need a white background or a extra dynamic, real-world background. There may be a very easy method to succeed in each and every one.

White Background: Sweep

For white backgrounds, it is not so simple as putting in place a desk towards white drywall. Even smartphone cameras can pick out up little blemishes on a white wall that you would not understand with the bare eye. To seize an excellent white background without a corners or blemishes, use a sweep.

product photography tip: importance of using a sweep in photography


A sweep is a big bendable sheet of paper, whose backside acts as the skin underneath your product after which curves up right into a white wall in the back of the product.

On digicam, the sweep’s curve is invisible, emphasizing key product main points and permitting the thing to possess all of a web page customer’s consideration.

Here is a side-by-side comparability appearing why a sweep issues:

product photography tip: importance of using a sweep in photographySource

Real-International Background: Portrait Mode

Dynamic, real-world backgrounds are very interesting when capturing merchandise that experience a particular use or are being modeled through an individual — as you noticed within the image of the briefcase previous on this information.

However, it is simple for a real-world background to thieve the point of interest of the photograph, making it unclear which merchandise within the photograph you might be in fact promoting.

Give your product intensity and emphasis with portrait mode, an image surroundings on most pro cameras, and likewise to be had on many new smartphones. This surroundings blurs the background so the context of the product is obvious however now not competing towards the product itself.

Beneath is a really perfect superior photograph of a HubSpot pen taken in portrait mode on a Google Pixel 2 (I took this image myself). You’ll be able to inform the pen sits on a table with a pc in the back of it, however the pen remains to be the focus for audience:

product photography tip: use portrait mode when photographing products

“It is such an unbelievable photograph, Braden. I completely need my very own HubSpot pen now.” Get one here!

6. Shoot numerous pictures.

My closing ecommerce images tip to you is not to prevent at one photograph in step with product. Simply as your consumers glance, grasp, use, or even check out on products in a shop, your web page must shoot numerous pictures to simulate this very revel in.

If you are capturing clothes, for example, seize the garment of clothes by myself — this is, unfold out on a white floor — in addition to on a model whose colour contrasts the colour of the product.

Then, for extra pictures, have the clothes modeled on an individual, permitting you to take photos of the product from the individual’s other poses and angles.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 1.51.11 PMSource

Product Pictures Set-Up

Subsequent, let’s summarize what we simply gained — here is a checklist of fast product images set-up guidelines that you’ll be able to discuss with and percentage for your staff:

  1. Come to a decision on a digicam — whether or not or now not that suggests the usage of your smartphone.
  2. Get a tripod that works in your digicam of selection.
  3. Select herbal or synthetic lighting fixtures — take into accounts which choice is very best in your product and atmosphere.
  4. Resolve whether or not you can fill or soar gentle.
  5. Make a selection sweep or portrait mode.
  6. Take a number of other pictures to supply your audience selection.

Get Began With Your Product Pictures

Do not really feel obligated to put money into each tip and piece of kit immediately. Observe those product images guidelines regularly to look what makes your retailer glance probably the most presentable, and alter your means as your images chops recover.

Editor’s word: This submit used to be at first printed in April 2018 and has been up to date for comprehensiveness.

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