You’ve almost certainly heard rumblings within the tech trade across the inventions in Digital Fact, Augmented Fact, and Blended Fact. Those mediums can extensively be outlined as Prolonged Fact or XR. My first undertaking into building in XR was once in 2010 when I used to be exploring Flash building. My software was once easy; display the webcam a Fast Reaction (QR) code and this system would superimpose a 3-D type to the marker. In hindsight, this was once this sort of life-changing second for me. On best of being my first revel in with manipulating virtual 3-D gadgets, it was once additionally my first augmented fact revel in available to the internet.

The idea that of a display screen can be an afterthought within the coming years as we commence mixing the traces between our bodily and virtual selves. We can most probably be surrounded via customized variations of our environments and all of this personalization can be saved as meta in a database somewhere. It’s important for everybody so as to have the ability to regulate this meta and I’m constructive WordPress can have a spot on this as a result of that’s the place it actually shines. WordPress means that you can do all the arduous issues in content material control with little wisdom of ways it’s running underneath the hood. I don’t wish to understand how to construct a consumer gadget from the bottom up…I will be able to simply use WordPress.

Content material and meta can be a relentless in our lives and, individually, WordPress has secured a really nice spot sooner or later with the incorporation of the REST API. Anything else that may make a HTTP request is now ready to take information from WordPress and make clever selections in response to it. Possibly the construction of this method will trade within the coming years as other ideas equivalent to GraphQL growth, however general, the requirement of restful techniques of dealing with information will most probably stay consistent for WordPress.

How would an MVP WordPress glance in XR?

Closing 12 months, I sought to construct a minimal viable VR WordPress the use of most effective the options we have now to be had in a regular WordPress example. I used Unity3D for my prototype because it was once the bottom barrier to access (FREE). The speculation for this prototype was once simple; use submit information to populate UI parts within the VR global and use the featured 360 symbol of the submit as a skybox across the consumer. My imagined use case for this was once to be a ridicule go back and forth weblog.

Right here’s what that seemed like:



Glide of knowledge and requisites:

This actually isn’t too tough of an idea. We make a REST name by means of C# the use of the WWW serve as. We take the information returned from WordPress and reserve it to a variable that the Cohesion Dev would assign the use of the straightforward drag and drop editor tooling. Cohesion takes the outlined UI parts and applies the textual content saved within the variable to their mapped textual content object.

I’ve open sourced this venture on the following repo (be aware: this was once performed in a two-day hackathon closing 12 months. This some distance from manufacturing able code.):

Let’s have a look at what’s occurring in C# to parse JSON:

It’s necessary to say, the REST API returns JSON. Javascript is actually within the title so it must be no wonder that there isn’t a powerful local parser for JSON in C#. (You’ll unquestionably use Javascript in Cohesion, I discovered it very best to make use of C# for this venture.) The script I used for parsing JSON is named SimpleJSON. Whilst this will glance just a little intimidating, previous to the two days I spent construction this venture, I had little or no C# wisdom. By means of studying SimpleJSON examples, you’ll in no time see what is going on. Let’s dive into it!

For the underneath code we’re having a look on the controllerWordPress.cs script within the Property folder:

The underneath Coroutine DownloadFile is used as a type of international name for information for use via different Coroutines which can be fed REST endpoint urls.

   personal IEnumerator DownloadFile(string url, Gadget.Motion end result)
       AddToLog("Downloading " + url);

       WWW www = new WWW(url);

       yield go back www;

       if (www.error != null)






           AddToLog("Downloaded " + www.bytesDownloaded + " bytes");


       end result(www.textual content);


We then have the DownloadJsonFile Coroutine that downloads the json and shops it to the jsonString object.

 personal IEnumerator DownloadJsonFile(string url)


       jsonString = null;

       if (continueBody = true)


           yield go back StartCoroutine(DownloadFile(url, fileContents => jsonString = fileContents));


           jsonLogString = TruncateStringForEditor(jsonString);

           find_feat_image = true;

           find_comments = true;

           foundBody = true;



The Get started serve as requires the variables outlined via the Cohesion editor device script above (see the controller WordPress screenshot) and kicks off the DownloadJsonFile Coroutine once this system is initialized. Pay particular consideration to the offset worth. If we wish to trade the surroundings, we will be able to merely upload 1 to the variable and set state machines to pay attention for when to offload the information and transfer to the following room/submit. Amusing!

