Anchor hyperlinks can fortify navigation and assist prepare your content material, particularly on a website online with long-form content material. Probably the most different primary advantages of the usage of anchor hyperlinks instead of navigation is the truth that they’re superior for search engine optimization. Whilst the idea that of the usage of anchor hyperlinks may be very easy, it may be exhausting to understand the place to begin. It’s if truth be told one of the crucial first issues I went attempting to find once I were given began growing WordPress web pages.

This newsletter displays you 5 cool issues you’ll do in Divi with anchor hyperlinks. For those examples, all you wish to have is Divi and a need to be informed.

Let’s pass!

What You’ll Learn to:

  1. Scroll to and Open a Toggle with an Anchor Link in Divi
  2. Create a One Page Navigational Menu
  3. Jump to a Page Section from Another Page
  4. Use the Divi Dot Navigation
  5. Add Anchor Links to Your Headings

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

Toggles are a type of parts that may support consumer enjoy.  Name me lazy (I’d use the phrase environment friendly) however the more uncomplicated it’s for me to get my knowledge, the easier. I’m a large fan of toggles for positive forms of content material.

Probably the most highest makes use of I’ve observed for toggles are for FAQ pages. They paintings nice for revealing small bits of knowledge that the consumer needs to concentrate on. This will likely best take a minute and a couple of traces of JavaScript to finish. You’ll additionally use a variation of this approach to open tabs or accordions and whilst this will appear tough, it’s truly now not too complicated.

First, create a brand new web page and deploy the visible builder. Then make a selection the choice “Make a choice a Premade Structure”. Within the Load from Library popup, in finding the Accountant FAQ web page format by means of typing “faq” within the seek bar. Then click on at the format and at the preview that comes up click on the Use This Structure button to deploy it in your web page.

Now you are prepared so as to add your anchor hyperlink capability. For this case, I’m going to make use of the button within the best header phase because the anchor hyperlink in order that, when clicked, the web page will scroll to a particular toggle which can simultaneouisly open routinely.

To do that, first open the button settings and upload the next hyperlink URL in your button:

Button Hyperlink URL: #toggle3

I gave this anchor hyperlink the identification “toggle3” to assist understand that I need to hyperlink to the 3rd toggle at the web page. This identification title will correlate to the toggle CSS ID we will be able to upload later in order that the button is aware of to what toggle to scroll.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

Subsequent upload a novel CSS Magnificence to the button module:

CSS Magnificence: open-toggle

Then save your settings.

This elegance title is helping remind you of the motion of the toggle opening when clicking the button. We can use this elegance in our customized jqeury to get the specified capability in a bit bit.

Subsequent scroll down the web page to the row containing the 2 columns of toggle modules which can be getting used for the FAQs. Open the surroundings of the 3rd toggle module within the first column. That is the module we need to scroll to and open when clicking the Button (or anchor hyperlink).

Underneath the Advance Tab, upload the next CSS ID:

CSS ID: toggle3

It is necessary that this precisely correlates to the button hyperlink url used previous. The one other this is that you just should miss the “#”.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

The closing step comes to including some customized code to the frame of our web page. To do this, navigate to the Divi Theme Options, and open the Integration Tab then paste the next into the frame phase as proven within the GIF underneath.

jQuery(serve as ($) {
    //open toggle on button click on
	$('').on('click on', serve as(tournament){
        $('#toggle3.et_pb_toggle_2 .et_pb_toggle_title').click on();

Don’t omit to wrap the code in the correct script tag.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

Now you’ll take a look at out your web page to peer if it really works.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

To grasp a bit about what this code is doing. Let’s take a better glance. Here’s the snippet once more:

jQuery(serve as ($) {
    //open toggle on button click on
	$('').on('click on', serve as(tournament){
        $('#toggle3.et_pb_toggle_2 .et_pb_toggle_title').click on();

Within the code, the selector “” refers back to the button with our customized elegance. The selector “#toggle3.et_pb_toggle_2 .et_pb_toggle_title” refers back to the the name of the the toggle with the identification “toggle3” and the category “et_pb_toggle_2”.

The category “et_pb_toggle_2” is if truth be told the category related to the 3rd toggle. This is as a result of Divi provides the primary toggle the category “et-pb_toggle_0”, the second one toggle “et-pb_toggle_1”, and so forth.

So if you wish to know what the category is for a selected toggle for your web page, you’ll merely depend from 0 beginning with the primary toggle at the web page and paintings your manner down. Or you’ll at all times simply check out the html code to search out the category that manner.

That is essential to understand as a way to replace your code accordingly. For instance, if I sought after my button to open the second one toggle at the web page, I might exchange “#toggle3.et_pb_toggle_2 .et_pb_toggle_title” with “#toggle3.et_pb_toggle_1 .et_pb_toggle_title”.

This code snippet is a variation of the following concept. I attempted to stay it so simple as conceivable.

This cool methodology would additionally paintings for tabs and accordions. The trick is to spot the precise css categories for the accordion merchandise or tab as a way to use it within the code.

Create a One Web page Navigational Menu

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

This kind of menu design is in style for one web page websites. It may be helpful to create hyperlinks within the menu to leap from phase to phase for your web page. That is particularly useful in case you are development a one web page website, or a touchdown web page. You’ll take a look at the documentation on methods to create one-page web pages with Divi for more information in this procedure.

