All over the COVID-19 pandemic, the web and social media helped us connect to our coworkers, pals, and family members throughout instances of maximum isolation.

However, our web-based way of life wasn’t very best. Whilst it is advisable see and communicate to folks, interactions nonetheless felt far away and impersonal. And, regardless of having each supply app at our fingertips, we nonetheless ignored going outdoor, exploring the arena, and experiencing existence to its fullest.

And, for a small — however rising — workforce of folks, that is the place the metaverse got here in.

Even though metaverses are not anything new, we began listening to extra buzz than ever about futuristic digital fact worlds that would allegedly complement or amplify on our personal. As extra folks started to dive deeper into on-line gaming, social media, and buying VR headsets and equipment, the alternatives of the metaverse won much more intrigue.

Then, in past due of 2021, Mark Zuckerberg stunned the arena when he introduced the exchange of his corporate’s title from Facebook to Meta, including that it could constitute a brand new evolution of the corporate’s choices.

Quickly after, Meta’s first metaverse, Horizon Worlds used to be opened as much as any individual with an Oculus or Meta headset. Virtually right away, lovers started to discuss with this as “the metaverse.”

However, there is extra to the tale of the metaverse, and numerous issues you can want to know earlier than even asking of yourself, “Is making an investment in a stylish VR international proper for my emblem?”

On this submit, I will stroll you thru what “the metaverse” in point of fact is, how you’ll be able to entry all kinds of digital worlds, and the place the emblem possible lies on this rising house.

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Does Meta personal the Metaverse?

As a result of Fb modified its title to Meta, and has a thriving digital fact platform, chances are you’ll assume the corporate owns “the metaverse.” In fact –- and digital fact –- Meta owns one of the metaverses. Whilst Meta’s VR universe is named Meta Horizon Worlds, and is accessed throughout the corporate’s Meta VR headsets (officially titled Oculus), there are lots of different metaverses that early adopters had been the use of for years.

What occurs within the Metaverse?

To give an explanation for what occurs within the metaverse, we’re going to dive into a couple of kinds of metaverses and give an explanation for what you or your emblem can do in each and every. However, earlier than we dive deeper, listed below are some definitions it would be best to take into account (and hyperlinks to extra context, courtesy of the HubSpot Blogs and our companions at The Hustle):

Metaverse Phrases to Know

  • NFT: The much-buzzed-about non-fungible token is a finite or distinctive virtual token, akin to virtual artwork, avatar clothes, or VR-based gadgets, that you’ll be able to acquire possession of or stake in. Deep in its blockchain-based coding, there is a certificates announcing that you just personal or have possession within the merchandise. (And, sure. There’s much more complexity here than a snappy definition can give an explanation for.)
  • NFT Actual-Property: A non-fungible virtual space or piece of land within the metaverse that may be invested in, bought, and even rented out. Patrons get a virtual deed or certificates announcing they personal the true property.
  • Blockchain: A virtual ledger of transactions, certificate, and contracts.
  • Cryptocurrency: Virtual cash that you’ll be able to spend money on, promote, or use to buy merchandise on-line or in a metaverse. Each and every form of virtual coinage has other values. Common examples come with Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin.
  • Open-source: Open to all customers for enhancing and now not generally managed by way of a emblem or unmarried entity. Open-source metaverses can also be based by way of builders who marketplace and do repairs at the international, however would possibly now not have an evident corporate proudly owning them – or customer support when one thing is going unsuitable. On the other hand, they continuously permit a lot more freedom to the customers.

Now that you’ve the ones fast definitions, let’s check out one of the vital maximum mentioned metaverses available in the market.

3 Common Metaverses (And What You Can Do in Each and every)

Whilst there are lots of metaverses available in the market, and we might love to speak about all of them, I have targeted this submit across the 3 metaverses which might be maximum buzzed about as of late.

And, as a result of many metaverses have numerous equivalent alternatives for manufacturers, I will spoil down emblem alternatives (and display you examples of them) within the following phase.

Meta Horizon Worlds

Meta’s universe can also be accessed by way of Meta headsets bought by way of the corporate (which have been up to now referred to as Oculus headsets). Whilst this universe can handiest be accessed by way of headsets at the present time, Mark Zuckerberg has already mentioned seeking to amplify the revel in to touch lenses or even holographic reports within the some distance time period. Even though this metaverse is doubtlessly probably the most well known to past due adopters and entrepreneurs, it is likely one of the latest primary metaverses.

