Everybody loves visiting a quick site! Having a quick website online additionally is helping spice up your seek engine scores, crawlability, conversion charges, and time spent at the web page. Moreover, it additionally decreases your soar fee.

At Kinsta, we’re obsessive about velocity! Unsurprisingly, many site homeowners and internet businesses improve their internet sites through migrating to Kinsta.

For those who’re nonetheless at the fence, chances are you’ll wonder if there are vital enhancements in site velocity after migrating to Kinsta. With this in depth migration information mission, we got down to take a look at precisely that.

This mission covers 32,000+ information issues from 3,200+ internet sites we migrated to Kinsta from greater than 23 hosts — we did the checks over 3 months.

We ran a site velocity take a look at for every area migrated — ahead of and after migrating. After which we set out to crunching the numbers. This put up will duvet all of the take a look at technique and ends up in element.

Excited? Let’s get started!

The Website online Velocity Checking out Technique

Earlier than we get began with the consequences, we will have to word down our site velocity checking out technique. We’ll element it beneath:

The Web page Velocity Checking out Platform

For our checks, we used WebPageTest, an open-source mission that permits us to run a loose site take a look at from a couple of world places the usage of actual browsers.

Screenshot of the The WebPageTest site speed testing tool's homepage.
The WebPageTest website online velocity checking out software.

Despite the fact that WebPageTest is as easy to make use of as another site velocity checking out software, its options for complex customers are top-notch, permitting you to seize many in-depth metrics and evaluate them throughout a couple of checks.

An overview of the WebPageTest's advanced testing options.
WebPageTest’s complex checking out choices.

As an example, you’ll be able to set the selection of checks within the Take a look at Settings. Enabling this selection repeats the checks from scratch with the similar parameters.

The default selection of checks WebPageTest plays is 3, however you’ll be able to set it as much as 9 for intense repeated checks. We set this quantity to 3 to reach at dependable effects and let WebPageTest make a selection the median end result.

A comparison chart of WebPageTest's First View and Repeat View results.
Evaluating the WebPageTest’s First View and Repeat View effects.

WebPageTest additionally lets you log First View and Repeat View metrics one at a time. For those who permit the Repeat View possibility, every take a look at so much the web page without a browser cache (First View) after which so much it once more with the saved cache (Repeat View).

A velocity take a look at’s First View and Repeat View metrics come up with a greater point of view of the way the web page so much for brand spanking new and returning customers.

After all, WebPageTest supplies API get right of entry to for automating checks, and a integrated checks comparability software. Each those options are simply absolute best for our use case.

How We Ran the Assessments

After we’ve set a normal checking out process — location, browser, connection, selection of checks, Repeat View — working the checks is a breeze with WebPageTest’s automation equipment.

All we want now are precise internet sites emigrate and take a look at.

Fortunately, now we have a relentless inflow of purchasers migrating to Kinsta from various webhosting suppliers — from reasonable shared webhosting plans to dear self-managed cloud servers.

Our top-notch migrations staff labored carefully with the site velocity checking out staff to get the consequences with out hiccups.

We carried out one take a look at simply ahead of migrating the website online, and the following take a look at in an instant after completing the migration. As detailed ahead of, we set the selection of checks to a few to reach at dependable metrics through letting WebPageTest make a selection the median end result.

All in all, we migrated and examined 3,200+ internet sites over 3 months. That’s 2+ migrations finished every hour of each workday!

The Related Velocity Take a look at Metrics

WebPageTest logs a couple of metrics for every take a look at. For evaluating a migrating site’s relative efficiency, we thought to be those 4 metrics probably the most related:

1. Time to First Byte (TTFB)

This metric measures the time between the preliminary request and the primary byte of the reaction. TTFB precedes all of the different metrics and is essentially dictated through the server’s reaction time.

Using WebPageTest to measure TTFB, a critical metric for measuring server responsiveness.
TTFB is a important metric for measuring server responsiveness.

Minimizing TTFB begins through opting for a quick webhosting supplier with top uptime and responsiveness. Combining it with a CDN too can beef up it additional.

