In keeping with the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 74.48% of 71,010 members mentioned they used Visible Studio Code (VS Code)—this stat has frequently greater over time. VS Code has grow to be the go-to code editor for builders international because of its versatility and intensive customization choices.

StackOverflow developer survey
Stack overflow developer survey.

However what units it aside and makes it in point of fact outstanding? The solution lies in its huge ecosystem of extensions. Those extensions unencumber the real doable of VS Code, raising it to a complete new stage of capability and productiveness.

Whether or not you’re a JavaScript aficionado, a Python guru, or a developer running with fashionable generation stacks, there’s an extension for everybody.

On this article, we discover and staff in combination a curated number of VS Code extensions that can assist toughen your productiveness.

9 Common VS Code Extensions to Make stronger Productiveness

Let’s delivery by means of introducing some common extensions that toughen productiveness and supply a greater consumer enjoy in VSCode.

1. Prettier

Prettier is a broadly followed code formatter that enforces constant code genre throughout your initiatives. It helps quite a lot of programming languages and robotically codecs your code consistent with predefined laws, bettering clarity and decreasing style-related conflicts.

Prettier extension.


  • Helps quite a lot of programming languages, together with JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, and extra.
  • Mechanically codecs code consistent with predefined laws.
  • Enforces constant code genre throughout your initiatives.
  • Integrates with VS Code’s formatting choices and can also be induced on save or via keyboard shortcuts.

2. Far off SSH

The Far off – SSH extension for Visible Studio Code means that you can paintings on far off servers or digital machines the usage of the protected SSH protocol. It supplies a unbroken construction enjoy by means of enabling you to edit information, run instructions, and debug packages without delay out of your native VS Code example in far off environments.

Far off SSH extension.


  • Connect with far off servers or digital machines the usage of SSH.
  • Edit information on far off techniques as though they have been native.
  • Run instructions and scripts on far off machines.
  • Debug packages working on far off environments.
  • Seamless integration with VS Code’s wealthy enhancing and debugging options.

[/notice type=”info”]One extension you are going to at all times understand in this sort of article is the Bracket Pair Colorizer, which makes it more uncomplicated to learn and navigate via your code by means of colorizing matching brackets. This extension has been depreciated as this capability is now constructed into VS Code.[/notice]

3. Reside Percentage

Reside proportion allows real-time collaboration with different builders by means of permitting you to proportion your construction surroundings. It permits for shared enhancing, debugging, and terminal periods, fostering efficient teamwork and enabling seamless pair programming.

Reside proportion extension.


  • Actual-time collaboration with different builders.
  • Shared enhancing, debugging, and terminal periods.
  • Built-in chat capability for efficient verbal exchange.
  • Collaborative code evaluate and pair programming.

4. Higher Feedback

Higher feedback provides color-coded feedback for your code, making it more uncomplicated to differentiate several types of feedback. You’ll be able to use other prefixes to focus on vital notes, TODOs, warnings, and extra.

Higher feedback extension.


  • Helps customized remark sorts and prefixes.
  • Improves code comprehension and group.

5. CodeSnap

CodeSnap simplifies the method of taking code screenshots. It captures your code snippets and generates a picture document that you’ll simply proportion with others, making it ideally suited for documentation, tutorials, and sharing code on social media platforms.

Codesnap extension.


  • Customizable code snapshot settings, together with theme, font dimension, and extra.
  • Helps quite a lot of symbol codecs, reminiscent of PNG, JPEG, and SVG.

6. Code Runner

The Code Runner extension supplies a handy approach to briefly run code snippets or complete information in quite a lot of programming languages from inside Visible Studio Code. It removes the want to transfer between the code editor and a separate terminal, permitting you to check and execute code straight away.

Code runner extension.


  • Execute code snippets or complete information in quite a lot of programming languages.
  • Give a boost to for quite a lot of programming languages, together with JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, and extra.
  • Customizable execution settings and command shortcuts.
  • Talent to run code within the terminal or output pane.
  • Helps code execution with enter/output.
  • Automated number of the best compiler or interpreter in response to the document’s language.