If you input Horizon Worlds, you’ll be able to do virtually anything else that each one previous metaverses allowed customers to do, together with:

  • Growing your avatar or digital likeness.
  • Speaking to other folks within the Meta Horizons international.
  • Enjoying video games with different Meta Horizons customers.
  • Asking a Meta enhance rep (additionally within the metaverse) questions.
  • Teleporting to other places and reports throughout the universe.
  • Acquire virtual merchandise, akin to digital clothes, from the Horizons Market.

Two key issues that make Horizon Worlds other from different primary metaverses we’re going to speak about underneath are:

  1. That it is centralized, because of this it has a identified proprietor who regulates and manages the platform. If you find yourself in Horizon Worlds, you comply with phrases of use and will have to stick with regulations or you’ll be able to be ejected. In the meantime, different decentralized metaverses have minimum regulations, control, and rules since they generally have preliminary creators or builders, however no present or evident house owners. In reality, to be sure that customers are behaving and finding out how one can use the Horizon Worlds house, digital Meta staffers are generally found in each and every public house:
  2. You’ll’t purchase land or monetize your emblem in Horizon Worlds simply but. Whilst Horizon Worlds does be offering a common market, there aren’t any different transparent tactics to generate income at the platform. In the meantime, on different metaverses that we’re going to speak about underneath, one primary purpose of customers is to shop for, promote, or monetize digital real-estate.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is likely one of the oldest decentralized gaming metaverses. Created by way of players all over the world, the platform has won hobby from VR and NFT buyers. If you input this metaverse, your persona should purchase and construct on land with crypto referred to as MANA. From there, you’ll be able to promote your land, hire it out, meet folks, make connections, or even receives a commission and purchase extra land by means of Sandbox jobs – like architect or landlord. Sandbox, which rings a bell in my memory of an excessive LEGO universe, is lovely clean to entry and create an account on when visiting its website online.

On account of its age and credibility within the VR international house, Sandbox is house to many prosperous early adopters who already personal genuine property there, together with primary gaming firms like Attari and the rapper Snoop Dogg. Moreover, as a result of land plots and the choice of SAND tokes that can be created within the sport are thought to be “finite,” the cost of the true property and tokens on this metaverse have skyrocketed in recent years.

Image Source


One of the vital well-liked metaverses that early adopters have explored and invested in is Decentraland. Created in Argentina by way of builders Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, has been notable for its huge towns and hundreds of thousands of bucks in digital land and NFT genuine property. In reality, a easy Google seek unearths that there are already plenty of virtual real-estate agencies specializing in promoting NFT land in Decentraland and different metaverses.

As its identify would trace, Decentraland could also be decentralized, that means that it has no particular proprietor or supervisor and any individual can create on this digital open platform. In contrast to Horizon Worlds, it may possibly handiest be accessed by way of private computer systems.

A large number of knowledge to believe and undecided the place to begin? Under is a comparability chart to assist. 

Metaverse Comparability Chart


Meta Horizon Worlds



Years Energetic

Final than 1 yr

5 years

10 years

Estimated Quantity Customers

300K reported users (unknown day-to-day customers)

300K reported users (18,000 reported day-to-day customers)

1 million reported users (16,000 reported landowners)



Decentralized (no identified proprietor)

Decentralized (no identified proprietor)


US and Canada for 18+ customers handiest

Unknown however most probably world

Unknown however most probably world

Apparatus Had to Get admission to

A Meta or Oculus VR headset

More than a few VR Headsets or a non-public laptop

More than a few VR Headsets or a non-public laptop

Value to Get admission to

Accessed with an Oculus or Meta headset (costs range)

Free to access, however customers want a virtual pockets with tokens referred to as MANA and LAND to entry maximum reports.

Unfastened to entry, however customers  want a virtual pockets with tokens referred to as SAND to entry maximum reports.

Learn how to Get Round


You will have to acquire a digital automobile or teleportation software

You will have to acquire a digital automobile or teleportation software

Gaming Alternatives

More than a few loose crew and person video games

Customers can play and create video games that different customers can play.

Customers can play and create video games that different customers can play.

Social interactions with different customers




NFT Artwork/Product Buying groceries

No longer but.



NFT Actual Property

No longer but.



Digital Occasions




Digital customer support to be had?




Crypto-currency and USD conversion (as of March 2022)

You’ll’t make purchases in Horizon Worlds.

MANA (1 MANA = $2.69 USD)

SAND (1 SAND = $3.14 USD)

Worth of Land

You can not acquire genuine property in Horizon Worlds.

