Howdy Divi Country! Thank you for becoming a member of us for the following installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative the place each and every week, we give away logo new freebies. This Monday, we shared a brand spanking new Dietitian Layout Pack. That will help you get your web site up and working once conceivable, we’re sharing an international header & footer template that fits this structure pack completely as neatly! Hope you experience it.

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Pill and Telephone

Obtain The World Header & Footer Template For The Dietitian Format Pack

To put your fingers at the unfastened international header & footer template, you are going to first wish to obtain it the usage of the button underneath. To achieve get admission to to the obtain it is important to subscribe to our Divi Day by day e mail record via the usage of the shape underneath. As a brand new subscriber, you are going to obtain much more Divi goodness and a unfastened Divi Format pack each Monday! In case you’re already at the record, merely input your e mail cope with underneath and click on obtain. You’re going to no longer be “resubscribed” or obtain further emails.

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Learn how to Add The Template

Cross to Divi Theme Builder

To add the template, navigate to the Divi Theme Builder within the backend of your WordPress web site.

header & footer template for Divi's Dietitian Layout Pack

Add World Default Site Template

Then, within the height proper nook, you’ll see an icon with two arrows. Click on at the icon.

header & footer template for Divi's Dietitian Layout Pack

Navigate to the import tab, add the JSON document which you had been ready to obtain on this publish and click on on ‘Import Divi Theme Builder Templates’.

header & footer template for Divi's Dietitian Layout Pack

Save Divi Theme Builder Adjustments

If you’ve uploaded the document, you’ll understand a brand new international header and footer to your default web site template. Save the Divi Theme Builder adjustments once you need the template to be activated.

header & footer template for Divi's Dietitian Layout Pack

Learn how to Regulate The Template

Open Header Template

To change the worldwide header template’s components, get started via opening the template.

header & footer template for Divi's Dietitian Layout Pack

Choose Menu of Selection

Choose a menu of your selection within the Menu Module.

Upload CTA Hyperlink URLs

This header has a check module designed as a button at the proper. Open the settings of the textual content module to replace the module hyperlink URL to the vacation spot of your selection.

Open Footer Template

Proceed via opening the worldwide footer within the default web site template.

header & footer template for Divi's Dietitian Layout Pack

Replace Touch Shape Electronic mail Deal with

Within the footer, replace the Touch Shape with an Electronic mail Deal with.

Replace Electronic mail Optin with Electronic mail Account/Record

Then, replace the Electronic mail Optin with an Electronic mail Account and Record.

Replace Footer Content material

You’re going to additionally wish to undergo and replace the content material of the footer, together with including your individual textual content, hyperlink URLs, and social media networks. Don’t fail to remember in regards to the copyright textual content on the backside of the footer as neatly.

New Freebies Each Week!

We are hoping you’ve loved the Dietitian Format Pack and the Header & Footer freebie that is going together with it. We sit up for listening to your critiques within the remark segment underneath. You should definitely take a look at again subsequent week for extra freebies!

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