7. Trail Intellisense

Trail intellisense simplifies document trail access by means of providing clever autocompletion for document paths on your code. It removes typos and guarantees accuracy when referencing information or modules inside your mission.

Trail intellisense extension.


  • Helps relative and absolute paths.
  • Works seamlessly with quite a lot of programming languages and frameworks.

8. vscode-icons

vscode-icons brings a slightly of visible brilliance for your coding workspace by means of changing the default document icons with an infinite selection of sexy and intuitive icons.

Vs Code Icons extension.


  • Supplies quite a lot of icons for various document sorts, folders, and fashionable programming languages.
  • Gives quite a lot of customization choices, permitting you to regulate the icon dimension, opacity, and allow/disable particular icon units to fit your choice and coding genre.
  • Assign particular icons to folders, making it more uncomplicated to visually distinguish between other portions of your mission.

9. Evening Owl

Evening owl is a visually shocking theme for VS Code that gives a relaxing and eye-friendly coloration palette in your code editor.

Evening owl extension.


  • Darkish theme that reduces eye pressure, particularly all over lengthy coding periods.
  • Gives colourful and well-defined syntax highlighting for quite a lot of programming languages.
  • Lets you personalize the theme by means of settling on from a variety of accessory colours.
  • Supplies prime distinction and legible textual content.

7 Internet Construction VS Code Extensions to Spice up Productiveness

Internet construction is an ever-evolving box, and builders are repeatedly in the hunt for equipment and applied sciences that may toughen their productiveness. Listed below are some extensions that can assist spice up your productiveness:

1. Reside Server

Reside Server is an unbelievable extension that lets you create an area construction server with are living reloading. It allows you to preview your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript adjustments in genuine time, saving you the trouble of manually refreshing the browser.

Reside server extension.


  • Release an area construction server with are living reloading.
  • Automated browser refresh on document adjustments.
  • Give a boost to for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and different internet construction information.
  • Customizable server settings for port quantity, root listing, and extra.

2. Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag is a at hand extension that robotically renames HTML or XML tags while you regulate the outlet or final tag. It saves you time and guarantees consistency when running with markup languages.

Auto rename tag extension.


  • Guarantees consistency and saves time when running with markup languages.
  • Works seamlessly with Emmet abbreviations and snippets.

3. SVG Preview

SVG Preview is an invaluable extension for internet builders running with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). It supplies a are living preview of SVG information without delay within the editor, permitting you to peer the adjustments you are making in real-time.

SVG preview extension.


  • Helps zooming and panning throughout the preview.
  • Perfect for internet builders

4. HTML CSS Give a boost to

The HTML CSS Give a boost to extension supplies enhanced CSS improve inside HTML information. It provides clever tips and auto-completion for CSS homes, making sure quicker and extra correct coding.

HTML CSS improve extension.


  • Gives clever autocompletion for HTML and CSS code, decreasing handbook typing and making improvements to potency.
  • Supplies CSS magnificence and ID tips in response to the prevailing code.
  • Generates CSS assets tips with supplier prefixing.
  • Helps Emmet abbreviations for quick HTML and CSS code era.

5. IntelliSense for CSS magnificence names

When running with advanced CSS magnificence names in HTML, remembering and typing them appropriately can also be difficult. The IntelliSense for CSS magnificence names in HTML extension supplies clever tips and auto-completion for CSS magnificence names. It analyzes your CSS information and gives an inventory of to be had magnificence names, making it more uncomplicated to choose the best magnificence identify with out typos or errors.

Intellisense for CSS magnificence names extension.


  • Supplies clever autocompletion for CSS magnificence names in HTML, CSS, SCSS, and Much less information.
  • Works seamlessly with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, and extra.
  • Improves productiveness by means of dashing up magnificence identify variety.