Through the top of 2021, 1 plot of land value over 4,000 MANA or $15,000 USD 

Through the top of 2021, 1 plot of land value greater than 3,150 SAND or $9900 USD

5 Early Alternatives for Manufacturers within the Metaverse [+Examples]

Whilst each and every digital international has reasonably other reports, environments, and target market objectives related to it, a lot of them host a handful of alternatives for manufacturers that wish to embody rising advertising and marketing methods. Listed here are only some tactics manufacturers can leverage one of the vital metaverses that exist as of late:

1. Inbound Gross sales and Networking

These days, many entrepreneurs and gross sales reps alike in finding ourselves messaging, zooming, and emailing possibilities to inform them about our services or products. And, hardly ever, we would possibly cross to a networking match or assembly the place we communicate to possibilities head to head.

Now, believe doing all of this – however digitally with avatars. In virtually all metaverses, you’ll be able to discover a spot and communicate to different customers totally free. Which means that when you promote or marketplace a B2C product, it is advisable casually speak about the product in dialog, as you may with any individual else you are networking with, after which inform customers the place they are able to be informed extra. Whilst you nonetheless would possibly now not be capable of ship them to a branded revel in, digital store, or have them click on a hyperlink for your website online simply but, you’ll be able to nonetheless unfold the phrase to a couple of folks on a extra private degree than an e-mail with out leaving your seat.

For those who paintings within the VR or metaverse house, it is advisable additionally leverage gross sales in a extra excessive manner by way of promoting NFT pieces, like artwork, genuine property, or digital vehicles. Whilst it sort of feels many digital salespeople do not document transactions and submit them for the arena to peer, here is a video of any individual purchasing a automobile from a dealership salesman in a metaverse.

@kramerbrian Promoting vehicles within the Metaverse is the way forward for gross sales.
♬ original sound – BrianKramer.eth

In case you are questioning, “The place may just I’m going to make sure I am speaking to the appropriate folks?”, one alternative is attending digital occasions, which I will speak about subsequent.

2. Digital Occasions

Whilst digital occasions are nonetheless being evolved for common companies on Horizon Worlds, Decentraland, Sandbox, and different digital worlds host many landowners which might be will to hire out their digital house for occasions or digital events. In a similar way, some firms and marketers have additionally constructed their very own lands with the purpose of the use of them for occasions like NFT artwork presentations, meetings, or meetups.

If you’ll be able to come up with the money for to run, host, and even sponsor a part of an match, you’ll be able to acquire crypto income or consciousness from customers who’re within the subject, whilst additionally gaining consciousness in your services or products.

For instance, here is a video of a TikTok consumer who attended an Afro Tech convention in a metaverse.

Whilst INBOUND and HubSpot have not hosted a convention in a metaverse simply but, we too are embracing the potential of digital occasions by way of development out a equivalent platform for INBOUND 2022‘s hybrid attendees. In order for you to get a digital convention revel in with out committing to a metaverses virtual foreign money or platform, consider registering for our event.

For those who wouldn’t have the funds for developing digital occasions simply but, you’ll be able to nonetheless believe attending, purchasing a price ticket for one, and even talking at one. Whilst there, you’ll be able to use it as a networking alternative to get to understand others to your {industry} or possible possibilities who would possibly even purchase your product outdoor of VR.

3. Influencer and Neighborhood Advertising

In any metaverse, it is advisable doubtlessly communicate to a handful of folks directly, whilst casually bringing up your product and even dressed in NFT garments along with your brand. You’ll want to additionally pay people who find themselves conversant in their metaverse or promoting within the metaverse to proceed to unfold the phrase about your emblem or services and products for you.

However, influencer and neighborhood advertising and marketing would possibly now not simply prevent there. For those who in finding that your metaverse has an target market of customers which might be to your product, carrier, or {industry}, you’ll be able to paintings to convey them in combination – despite the fact that you’ll be able to’t come up with the money for or determine how one can agenda a digital match.

For instance, it is advisable host a meetup to your emblem’s digital land or in a free-to-access metaverse house for individuals who wish to chat about subjects rated for your {industry} or product. And, if you are there, it is advisable simply open the door to informal dialog. Or, it is advisable all sign up for a amusing sport and bond, then get to understand each and every different in a much less lively house.

No longer handiest will you community, display credibility, and unfold the phrase about your product, however you can construct a bunch of people who have an interest to your {industry}, equivalent subjects, or your emblem.

4. Proudly owning Branded Places, Video games, Avatar Model, and/or Retail outlets

In lots of metaverses, together with Decentraland and the Sandbox, manufacturers with a forged funds should purchase and emblem genuine property, akin to artwork galleries or shops the place you’ll be able to acquire NFT merchandise. Whilst Meta Horizon Worlds does not permit this chance but, it’ll unquestionably be an expanded characteristic ultimately, however could be extra structured than decentralized worlds that don’t have any house owners or regulations.

