One of the most primary reason maximum people love Gmail is as a result of its beneficiant providing on the subject of space for storing. With greater than 7Gb (and counting) loose mail space for storing, there’s in point of fact no want to delete your emails and nonetheless keeping up a some distance distance from blowing it up.

No longer deleting emails leads us to subsequent possible drawback – messy and unsorted inbox. Just right information is, Gmail has a simple workaround. Briefly, now not most effective you get to stay all emails, they are able to even be arranged, looked after and retrieved simply – all with the usage of Labels.

Nowadays we’re going to speak about looking and retrieving your mails. The straightforward “Seek Mail” serve as proper beside Gmail emblem in reality does greater than we imagined. On this submit, we’ll introduce you the helpful Gmail seek operators in addition to examples on how you’ll seek for nearly any form of mails simply by means of the quest textual content box.

Complete listing after bounce.


Right here’s an inventory of Gmail operators you’ll benefit from while you seek by means of the quest field to your Gmail. Examples of utilization may be supplied.

“” (quotes):

Structure: "key phrase"Instance: "assembly schedule"(Go back most effective emails with the precise quoted key phrase(s).)


Structure: topic:key phraseInstance: topic:Google Alert(Go back emails with key phrase(s) in titles.)


Structure: from:Instance: from:hongkiat(Go back emails won from a selected person, however now not the e-mail deal with.)

Structure: from:Instance: from:[email protected] back emails won from a selected e mail deal with.)


Structure: to:Instance: to:hongkiat(Go back emails despatched to a selected person, however now not the e-mail deal with.)

Structure: to:Instance: to:[email protected] back emails despatched to a selected e mail deal with.)


Structure: in:Instance: in:trash(Go back emails saved in a selected location. In case you are on the lookout for emails that you haven’t any clue the place it’s, use in:any place.)


Structure: is:Instance: is:unread(Go back emails with a selected standing. E.g, Starred, unread, learn emails and even Gtalk chat logs.)

cc: & bcc:

Structure: cc: or cc:Instance: cc:hongkiat or cc:[email protected] back emails carbon copied to a person or explicit e mail deal with.)

Structure: bcc: or cc:Instance: bcc:hongkiat or cc:[email protected] back emails blind carbon copied to a person or explicit e mail deal with.)

Prior to: & after:

Structure: ahead of:Instance: ahead of:2010/07/01(Go back emails ahead of a selected date.)

Structure: after: ahead of:Instance: after:2010/06/01 ahead of:2010/07/01(Go back emails after in vary of or after explicit date.)


Structure: label:Instance: label:Feedback(Go back emails with a selected label.)


Structure: filename:Instance: filename:presentation.pdf(Go back emails with the precise filename hooked up.)

Structure: filename:Instance: filename:pdf(Go back emails that experience the similar record kind hooked up.)


Structure: has:attachmentInstance: from:hongkiat has:attachment(A extra normal seek for emails with attachments. Go back emails with attachments, irrespective of record kind and structure.)

Combining Operators

Listed here are some operators that permits you to yeild extra explicit and correct effects.


Structure: operator:worth -operator:worthInstance: has:attachment -filename:zip(Go back emails with attachements, filtering away the ones with .zip attachments.)


Structure: operator:worth OR operator:worthInstance: from:[email protected] OR from:[email protected] back emails won from both person(s).)


Structure: operator:worth AND operator:worthInstance: from:[email protected] AND has:attachment(Go back most effective emails won from a selected e mail that has an attachment.)

10 (extra) Complex Seek Examples:

The potential of manipulating those operators are slightly countless. Listed here are one of the crucial mixture of seek queries use often or in finding helpful.

  1. Instance: in:inbox label:fb is:unread(Seek for all unread emails classified fb inside of inbox.)
  2. Instance: in:any place from:peter(Seek for all emails regardless the place it’s saved (unsolicited mail, inbox, trash) won from somebody with the title Peter.)
  3. Instance: is:unread after:2010/06/01 ahead of:2010/07/01(Seek for all unread mails for the month of June. )
  4. Instance: from: [email protected] has:attachment(Go back all emails with attachments despatched through [email protected])
  5. Instance: in:inbox "assembly"(Seek inbox for any emails with the key phrase “assembly” in it.)
  6. Instance: from:[email protected] has:attachment filename:zip(Go back most effective emails won from [email protected] with .zip attachments.)
  7. Instance: "fb" back all emails with the key phrase “fb”, apart from the ones despatched through
  8. Instance: to:peter OR cc:peter(Go back all emails despatched to or carbon copied Peter.)
  9. Instance: label:google OR back all emails won from or classified “google”.)
  10. Instance: "assembly" is:chat(Go back all chat log information with key phrase “assembly” in it.)

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