Ever discovered your self confused whilst surfing a specialised discussion board or web page, not able to know the terminology getting used? Welcome to the evolving panorama of the web, the place customers have advanced their very own distinctive vocabulary to higher specific themselves. On this information, we’ll decode a few of these phrases for you.

Many of those phrases originated from gaming communities enjoying multiplayer on-line video games. Those players steadily use brief words and abbreviations to temporarily be in contact all through intense gameplay, or to specific their geeky personalities. Let’s dive into the meanings of those 40+ phrases.

When you’re in a rush, you’ll be able to take a look at the abstract desk beneath for a fast reference.

Fast Reference Desk for Web Jargons

Under is a concise desk summarizing all of the web slang and abbreviations mentioned previous.

Time period / Abbreviation Description
Troll A hater or a joker
Trollolol Troll + LOL
kthxbai K, thanks, bye
AFK Away From Keyboard
Imba Imbalanced
Leet To be professional or superb at one thing
GG Excellent Sport
Taunt To impress or anger any person
Get on my stage Asking any person to higher their talents to compare yours. A taunt.
BM Unhealthy Means
RL Actual Existence
Epic One thing or an motion this is superior or cool
BURN! One thing that backfires on them is a burn
Hardcore Insanely tricky or excessive and is hard to reach
Noob Any individual who’s new to one thing
Nerfed One thing described as weakened
Buffed One thing described as reinforced
Pwned To outperform one thing or any person
WP Neatly Performed
Lag One thing this is tremendous sluggish
TL;DR Too Lengthy; Didn’t Learn
IKR I Know Proper?
IDK I Don’t Know
GLHF Excellent Success, Have A laugh
RQ Rage Give up
You Mad? To additional troll/anger other people
Jelly Jealous
Uber ‘tremendous’ or very
Srs Bsns Severe Industry
LOL Giggling Out Loud
ROFL Rolling On Ground Giggling
LMAO Giggling My Ass Off
TTYL Communicate To You Later
BRB Be Proper Again
BBL Be Again Later
IIRC If I Consider Appropriately
IINM If I’m Now not Flawed
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
GTG Were given To Pass
IDC I Don’t Care
AFAIK As A ways As I Know
BTW By way of The Means
TBH To Be Fair

A ‘Troll’ is any person who enjoys stirring the pot, both through appearing like a know-it-all or a critic. They steadily go away provocative or unrelated feedback in boards to deliberately disturb others. On the other hand, no longer all trolls are malicious; some could also be comedians aiming to entertain somewhat than frustrate.


This time period is utilized by individuals who acknowledge that trolling is going on and are amused through it, even though they is probably not collaborating themselves.


This shorthand stands for ‘k, thanks, bye‘ and is generally used when any person needs to disengage from a dialog. It’s a faster solution to say ‘I’m accomplished right here’ with out the usage of many phrases.


AFK stands for Away From Keyboard, indicating that the individual is briefly unavailable.


Brief for Imbalanced, ‘Imba’ is steadily used to explain one thing in a recreation this is excessively tough. The time period too can follow to real-life situations, like ‘Skydiving from area is imba.’


Originating from the phrase ‘elite,’ ‘Leet’ indicates excellence or skillability in a specific space. As an example, calling your self a ‘leet gamer’ manner you’re extremely professional. The time period is on occasion spelled as 1337, the usage of numbers and logos to switch letters: H1, |-|0// 4R3 Y0U D01||9?


This abbreviation stands for Excellent Sport and is regularly used to concede defeat in a web based recreation. Some avid gamers, assured in their coming near near victory, would possibly use it upfront to taunt their fighters.


Taunting is the act of frightening or frustrating any person in-game, steadily through labeling them as green or the usage of offensive language. It’s a mental tactic hired through players to unsettle their fighters.

Get on My Degree

This word is used to problem an opponent to enhance their talents to compare your personal, successfully serving as a type of taunt.


BM is an acronym for Unhealthy Means, generally used to explain any person who loses their mood and begins making unrelated, offensive remarks.


RL stands for Actual Existence, relating to actions or interactions that happen outdoor the virtual international. As an example, ‘I offered it to my RL good friend.’


The time period ‘Epic’ is used to explain one thing exceptionally cool or awe-inspiring. It’s necessarily some other phrase for ‘superior.’