6. CSS Peek

CSS Peek is a formidable extension that complements CSS construction by means of permitting you to peek into the related CSS types without delay from HTML or JavaScript code. With a easy mouse hover over a CSS magnificence or ID, CSS Peek unearths the corresponding types in a peek window, getting rid of the want to transfer between information. CSS Peek is instrumental when running with huge codebases or intricate CSS dependencies.

CSS peek extension.


  • Helps each inline and exterior CSS types.
  • Complements code working out and navigation.

7. GitLens

GitLens is a formidable extension that integrates Git functions without delay into your editor. With GitLens, you’ll discover code authorship, evaluate dedicate historical past, and acquire treasured insights into code adjustments with line-by-line blame annotations.

GitLens extension.


  • Inline Git blame annotations for each and every line of code.
  • Dedicate main points, together with writer, date, and message, displayed on hover.
  • Present line and code lens annotations appearing Git blame and dedicate data.
  • Seamless integration with Git instructions and repository navigation.

5 JavaScript VS Code Extensions to Spice up Productiveness

In JavaScript construction, having the proper equipment at your disposal can considerably toughen your productiveness and code high quality. Listed below are some that permit you to:

1. ESLint

ESLint is a broadly followed linter that is helping you catch mistakes, put in force coding requirements, and toughen code high quality in JavaScript and TypeScript.

ESLint extension.


  • Supplies fast comments and highlights code problems as you sort.
  • Lets you customise its laws in response to your mission’s particular necessities, making sure consistency throughout your codebase.
  • Detects mistakes however too can robotically repair positive problems, reminiscent of indentation and spacing, serving to you handle blank and well-formatted code.
  • Helps the usage of plugins and customized laws, permitting you to tailor it for your mission’s distinctive wishes.

2. JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

JavaScript (ES6) code snippets extension provides a selection of at hand code snippets that may prevent effort and time whilst writing JavaScript code.

JavaScript (ES6) code snippets extension.


  • Supplies a complete library of code snippets for not unusual JavaScript duties, making it more uncomplicated to put in writing code quicker.
  • Snippets come with dynamic placeholders that assist you to briefly fill in variable names and different important data, making improvements to coding potency.
  • Snippets are particularly designed for ES6 syntax and lines, enabling you to leverage the newest JavaScript functions without problems.
  • Lets you regulate and create your personal code snippets, tailoring them to check your coding genre and mission necessities.

3. Quokka.js

Quokka.js is a are living scratchpad for JavaScript that gives real-time comments and execution effects as you sort. This extension can considerably accelerate your construction workflow.

Quokka.js extension.


  • Evaluates your JavaScript code as you sort, exhibiting effects straight away throughout the VS Code editor.
  • Supplies inline annotations to signify the output and the values of variables, making it more uncomplicated to grasp code habits.
  • Gives insights into expressions, permitting you to peer the effects and results of each and every line of code, serving to with debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Lets you log values and show them within the editor, offering further visibility into code execution go with the flow.

4. npm Intellisense

npm Intellisense saves you effort and time by means of offering clever auto-completion for npm bundle imports. It suggests bundle names as you sort, making it easy to import dependencies into your mission.

npm Intellisense extension.


  • Accelerates the method of uploading dependencies.
  • Works seamlessly with JavaScript and TypeScript initiatives.

5. Import Price

Import Price supplies real-time comments at the dimension of imported JavaScript or TypeScript modules. It shows the import dimension without delay within the editor, serving to you optimize your package dimension and determine doable efficiency bottlenecks.

Import value extension.


Helps more than one module techniques, reminiscent of:

  • Default uploading: import Func from 'utils';
  • Whole content material uploading: import * as Utils from 'utils';
  • Selective uploading: import {Func} from 'utils';
  • Selective uploading with alias: import {orig as alias} from 'utils';
  • Submodule uploading: import Func from 'utils/Func';
  • Require: const Func = require('utils').Func;

5 Python VS Code Extensions to Spice up Productiveness

There are a lot of VS Code extensions to be had for Python that may considerably toughen your productiveness as a developer. Listed below are 5 fashionable ones:

1. Python

The Python extension for Visible Studio Code is an very important instrument for Python builders. It supplies a complete set of options that streamline Python construction, making it more uncomplicated to put in writing, debug, and check Python code.

