One of the vital arguments for using WordPress is that reasonably priced assist for the platform is simple to seek out. It’s one thing I’ve noticed claimed across the internet a large number of occasions and I’ve made this argument myself, time and again.

It kind of feels easy sufficient: WordPress has much less of an access barrier for builders, which means it’s more straightforward to get into. It additionally has the biggest ecosystem amongst all content material control methods. That are meant to imply a prime provide of builders, which will have to lead to low costs.

On the other hand, it lately befell to me that I haven’t any concrete proof to improve that declare. Like folks, I merely repeated what I heard somewhere else and what my intestine feeling informed me. Subsequently, I believed it’s time to determine if that declare is if truth be told true.

That’s precisely what I can try to do with this submit. As I’m typing this, I’m now not solely positive but how I’m going to method that job. I assume we can to find out.

Some Explanation at the Technique

So, ahead of we get began, I almost certainly wish to explain what precisely I’m looking for out. After I’m asking whether or not WordPress builders are less expensive, the primary query I wish to ask is “less expensive than what?”

Grounds of Comparability

First, I’d declare that the objective of the general public in hiring a WordPress developer is to finally end up with both a brand new WordPress website online or to get assist in solving or making improvements to their current website. For this reason, it is smart to check the cash WordPress builders earn for this sort of paintings with the source of revenue of alternative builders for identical or the similar paintings.

As a result, in my comparability, I can particularly be aware of other people running with Joomla and Drupal, the opposite two most well liked content material control methods. On the other hand, I can additionally check out the source of revenue of basic internet builders. In each instances, I can read about freelancers in addition to other people running in salaried positions.

Calculating Prices

The following query is, how do you outline or calculate the typical worth of a WordPress developer? Worth isn’t just dependent at the standard hourly pay but additionally on how lengthy it takes for them to finish their paintings.

Logically, if any person is paid much less in line with hour however takes on reasonable two times so long as different builders (as an example, for the reason that paintings is extra complicated), the result won’t pop out less expensive. So, I can have to take a look at and to find techniques to resolve each hourly source of revenue in addition to general incomes in line with website.

Implementers vs Builders

After all, there’s one caveat for the numbers underneath: some of the the reason why getting information on how a lot WordPress builders earn is so tricky is that the time period developer has been muddled down a bit of, particularly within the WordPress sphere.

That’s principally because of the benefit of use of the platform. It’s each a present and a curse because it lets in a large number of other people to construct web sites for a residing with out having the ability to code. Those are steadily referred to as WordPress implementers. Since they steadily get jumbled together with true coders, it skews the numbers a bit of.

Implementers are almost certainly a number of the primary the reason why WordPress developer charges quilt the sort of huge margin. In additional technical CMS or natural coding professions, this doesn’t occur in the similar method. So, stay that during thoughts right through.

The Reasonable Hourly Price of WordPress Builders

Alright, now let’s get to the beef and potatoes of this submit. First, we can take a look at to determine how a lot WordPress builders earn in line with hour. There’s a host of knowledge on that on-line, even though now not just about up to you could possibly be expecting.

Estimates Say WordPress Builders Earn Between $25 and $400/hour

There are a number of articles in the market with knowledge in this subject. WP Engine did some research on people working with WordPress in 2015. In it, in addition they coated the typical hourly price of WordPress freelancers.

The common comes out as somewhat greater than $29/hour, as Rachel McCollin calculated in her article. Needless to say this knowledge is for the USA best and covers information from one unmarried task portal.

Rachel additionally is going via further information that brings her to the belief that WordPress pros earn someplace between $25 and $36 in line with hour.

Post Status, alternatively, offers a reasonably vast vary of $25 – $400. On the other hand, Brian Krogsgard readily admits that the ones are best estimates in response to chatting with other people and dealing within the business for a very long time.

Process Record Websites: $5 – $120/hour for WordPress Construction

Some other evident position to search for WordPress freelancer charges are the more than a few task list websites. Right here, if you have the very best focus of WordPress pros. For all searches, I targeting unbiased contractors who paintings in internet building and display up for “WordPress” as a key phrase.

