JavaScript has been within the information so much in recent times, and for excellent reason why. There’s a rising want for WordPress builders to “learn JavaScript deeply.” Then again, making the transfer from PHP can appear overwhelming to start with look.

In our opinion, even though PHP is your handiest programming language, you must to find the transfer to JavaScript comfy sufficient to start out hacking away at a couple of scripts very quickly. As soon as you know how the fundamental development blocks of JavaScript are put in combination, you’ll have a cast grounding that can assist you discover the extra complicated sides of the language.

On this information geared toward amateur WordPress PHP coders, we’ll take a cue from Learn X in Y Minutes’ excellent primer on JavaScript. We’ll immediately evaluate how JavaScript code must be structured and written to how issues are completed in PHP. First, then again, let’s discuss slightly of WordPress’ historical past with JavaScript!

WordPress and JavaScript: A Love Tale

The connection between WordPress and JavaScript is a fleeting one however has many builders enthralled through the probabilities. We’ve mentioned how the 2 are being blended time and again up to now, maximum particularly in our article Everything You Need to Know About JavaScript and WordPress. We’ve additionally checked out JavaScript frameworks, and essential libraries so that you can paintings with. What’s extra, there may be masses extra the place that got here from within the pipeline.

As for the way JavaScript is being included into WordPress, growth has been gradual on paper. In fact, there’s nonetheless a large number of paintings occurring at the back of the scenes. As an example, is powered through the Calypso codebase:

The Calypso codebase home page.

The interface is constructed on a server-side layer of Node.js – briefly, a runtime library that is helping you expand JavaScript packages. What’s extra, WordPress’ new Gutenberg editor is slowly becoming JavaScript-friendly. Studying the language ‘deeply’ has due to this fact by no means been extra essential.

The Variations Between PHP and JavaScript

In a second, we’ll delve into the coding variations between PHP and JavaScript. First, then again, it’s price having a look on the extra ‘world’ distinctions between the 2 languages.

PHP is most probably a programming language you know in detail. It’s a server-side scripting language that’s basically used for internet building however has different overall makes use of too. It’s weakly-typed, and also you’ll maximum regularly to find it intertwined with HTML in .php recordsdata. PHP is just about 25 years previous and is lately on its seventh iteration. PHP 7 plays a lot better than its PHP5 predecessor, in keeping with many tests.

JavaScript is the same in a variety of techniques. It’s additionally a weakly-typed, dynamic, and interpreted language. It makes up one of the crucial 3 core elements of the internet, at the side of HTML and CSS, and is due to this fact used on an unlimited collection of web pages to offer dynamic, interactive content material to customers. It’s if truth be told a subset of ECMAScript, which additionally powers ActionScript and JScript. The previous is Adobe’s take at the language, and JScript is Microsoft’s model (which is basically used for Web Explorer).

In a nutshell, each languages have so much in not unusual. This activates the query: Why is JavaScript being emphasised all the unexpected? The solution isn’t utterly transparent, even if this article explains just a little extra at the topic, and Matt Mullenweg’s announcement of Calypso provides additional perception. Regardless, it’s turn into transparent that JavaScript is a language you’ll want to start studying if you wish to ‘future-proof’ your WordPress talents.

How JavaScript Compares to PHP (4 Key Parts)

Whilst what follows is nowhere close to an exhaustive record of the languages’ main parts, it supplies the basis you want to start out development elementary JavaScript methods. You’ll additionally to find that you’ll be able to start extrapolating from those parts by yourself, and we’ll provide you with some tips that will help you take your studying even additional ahead of we wrap up.

1. Variables

Prior to we start, it’s price mentioning that whilst PHP calls for code to be wrapped in , JavaScript doesn’t want this part. As such, we’ll put out of your mind that from any PHP code examples for ease of studying.

Let’s get started merely, through having a look at how variables are built. In PHP, after all, you’ll prefix each and every variable with a buck signal ($):

$boolean = true; // or TRUE or True
$boolean = false; // or FALSE or False

Then again, in JavaScript, you don’t want to do that. What’s extra, for the reason that language is dynamic, you don’t want to claim varieties both. For example:

var fooVar = 5;
var barVar = 'This can be a string';

Declared variables that haven’t been assigned are set to Undefined. You’ll additionally realize that variable names are written in ‘CamelCase’, and nonetheless require a semi-colon on the finish, in a similar way to PHP.

You’ll position more than one variables on one line through the use of commas:

var fooVar = 2, barVar = 4;

Plus, JavaScript makes use of shorthand notation for math operations:

fooVar += 5; // identical to fooVar = fooVar + 5; fooVar is 10 now
fooVar *= 10; // now fooVar is 100

// Quick-hand for including or subtracting one
fooVar++; // now fooVar is 101
fooVar--; // again to 100

In fact, variables are in most cases simple to get your head round. The complexities get up while you get started coping with different sides of the language.