2. Biggest Contentful Paint (LCP)

This metric measures the time to load the most important symbol or block of textual content within the browser viewport (above the fold). Normally, this stuff will likely be a hero symbol, banner, heading, or huge textual content block.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is one of Google's Core Web Vitals metrics.
Biggest Contentful Paint (LCP) is one in every of Google’s Core Internet Vitals metrics.

A decrease LCP rating signifies a greater person journey. As such, it’s additionally one in every of Google’s Core Internet Vitals metrics. Any web page with a just right LCP rating can rank upper in seek effects. If those pages have compatibility the correct standards, they are able to even be featured in Google’s different services and products (e.g. Google Information).

When evaluating take a look at effects, we suggest you give most weightage to the LCP metric.

3. Overall Blockading Time (TBT)

We can’t observe a web page’s First Enter Lengthen (FID) — every other Core Internet Vitals metric — thru lab-measurable velocity checking out equipment like WebPageTest. That’s as a result of FID can most effective be evaluated within the box — measuring it calls for an actual person interacting with the web page.

First Input Delay (FID) is one of Google's Core Web Vitals metrics.
TBT is a lab-measurable selection to measuring FID.

Alternatively, we will measure a web page’s TBT thru velocity checking out equipment like WebPageTest. As according to Google, TBT correlates smartly with FID within the box. It additionally captures interactivity problems.

Making improvements to TBT principally comes to optimizing the site code — third-party code, JavaScript execution time, primary thread paintings, selection of HTTP requests, and switch sizes. Those duties are development-oriented and don’t come beneath the scope of a webhosting supplier’s number one services and products.

Generally, web page velocity optimizations to beef up TBT must additionally beef up FID on your customers.

4. Totally Loaded Time (FLT)

This metric measures the time to load all of the web page’s property — textual content, photographs, movies, CSS stylesheets, JS scripts, third-party assets, embeds, and so on.

WebPageTest's detailed metrics view shows fully loaded time.
WebPageTest’s detailed metrics view displays absolutely loaded time.

We’re at an advantage with simply the LCP metric from a user-experience point of view. Alternatively, because the migrated site stays just about equivalent between the checks, measuring FLT very much signifies how smartly the brand new webhosting server plays in comparison to the outdated one.

You must word {that a} server is not only its {hardware}. It additionally contains quite a lot of optimizations — server-level caching, platform-specific optimizations, database optimizations, integrated safety features, CDN integration, and so on.

Evaluating the Take a look at Effects

Our purpose for this mission used to be to see how Kinsta compares to different webhosting suppliers — it serves as a data-backed comparability piece for our doable, new, and outdated purchasers.

We additionally sought after to know the way a lot of a distinction we’re making — certain or detrimental. If the adaptation we’re making is certain, it’s nice. We’ll know the place we will beef up additional if it’s detrimental.

One of the hosts we migrated websites from had just a handful of domain names collaborating — a couple of even had only one area migrated. Those hosts didn’t have many information issues to derive dependable metrics. Therefore, we excluded any host with fewer than ten domain names analyzed — that’s greater than a dozen webhosting suppliers. We would possibly imagine including those hosts sooner or later as extra websites migrate to Kinsta from them.

Let’s transfer directly to the take a look at effects now.

Kinsta vs Possible choices: The Take a look at Effects

How does Kinsta stack up in opposition to the contest? It’s time to determine.

Except discussed in a different way, all of the metrics are indexed in seconds (sec). As those metrics measure site velocity and interactivity, slower occasions are higher. Therefore, you’ll see a detrimental image previous the adaptation quantity (Δ) if there’s any growth.

Right here’s what the columns imply:

  • Unique = Pre-migration take a look at effects
  • Kinsta = Publish-migration take a look at effects
  • Δ = Distinction between the Unique and Kinsta metrics
  • = Proportion distinction between the Unique and Kinsta metrics

We’ll spotlight post-migration metric enhancements in Kinsta crimson colour to make it simple so that you can spot the variations.