One instance {that a} emblem that embraced the metaverse, VR, and NFTs to pressure each consciousness and crypto income used to be Gucci who backed a “Gucci Lawn” at the platform Roblox. When getting into the Gucci Lawn, a VR avatar may just stroll as much as a wall of Gucci merchandise, make a choice clothes, equipment, or luggage they sought after to shop for, and buy them as an NFT.

Even though Roblox falls extra right into a gaming class somewhat than a complete metaverse, one thing equivalent may well be achieved in Decentraland, Sandbox, and even Horizon Worlds (if manufacturers acquire extra advertorial alternatives someday.)

Any other extra experiential instance is the possibility of Welmart shops in Meta Horizon Worlds. In 2021, Walmart launched an illustration of ways they envisioned a metaverse retailer that is helping folks in VR order bodily Walmart merchandise that will then be shipped to their exact house addresses:

Even though Horizon Worlds is simply exploring how one can monetize reports for companies, Decentraland and Sandbox, amongst different metaverses, have had virtual retail outlets (basically for purchasing NFTs), automobile and teleportation software dealerships, artwork galleries, and paid emblem revel in places for years.

5. Promoting on or Sponsoring Metaverse Content material

Whilst this could be more difficult and a tad riskier in decentralized metaverses, manufacturers can give cash to creators, occasions, video games, reports, retail outlets, and galleries to get their merchandise, emblems, or NFTs featured or discussed.

One method to get began may well be by way of researching NFT land house owners with a historical past of promoting, which can also be achieved on the net, in addition to in VR. One trade I got here throughout whilst doing analysis for this piece used to be NFT Plazas. The logo claims to possess NFT real-estate and plazas the place many avatars spend time and can challenge commercials, QR codes, or particular virtual reports on their structures or plaza indicators.

Here is a reel that highlights a few of its paintings in Decentraland:

Whilst it is a nice method to unfold the phrase about your emblem when you wouldn’t have the approach to construct your individual digital land, you can preferably wish to you’ll want to know who the creators are in the true, non-virtual international, be sure you agree with them, glance out for scams, and use easy-to-understand paper trails or contracts on every occasion you’ll be able to.

Consider, if you find yourself in a decentralized international, there may not at all times be a customer support rep or criminal entity to achieve out to when you supply coinage to avatars that can not be discovered later.

Will have to you spend money on the metaverse?

These days, metaverse audiences are nonetheless rising, there is nonetheless a finding out curve for customers, and a few manufacturers and audiences will not be able to come up with the money for digital international investments within the close to long run.

However, it’s a must to take into account that the metaverse is getting each the similar hype and skepticism as social media did when MySpace and Fb started to release. In a global the place generation is readily evolving and bettering, what is now not available to all as of late can be utilized by most of the people someday.

In case you are an endeavor emblem that may come up with the money for to take dangers and discover rising digital worlds, it could be price taking into consideration one of the vital advertising and marketing methods above, and even developing a role drive to resolve if the metaverse is a worthy funding for you.

For different manufacturers, it could be some time earlier than you in point of fact want to get started taking into consideration metaverse alternatives. However, that does not imply you must wipe it out of your rising development radar totally. Within the coming yr, a couple of issues may just in point of fact exchange the sport for manufacturers within the VR house, together with:

  • New Meta Horizon Worlds Options. Everytime Meta has introduced or bought a platform, its subsequent primary step has been understanding how one can monetize the content material and construct emblem equipment for it. Horizon Worlds may well be no other. And, as a result of Meta platforms had been a relied on supply for advert income and types for years, be expecting to peer manufacturers flocking right here when and if monetization equipment are introduced.
  • Metaverse pageant: Like social media platforms, there also are new metaverses shooting up at all times, and their creators (despite the fact that we do not know them) all need them to be awesome to tug in additional customers. This may create metaverse pageant and those worlds may just see new options aimed to tug in additional customers and extra monetization alternatives for every type of manufacturers. In a similar way, huge firms specializing in VR would possibly choose out of the use of decentralized worlds and would possibly follow-suit of Meta by way of creating their very own worlds.
  • Extra available generation: Lately, VR customers will have to have a surprisingly robust web connection and a pc, whilst Horizon Worlds customers will have to have an Oculus or Meta headset (beginning at $300). Whilst most of the people all over the world can entry the web, hundreds of thousands nonetheless battle to entry top speeds that will permit for VR. However, as VR good points extra hobby and we see the release of generation like 5G and Web3 in lots of world areas, those reports may just require much less equipment and decrease budget to entry.

In the long run, the metaverse is huge, advanced, and rising. And even supposing we’re going to do our highest to stay you up to the moment, you can want to do a little digging and perceive your character to understand if making an investment time, cash, or crypto in it’s proper in your emblem.

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