Not like the curl command, wget is generally used to obtain complete web pages or particular recordsdata from a server to the consumer’s native gadget, and it does this recursively via default. This implies it could navigate thru a website online, following hyperlinks to obtain the whole thing of a website online, together with textual content and media recordsdata.

Listed below are some alternative ways to make use of the wget command:

Elementary Utilization

The most simple approach to make use of wget is to kind wget adopted via the URL of the dossier you wish to have to obtain.

1. Specify Obtain Listing

If you wish to obtain the dossier to a particular listing, you’ll be able to use the -P possibility adopted via the trail to the listing.

wget -P /trail/to/listing
2. Obtain within the Background

If you wish to obtain a big dossier, you could wish to transfer the obtain to the background. You’ll do that with the -b possibility.

wget -b
3. Resume an Interrupted Obtain

If a obtain will get interrupted, you’ll be able to proceed it with the -c possibility.

wget -c
4. Prohibit Obtain Pace

If you happen to don’t need wget to make use of all to be had community bandwidth, you’ll be able to restrict the obtain pace with the --limit-rate possibility.

wget --limit-rate=200k
5. Obtain A couple of Recordsdata

If you wish to obtain more than one recordsdata, you’ll be able to specify them suddenly.


However, you’ll be able to put all URLs in a dossier (one URL according to line) and use the -i possibility.

wget -i urls.txt
6. Obtain a Complete Website online

If you wish to obtain a complete website online for offline viewing, you’ll be able to use the -r (or --recursive) possibility.

wget --recursive --no-clobber --page-requisites --html-extension --convert-links --restrict-file-names=home windows --domains --no-parent

This command will obtain all of the website online. The choices used on this command have the next roles:

  • --recursive: obtain all of the Internet web page.
  • --domains don’t practice hyperlinks outdoor
  • --no-parent: don’t practice hyperlinks outdoor the listing tutorials/html/.
  • --page-requisites: get all of the components that compose the web page (pictures, CSS and so forth).
  • --html-extension: save recordsdata with the .html extension.
  • --convert-links: convert hyperlinks in order that they paintings in the community, off-line.
  • --restrict-file-names=home windows: adjust filenames so that they are going to paintings in Home windows as neatly.
  • --no-clobber: don’t overwrite any current recordsdata (utilized in case the obtain is interrupted and resumed).
7. Obtain Recordsdata from an FTP Server

You’ll use wget to obtain recordsdata from an FTP server. If a username and password are required, use the layout: ftp://consumer:password@server/trail.

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