You’ll understand that almost all metrics are painted crimson. In brief, you’ll get advantages considerably from migrating your website online to Kinsta.  

Kinsta vs BlueHost

Kinsta vs Bluehost
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 2.75 0.55 -2.19 -79.82% 1.24 0.34 -0.90 -72.88%
LCP (sec) 4.17 2.20 -1.97 -47.20% 1.88 1.15 -0.73 -38.68%
TBT (sec) 0.18 0.29 0.11 60.66% 0.11 0.13 0.02 22.48%
FLT (sec) 6.15 3.22 -2.93 -47.67% 3.47 1.27 -2.20 -63.40%

Kinsta vs Dreamhost

Kinsta vs DreamHost
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 0.92 0.73 -0.18 -19.94% 0.30 0.30 -0.01 -2.21%
LCP (sec) 2.52 2.35 -0.17 -6.57% 1.43 1.28 -0.16 -11.01%
TBT (sec) 0.29 0.15 -0.14 -48.82% 0.20 0.07 -0.13 -65.60%
FLT (sec) 6.65 4.90 -1.75 -26.36% 3.89 3.35 -0.55 -14.00%

Kinsta vs HostGator

Kinsta vs HostGator
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 2.02 0.55 -1.47 -72.94% 1.08 0.24 -0.84 -77.56%
LCP (sec) 3.70 2.42 -1.28 -34.51% 2.04 1.44 -0.60 -29.35%
TBT (sec) 0.22 0.26 0.03 14.64% 0.11 0.12 0.01 6.02%
FLT (sec) 5.07 3.29 -1.78 -35.15% 2.57 1.50 -1.08 -41.86%

Kinsta vs Liquid Internet

Kinsta vs Liquid Internet
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 1.13 0.55 -0.58 -51.28% 0.92 0.39 -0.53 -57.65%
LCP (sec) 2.80 2.16 -0.64 -22.83% 1.75 1.19 -0.57 -32.24%
TBT (sec) 0.26 0.27 0.01 3.46% 0.19 0.22 0.04 20.14%
FLT (sec) 4.45 3.66 -0.79 -17.71% 2.83 1.83 -1.00 -35.21%

Kinsta vs Amazon AWS

Kinsta vs Amazon AWS
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 1.22 0.96 -0.27 -21.88% 1.16 0.51 -0.64 -55.69%
LCP (sec) 3.05 3.29 0.24 7.71% 2.09 1.55 -0.54 -25.75%
TBT (sec) 0.30 0.33 0.03 10.05% 0.24 0.17 -0.07 -28.73%
FLT (sec) 4.17 4.46 0.29 7.00% 2.82 1.91 -0.90 -32.08%

Kinsta vs Cloudways

Kinsta vs Cloudways
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 0.71 0.63 -0.08 -11.47% 0.44 0.38 -0.07 -15.12%
LCP (sec) 2.43 2.47 0.04 1.71% 1.26 1.23 -0.03 -2.26%
TBT (sec) 0.44 0.50 0.05 11.93% 0.27 0.22 -0.05 -18.52%
FLT (sec) 4.79 5.15 0.35 7.36% 1.37 1.64 0.27 19.68%

Kinsta vs Virtual Ocean

Kinsta vs Virtual Ocean
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 0.93 0.54 -0.39 -42.45% 0.75 0.19 -0.56 -74.84%
LCP (sec) 3.26 4.21 0.95 29.25% 2.37 1.75 -0.62 -26.15%
TBT (sec) 0.39 0.40 0.01 3.33% 0.42 0.39 -0.03 -7.03%
FLT (sec) 5.12 5.38 0.26 5.12% 4.37 1.94 -2.42 -55.46%

Kinsta vs SiteGround

Kinsta vs SiteGround
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 0.62 0.88 0.27 43.41% 0.62 0.40 -0.23 -36.46%
LCP (sec) 2.21 2.75 0.53 24.01% 1.44 1.25 -0.19 -13.09%
TBT (sec) 0.19 0.26 0.07 36.74% 0.11 0.13 0.02 17.46%
FLT (sec) 3.16 3.49 0.33 10.56% 1.89 1.70 -0.19 -10.11%

Kinsta vs Different

The “Different” webhosting supplier class contains area of interest hosts that aren’t our vital competition.