The time period ‘Burn’ received recognition from Kelso in That 70’s Display. It’s used when any person’s remark backfires on them, serving as a extra intense model of the old-school ‘ouch.’


‘Hardcore’ describes one thing this is extraordinarily difficult or intense. As an example, ‘Buying a $500 keyboard is so hardcore.’


The time period ‘Noob’ is derived from ‘novice,’ and it describes any person who’s new to a specific recreation or process.


‘Nerfed’ refers to one thing that has been weakened or made much less efficient. As an example, ‘The brand new graphic card is a nerfed however extra reasonably priced model of an older type.’


‘Buffed’ is the antonym of ‘nerfed,’ used to explain one thing that has been enhanced or reinforced.


‘Pwned’ is a slang time period for ‘owned,’ used to explain outperforming or dominating any person or one thing. It’s on occasion used as a substitute for the phrase ‘defeat.’


WP is an abbreviation for Neatly Performed. It’s a solution to specific admiration for one thing neatly accomplished. As an example, ‘WP to [smartphone company] for growing such an leading edge smartphone.’ It’s a contemporary take at the vintage ‘Touché.’


‘Lag’ is steadily used to explain one thing this is extraordinarily sluggish. Whilst it’s a typical English phrase, it’s carried out in quite a lot of contexts. As an example, ‘The lag in transport price me hundreds of greenbacks.’


This stands for Too Lengthy; Didn’t Learn. It’s steadily used paradoxically to signify {that a} piece of content material will have been summarized extra succinctly.


IKR stands for ‘I Know, Proper?’ and is regularly used in keeping with statements like ‘How superior is that!’


IDK is an acronym for ‘I Don’t Know’, steadily used when fast communique is wanted, particularly in gaming contexts.


GLHF represents Excellent Success, Have A laugh. It may be used if truth be told or paradoxically, relying at the scenario.


RQ is brief for Rage Give up, a time period originating from players who go out a recreation in frustration with out appearing sportsmanship. It will probably additionally describe any person giving the silent remedy out of anger.

You Mad?

‘You Mad?’ is a word steadily used to impress any person additional when they’ve already develop into dissatisfied. It’s derived from web memes.


‘Jelly’ is slang for ‘jealous’ and is used as an alternative to the phrase ‘jealous’ in quite a lot of contexts.


‘Uber’ is used as an alternative to the phrases ‘tremendous’ or ‘very’. As an example, ‘That’s uber cool!’

Srs Bsns

‘Srs Bsns’ is shorthand for ‘Severe Industry’. It’s steadily used to explain any person who’s taking one thing extra severely than others may be expecting.


When you’re new to the Web, LOL stands for Giggling Out Loud. It’s a handy guide a rough solution to specific amusement.


ROFL is an extension of LOL and stands for Rolling At the Ground Giggling. It’s used to signify one thing is terribly humorous.


LMAO is some other variant of LOL and ROFL, status for Giggling My Ass Off.


TTYL is an acronym for Communicate To You Later and is steadily used as an informal solution to say good-bye. On the other hand, on occasion other people don’t in truth go back.


BRB stands for Be Proper Again. It’s a handy guide a rough solution to let any person know you’ll go back in a while, even though that’s no longer at all times the case.


BBL is very similar to BRB and stands for Be Again Later. It’s a extra indefinite time-frame, someplace between TTYL and BRB.


IIRC is an acronym for If I Consider Appropriately. It’s a regularly used time period that has been abbreviated for comfort.


IINM stands for If I’m Now not Flawed and is utilized in a identical context to IIRC.


IMHO is an acronym for In My Humble Opinion. Every now and then, it’s simplified to simply IMO, omitting the ‘humble’ phase.


GTG is steadily used proper earlier than signing off and stands for Were given To Pass. It’s a handy guide a rough solution to say you’re leaving.


IDC is shorthand for I Don’t Care. It’s a blunt solution to specific indifference.


AFAIK stands for As A ways As I Know. It’s an invaluable time period to preface a commentary, very similar to IIRC or IINM.


BTW is an acronym for By way of The Means, steadily used to introduce a brand new matter or piece of knowledge.


TBH is extensively used on-line and stands for To Be Fair. It’s a solution to preface a commentary the place you’re about to provide your truthful opinion.

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