2. Keep watch over Buildings

If loops constitute a basic approach of controlling float all over your methods. Fortunately, each PHP and JavaScript have the similar construction for if loops:

if (x) {
    Do one thing!;
} elseif (true) {
    Do that as an alternative;
} else {
    Do a very last thing;

The similar applies to for loops…

for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++){
    // will run 5 instances

…and whilst loops:

whilst (true){
    // An unlimited loop!

As an apart, you’ll additionally realize that commenting is similar with each PHP and JavaScript, in that you just use a double backslash (//). Then again, whilst PHP additionally makes use of an octothorpe (#), JavaScript makes use of the ‘slash-star’ (/* */) method.

3. Arrays and Items

Just like keep an eye on buildings, arrays additionally apply a identical structure inside of JavaScript as they do in PHP:

var myArray = ["Hello", 45, true];

As you’ll see, those are ordered lists of any kind. Indices get started at 0, similar to many different languages. They’re additionally accessed in a similar way to PHP:

myArray[1]; // = 45

Then again, one main distinction between PHP and JavaScript is that the latter doesn’t enhance associative arrays:

$associative = array('One' => 1, 'Two' => 2, '3' => 3);

As a substitute, JavaScript makes use of arrays as numbered indexes and ‘gadgets’ as named indexes:

var myObj = {key1: "Hi", key2: "Global"};

They’re necessarily unordered key-value pairs, and are accessed as you could an array, even if you'll be able to additionally use dot notation to get admission to a key-value pair:

myObj["my other key"]; // = 4

// You'll additionally use dot notation, supplied the bottom line is a sound identifier.
myObj.myKey; // = "myValue"

You’ll realize that gadgets glance similar to dictionaries or maps in different languages akin to Python, and are arguably neater to learn than in PHP. Then again, it'll take a while to get used to the program, so be ready for some wholesome debugging all through your first few scripts.

4. Purposes

After all, we come to purposes. Just like many different PHP parts, they have got a identical glance in JavaScript. First, right here’s an instance of a elementary serve as in PHP:

serve as my_function () {
    go back 'Hi, Global!';

echo my_function();

The corresponding JavaScript serve as is nearly the similar, even if you don’t want to echo or print the serve as to name it:

serve as myFunction(factor){
    go back factor.toUpperCase();
myFunction("hi, global!"); // "Hi, Global!"

Then again, JavaScript purposes are ‘first-class objects’, because of this they may be able to be assigned to other variable names and handed as arguments to different purposes. This match handler is an ideal instance:

serve as myFunction(){
    // this code will likely be referred to as in 5 seconds' time
setTimeout(myFunction, 5000);

If you happen to’re questioning, setTimeout isn’t if truth be told a part of JavaScript, however is equipped through internet browsers and will also be present in Node.js. Purposes can get a lot deeper than this, after all. So we’d inspire you to skim throughout the Learn X in Y Minutes medical doctors ahead of striking all this steerage into follow.

Tips on how to Discover JavaScript Extra Deeply

As we made transparent previous, this piece outlines handiest the very fundamentals of JavaScript as in comparison to PHP. Due to this fact, in case you’re in search of a deeper dive into the language, you’ll want some further sources.

In fact, we’d first suggest surfing the Torque weblog, as we've got quite a lot of useful articles associated with studying JavaScript from scratch. We’ve already discussed a pair, however listed here are two extra:

We’ve additionally checked out easy methods to start using JavaScript within WordPress. Even though that piece is a couple of years previous, it’s nonetheless a cast instance of ways the platform handles JavaScript.

After all, you’ll additionally need to dig into some general-purpose tutorials for studying the language as a complete. We propose beginning with Mozilla’s MDN pages on JavaScript, ahead of selecting up a excellent guide. Eloquent JavaScript is, for our cash, arguably the most efficient useful resource in the marketplace.


It’s been mentioned nearly to the purpose of tedium, however JavaScript and WordPress are changing into extra aligned through the day. Ever because the ‘name to hands’ was once put out, builders have begun to “learn JavaScript deeply“. Then again, for many who are nonetheless simply coming to grips with PHP, studying a brand new language can appear to be a steep mountain to climb.

This publish has checked out how PHP code compares to JavaScript, and introduced a side-by-side comparability of the 2. Figuring out those 4 elementary parts is the important thing to unlocking the entire JavaScript language:

  1. Variables
  2. Keep watch over buildings
  3. Arrays
  4. Purposes

Are you having a look to be informed JavaScript as a PHP developer, and if that is so, what sources are you the use of? Tell us within the feedback segment underneath!

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