Suffering with downtime and WordPress issues? Kinsta is the webhosting resolution designed to save lots of you time! Take a look at our options
Kinsta vs Different
Metric First View Repeat View
Unique Kinsta Δ Unique Kinsta Δ
TTFB (sec) 1.40 0.91 -0.49 -35.05% 1.03 0.46 -0.57 -55.75%
LCP (sec) 3.33 3.16 -0.17 -5.15% 1.94 1.45 -0.49 -25.11%
TBT (sec) 0.31 0.36 0.05 15.80% 0.21 0.21 0.00 0.86%
FLT (sec) 4.99 4.75 -0.23 -4.71% 2.89 2.33 -0.56 -19.34%

Key Takeaways from the Effects

You’ll understand that we faltered in one of the most First View effects’ metrics, however we carried out exceedingly smartly within the Repeat View effects. That speaks volumes about our server-level caching resolution and CDN integration.

Our TTFB sport is spot on in all of the effects — the one exception is the First View effects in opposition to SiteGround. We do beat them convincingly within the Repeat View effects.

LCP is probably the most related user-centric metric for making improvements to a site’s perceived efficiency. Once more, we carry out beautifully right here in many of the effects — particularly Repeat View effects. Going through LCP stats, on moderate, consumer websites journey 20% quicker load occasions through migrating to Kinsta

We received’t talk about the TBT ends up in element as they rely extra at the site code than the webhosting supplier. Alternatively, peeking into TBT rankings would possibly supply site optimization alternatives for our newly migrated purchasers to hurry up their websites additional.

After all, there’s the FLT metric. Total, we crowned the FLT metric’s Repeat View effects through a big margin, and in its First View effects, we beat or nearly matched our competition — the only exception used to be Cloudways.

Right here’s how briskly your website online can run (and the way sluggish the contest is):

  • From BlueHost to Kinsta: +39% progressed web page load occasions (avg.)
  • From Amazon AWS to Kinsta: +26% progressed web page load occasions avg.)
  • From Virtual Ocean to Kinsta: +26% progressed web page load occasions (avg.)
  • From Liquid Internet to Kinsta: +32% progressed web page load occasions (avg.)
  • From Cloudways to Kinsta: +2% progressed web page load occasions (avg.)
  • From HostGator to Kinsta: +29% progressed web page load occasions (avg.)
  • From Dreamhost to Kinsta: +11% progressed web page load occasions (avg.)
  • From SiteGround to Kinsta: +13% progressed web page load occasions (avg.)
  • From Different to Kinsta: +25% progressed web page load occasions (avg.)

How is that this conceivable? That’s as a result of all of Kinsta’s shoppers revel in:

We’re happy with the consequences right here. However we all know we nonetheless have room for growth!

Our obsession with site velocity compels us to paintings tirelessly to release new options continuously. Seek advice from our Characteristic Updates web page for an up-to-date record of all our newest equipment and upgrades.


There are lots of just right WordPress hosts, however we’ve got down to make Kinsta’s controlled webhosting resolution the most suitable choice on your website online. Most of the global’s largest manufacturers and internet businesses depend on Kinsta to supercharge their internet sites.

With rigorous checking out over 3 months, we’ve demonstrated why migrating to Kinsta can provide your website online a loose efficiency spice up.

Whilst bettering website online velocity is an important standards to appear out for when migrating to a brand new host, you must additionally imagine different important elements. For instance, we provide many extra precious options to all our purchasers:

Kinsta provides loose limitless migrations on all its plans. Merely join one in every of our plans to get began. Take a look at the carrier and the rate risk-free, and we offer a 30-day money-back ensure. You most effective lose in the event you don’t give us a check out!

The put up Migrate To Kinsta and Give Your self a Loose 20% Spice up — Subsidized By means of Stats seemed first on Kinsta®.

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