Listed below are the charges I discovered a number of the first 50 effects:

  • Upwork: $32 – $120 (officially $20 – $100)
  • $5 – $65
  • $8 – $80
  • PeoplePerHour: $10 – $90
  • Codeable: $60+

That’s relatively a discrepancy, then again, now not sudden given the big variety of talent ranges and developer places those platforms. But, it’s additionally essential to notice that almost all of other people appear to perform at the decrease finish of this spectrum as this screenshot from PeoplePerHour suggests:

peopleperhour wordpress developer rates

How A lot Do WordPress Builders Price In line with Undertaking?

Now that we’ve got an concept concerning the more than a few hourly charges, how does that translate to mission value? A couple of years in the past, Brian Krogsgard attempted to respond to this within the aforementioned article. His verdict: the typical customized WordPress website online prices $3,000 – $15,000.

Codeable’s estimations are a bit of upper than that. For a standard website, they be expecting prices of $26,400 or $9,600 with a pre-bought theme.

Alternatively, the typical WordPress mission on Upwork is just $194. In fact, we don’t have any method of understanding if this is for complete websites or simply customizations. But, someplace in that blend are other people construction customized web sites for quantities with regards to that.

Total, it’s clean that WordPress building is far more cost effective for outsourcing web sites. For those who think that construction a customized WordPress website takes about 35-45 hours, with the charges discovered above you’re looking at ultimate prices between $175 and $5,400. Very a lot on the backside finish of the estimates.

WordPress Construction Salaries

After all, let’s take a look on the salaries of WordPress builders. Right here, too, the average belief is that they’re not up to in different spaces of internet building.

The WP Engine record above additionally had knowledge on that. For the USA, it noticed reasonable WordPress developer salaries within the $60,000+ class. This was once on par with the median annual salary of internet builders usually on the time ($68,670).

On the time fo this writing, Payscale places this quantity at $50,165. It is going as much as $56,903 for those who name your self a Entrance Finish Developer/Engineer. On Indeed, the quantity is going as much as $69,611 and Neuvoo sees it at $64,616.

How Does That Evaluate to Different Builders?

To grasp whether or not WordPress builders are certainly less expensive, we now wish to examine those numbers to folks in internet building. For that, let’s take a look at the similar stats as above however this time for the regulate teams.

Hourly Pay

First, we can read about the hourly pay posted on a contract task posting web sites.

Internet Construction (Common)

  • Upwork: $32 – $95
  • $10 – $99
  • $11 – $55
  • PeoplePerHour: $10 – $78


  • Upwork: $20 – $100
  • $10 – $60
  • $8 – $60
  • PeoplePerHour: $10 – $140


  • Upwork: $15 – $119
  • $9 – $65
  • $8 – $60
  • PeoplePerHour: $10 – $106

Fast word: Although it’s now not evident from the numbers I famous down, the typical hourly pay for Drupal builders is certainly upper, particularly on Upwork. The low numbers listed here are as a result of some other people give a variety of hourly charges and I needed to cross with their decrease prohibit.

Undertaking Prices

How do those numbers translate to exact mission prices? Once more, it’s now not really easy to get dependable figures right here.

Internet Construction (Common)

The one sort-of credible supply I may to find was once this one (guy, other people in reality don’t like posting their costs on-line). It says to be expecting $2,000 – $9,000 for a fundamental to complex website online.

Excluding that, maximum estimates I discovered on-line say that construction a static website takes round 40 hours of labor. That’s related to WordPress. For this reason, I can take the similar choice of hours as I did for WordPress building and multiply it by way of the hourly charges I discovered previous. Doing so, I finally end up with website online prices of $350 – $4,455.


Right here, too, I may best to find one site with concrete numbers. Those have been $1,500 – $7,000+ for a median Joomla website online.

I couldn’t to find any knowledge on how lengthy it takes to construct a website with the CMS. Subsequently, I can take the similar hours as ahead of. This will get us to $350 – $6,300 for a website online constructed with the Joomla platform.