   void Get started() {

       StartCoroutine(DownloadJsonFile("http://" + blogURL + "/wp-json/wp/v2/posts?order=desc&per_page=1&offset=" + offset)).ToString();

       Renderer renderer = GetComponent();



At the replace serve as, we’re checking the prerequisites to be true in an effort to cause a re-render in their information. There are a lot better design patterns to succeed in this. Once more, that is MVP, and via this level within the hackathon, I used to be some distance from the ballmer top that were given me to the navigation facet of items.

 void Replace () {

       if (foundBody == true)


           var jsonData = JSON.Parse(jsonString);

           jsonImageFinal = jsonData[0]["featured_media"];

           title_text.textual content = jsonData[0]["title"]["rendered"];

           body_text.textual content = stripHtml(jsonData[0]["content"]["rendered"]);

           postID = jsonData[0]["id"];

           authorUrl = jsonData[0]["_links"]["author"][0]["href"];

           foundBody = false;

           find_author = true;


There are a couple of requests for such things as Gravitar symbol and creator knowledge however general that could be a high-level view of ways my MVP VR WordPress parses JSON information. You’ll see within the closing code block, after just a little of tweaking, you begin to get to some extent the place issues glance extra just like the gadgets of knowledge we’re used to running with in PHP/JS land. That’s the place it will get robust.

How will we increase in this?

That is the place it will get actually attention-grabbing. With WordPress, you’re empowered to construct your individual customized meta in any respect you notice are compatible. This meta can run via a large number of purposes to come to a decision without equal state to be stored to your database. The usage of that meta, one may just trade complete point variables like shader colours or lighting fixtures homes. Possibly it’s simply boolean meta that makes a decision some wonderful factor to occur in XR when a selected consumer enters the room. I’ve one explicit venture that I want to discover as a V2 of this idea. Consider strolling right into a 3-D rendered model of a web based retailer the place the consumer can bodily select up merchandise of their exact measurement. This offers the consumer the facility to revel in your product in a bodily area. To beef up the revel in, a developer may just connect an invisible collision field to observe the again of the gamers neck. If the consumer sees one thing they prefer within the retailer, they may merely succeed in to their neck and collide with the field to upload to cart. Kinda like throwing it to your backpack. ?

Let’s have a look at a extra real-world instance already in follow. I’m lately running on a music-based VR recreation known as Broken Place. I’m the use of WordPress to tug within the music recordsdata to the gamers native recreation listing. Those music recordsdata are an open supply language known as Natural Knowledge. I’ve arrange my WordPress website to just accept the .pd MIME sort and created a ‘songs’ customized submit sort this is uncovered to the REST API.

Right here’s a have a look at my “songs” customized submit sort editor:

This permits me to stay content material contemporary in my recreation with no need to do variations or patch releases. This guarantees that all of my customers is getting the similar newest and biggest content material. This additionally opens up the potential for including customers to the website to give a contribution content material with out some sophisticated backend. It’s not that i am a seasoned recreation developer. There is not any method I’m construction a consumer gadget from scratch. With WordPress, I will be able to granularly create consumer roles and functions. Sooner or later, it’s possible that I may have a login display screen that permits a consumer to leap into simply their very own songs.

In my recreation’s present state, I’m merely calling for that submit sort and pulling within the report the use of the URL saved in meta. The sport then downloads the report, shops it in the neighborhood, and rather a lot the music. You’ll understand from the screenshot, this recreation offers 0 indication that it’s using WordPress. Magic!


As we transfer towards a extra XR pushed global, I’m excited to look the place WordPress lands in it. The techniques we devour content material is ever-changing, however with a platform like WordPress, we’re ready to conform and create such a lot of new and attractive virtual reports.

Anthony Burchell

Anthony Burchell

Anthony is a WordPress Innovation Developer at WP Engine. He’s a core contributor to the WordPress venture and spends his unfastened time considering of recent and fascinating techniques to make use of WordPress. He’s additionally a musician and recreation dev hobbyist aiming to combine the 2 mediums in a Digital Fact tune recreation.

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