Here’s a fast evaluate on how to do that.

This will likely paintings for any premade format, however for this case, I’m going to make use of the Internet Freelancer House Web page Structure. Create a brand new web page, deploy the visible builder, make a selection “Make a choice Premade Structure”, after which deploy the Freelancer House Web page Structure in your web page.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

Now you wish to have so as to add CSS IDs to each and every phase that you’re going to need to hyperlink (or scroll) to. In finding the phase titled “My Products and services”. Open the phase settings, click on the complicated tab, and upload the next CSS ID:

CSS ID: products and services

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

Subsequent, in finding the “featured paintings” phase and provides that phase a CSS ID as follows:

CSS ID: paintings

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

And upload the next CSS ID to the “About Us” phase as smartly:

CSS ID: about

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

With those 3 sections correctly setup with their distinctive CSS IDs, we will know create our menu anchor hyperlinks.

From the Dashboard, navigate to Look > Menus and create a brand new Number one Menu. Then Create 3 customized hyperlinks with the next URL and Hyperlink Textual content:

Customized Hyperlink 1
URL: #products and services
Hyperlink Textual content: Products and services

Customized Hyperlink 2
URL: #paintings
Hyperlink Textual content: Paintings

Customized Hyperlink 3
URL: #about
Hyperlink Textual content: About

Here’s the overall end result. Understand the graceful scrolling magic when clicking the anchor hyperlinks within the navigation menu.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

Don’t omit to make a choice set your show location to Number one Menu. Then save your menu.

Now while you talk over with your web page you’ll check it out. You might realize that there’s easy scrolling. It’s because the Divi theme routinely provides easy scrolling – this option was once added in Divi version 2.4.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

For a extra inspiration on development killer one web page taste web pages, take a look at those posts:

Leap to a Web page Segment from Every other Web page

We will use the instance from above to show this. Since we added a CSS ID to 3 sections at the web page (products and services, paintings, about), now not best are we able to bounce to these phase the usage of our menu anchor hyperlinks, however we will additionally bounce to these sections from an absolutely other web page.

All you wish to have to do is find the URL of the anchor hyperlink when created a hyperlink on a distinct web page. For those who sought after to position a hyperlink to the products and services phase with the ID “products and services”, it might glance one thing like, page/#products and services.

In an effort to make certain the web page scrolls to the right kind location when leaping from a distinct web page, you might wish to permit the “Selection scroll-to-anchor manner” possibility underneath Divi > Theme Choices > Navigation > Basic Settings.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

Here’s an instance of the way the web page will load and scroll to the “My Products and services” phase when linking to that phase from every other web page.

This works nice for plenty of other calls to motion (i.e. be informed extra, get Divi, vote for me!, and so forth.) that you would be able to need to bounce to from other pages of your website.

Use the Divi Dot Navigation

Technically those are integrated anchor hyperlinks. You gained’t wish to upload your individual CSS phase ids. The Dot Navigation function routinely creates anchor hyperlinks from your sections. To activate dot navigation in your web page, merely set the Dot Navigation way to “ON” underneath the Divi Web page Settings on the best proper of the display screen when modifying your web page. If you activate Dot Navigation, Divi routinely provides a clear menu at the aspect your web page. Each and every dot scrolls to the sections right through your web page when clicked.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

For more information, there’s a nice submit on how to add labels to your dot navigation.

Including anchor hyperlinks in your headings is at all times a good suggestion. This is a good way for indexing longer pages with numerous content material, permitting you to simply navigate to each and every heading inside of the similar web page or to create hyperlinks to those headings from different pages for your website online. It additionally is helping engines like google move slowly your website.

So as to add a CSS ID in your headers the usage of the Divi Builder, open the module containing your heading textual content. Remember to have the textual content tab open. In finding the header tag (h1, h2, h3, and so forth…) after which input an identification throughout the brackets of the start header tag. Here’s an instance of an h3 heading with the identification “webdesign”:

Web site Design

Now I will be able to hyperlink to this header from any place so long as I exploit the right kind anchor hyperlink URL. Which for this case must glance one thing like this: page/#webdesign

This will likely additionally come in useful for pages or posts that aren’t the usage of the Divi builder. So as to add Anchor Hyperlinks in your headings for those pages or posts, open up the Textual content tab within the WordPress textual content editor. Merely find the heading of your selection and upload the identification throughout the heading tag as proven underneath.

That is precisely what I did for this submit. The phase hyperlinks at the top of this post function a pleasing desk of contents that hyperlink to the other headings at the submit.

Lovely cool stuff.

Wrapping Up

Anchor hyperlinks have a couple of nice sensible makes use of, however don’t pass too loopy with them since you should at all times first believe your target audience and your objectives. Bear in mind, excellent design is ready usability and serve as so, in some cases anchor hyperlinks may also be very useful. However in others, it simply way customers zap from side to side over the parallax sections and finally end up getting misplaced. Optimistically, you had been ready to get some helpful pointers from this submit.

Do you may have any pointers or questions on anchor hyperlinks? Tell us about your reports within the remark phase underneath.

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