One cost estimate I discovered for the standard Drupal implementation was once a whopping $30,000 to $40,000 for a unmarried website. It additionally mentioned that it will simply cross as much as $100,000+. But, it sort of feels like a regular website online can also be had for as little $3,000.

What everyone in most cases has the same opinion on is that it takes so much longer to broaden a Drupal website. The numbers I discovered the place someplace round 60-80 hours. In keeping with the hourly pay found out previous, this comes all the way down to $480 – $9,520, so building prices are in most cases upper for Drupa than for the whole lot else.


After all, let’s have take a look at the typical salaries for the several types of builders.

Internet Construction (Common)

Payscale offers a variety of $38,339 – $85,368 with the median at $58,145. Certainly, alternatively, sees the typical wage at $78,554 and Neuvoo states $71,249.


For Joomla, it was once very arduous to seek out any numbers. Handiest Neuvoo had knowledge referring to Joomla builders and gave a mean every year wage of $62,469. On the other hand, that is best in response to a pattern dimension of 4 other people.


After all, for Drupal building, Payscale had wage knowledge between $49,209 and $103,631. The website calculated the median at $72,417. That is with regards to Neuvoo’s reasonable of $75,088. Certainly had no knowledge in this.

So, are WordPress Builders Less expensive?

Finally that sophisticated math (there’s smoke popping out of my ears now), it’s time to respond to the query. To take action, let’s summarize the findings from above.


  • Hourly pay: $5 – $120 for freelance builders. Estimates going as much as $400 with the typical most likely someplace between $25 – $50/hour.
  • Website prices: $175 – $5,400 for freelance paintings but additionally extra skilled estimates of $3,000 – $26,400 in line with website.
  • Salaries: $50,000 – $70,000

Common Internet Construction

  • Hourly pay: $10 – $99 in response to the guidelines on freelance web sites
  • Website prices: $350 – $9,000 with the typical perhaps someplace round $5,000
  • Salaries: Median wage simply shy of $70,000


  • Hourly pay: $8 – $140
  • Website prices: $350 – $7,000+ – The common turns out somewhat not up to for basic internet building
  • Salaries: $62,500 however founded best on one supply and 4 other people


  • Hourly pay: $8 – $119
  • Website prices: Website prices are considerably upper. I calculated $480 – $9,500 when running with freelancing websites. On the other hand, there are signs that the real prices are no less than a couple of thousand greenbacks and briefly cross into to the tens or even masses of 1000’s.
  • Salaries: With $73,752 the median wage for Drupal builders is the very best of the bunch. It’s additionally price noting that they’re best ones within the bunch with reported salaries of over $100,000. No one else got here even with regards to that.

In fact, the above is total certainly not clinical. As an example, you must remember that most of the freelancers providing WordPress services and products additionally do different PHP-based paintings similar to in Joomla and Drupal. This makes entire sense, then again, it additionally makes the consequences much less simple.

But, the guidelines above nonetheless offers a excellent evaluate and an inclination. WordPress builders in reality appear underpriced, particularly the ones on freelance web sites. On account of their decrease hourly charges, mission prices for WordPress also are somewhat not up to for different spaces. As well as, builders running with the platform additionally command decrease salaries.

So, it sort of feels that the claims I and others had been making are true on some stage. On the other hand, it is usually essential to notice that Joomla builders appear to fare even worse, no less than in response to the restricted pattern dimension. Just one factor is evidently: if you wish to maximize your incomes doable, you might need to imagine studying Drupal.

What’s your revel in on being paid for WordPress building? Anything else so as to add to the above? If this is the case, please tell us within the feedback segment underneath!

Nick Schäferhoff

Nick Schäferhoff is an entrepreneur, on-line marketer, {and professional} blogger from Germany. He discovered WordPress when he wanted a website online for his first industry and immediately fell in love. When now not construction web sites, growing content material or serving to his shoppers strengthen their on-line industry, he can maximum steadily be discovered on the fitness center, the dojo or touring the arena together with his spouse. If you wish to get in contact with him, you’ll achieve this by the use of Twitter or via his website online.

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