Python extension.


  • Gives clever code crowning glory, tips, and auto-imports to toughen productiveness.
  • Helps code formatting the usage of fashionable Python formatters like Black and autopep8, making sure constant code genre.
  • Plays real-time code research and gives comments on doable mistakes, coding requirements, and easiest practices the usage of equipment like pylint.
  • Allows debugging Python code without delay inside VS Code, with improve for breakpoints, variable inspection, and step by step execution.
  • Supplies integration with fashionable Python checking out frameworks like pytest and unittest, permitting you to run and debug checks seamlessly.
  • Gives improve for managing and activating digital environments, making sure mission isolation and dependency control.

2. Pylance

Pylance is a formidable language server extension for Python in VS Code. It considerably complements the IntelliSense functions, code navigation, and kind checking for Python code.

Pylance extension.


  • Supplies quicker and extra correct code crowning glory tips in response to static sort research and kind inference.
  • Plays static sort checking to catch type-related mistakes and toughen code high quality.
  • Lets in simple navigation via Python code, together with image seek, definition peeking, and references.
  • Presentations detailed documentation and serve as signatures for Python items, making improvements to code working out and decreasing search for time.
  • Helps sort hints and annotations to toughen code clarity and maintainability.
  • Pylance is optimized for quick startup and responsiveness, offering a easy construction enjoy.

3. Jupyter

The Jupyter extension means that you can paintings with Jupyter notebooks without delay inside VS Code. It provides a unbroken integration that mixes the facility of Jupyter’s interactive computing with the options and productiveness of VS Code.

Jupyter extension.


  • Supplies a pocket book editor with improve for Markdown, code cells, and wealthy textual content formatting.
  • Allows executing code cells throughout the pocket book and shows the output without delay within the editor.
  • Lets in simple navigation between cells, reordering, and including new cells to the pocket book.
  • Supplies choices to start out, forestall, and turn kernels for various languages, together with Python.
  • Lets in analyzing variables and their values at other issues within the pocket book.
  • Helps exporting notebooks to quite a lot of codecs, reminiscent of HTML, PDF, and Markdown, and permits sharing notebooks with others.

4. Django

The Django extension is particularly designed for Django internet framework construction in VS Code. It provides a variety of options to toughen productiveness when running on Django initiatives.

Django extension.


  • Supplies options for growing and managing Django initiatives and packages.
  • Gives clever code crowning glory for Django-specific syntax, together with fashions, perspectives, paperwork, and template tags.
  • Highlights Django template syntax and gives a visible difference from different code components.
  • Lets in previewing Django template rendering without delay throughout the editor.
  • Supplies integration with the Django shell, permitting direct interplay with the Django mission surroundings.
  • Gives a selection of code snippets for not unusual Django patterns and shortcuts, dashing up construction.

5. Flask Snippets

Flask Snippets is a at hand extension that gives a selection of code snippets for the Flask internet framework in VS Code. It simplifies the method of writing Flask code by means of providing ready-to-use snippets for not unusual Flask patterns and shortcuts.

Flask snippets extension.


  • Supplies quite a lot of Flask-specific code snippets, together with direction decorators, template rendering, database integration, and extra.
  • Gives shortcuts for incessantly used Flask code patterns, decreasing handbook typing and saving construction time.
  • Lets in producing a Flask mission skeleton with a elementary listing construction and very important information to kick-start Flask construction.
  • Supplies integration with Flask’s command-line interface, permitting working Flask-specific instructions without delay inside VS Code.
  • Complements code crowning glory for Flask-specific key phrases, purposes, and items to toughen productiveness.

4 Further VS Code Extensions for Enhanced Construction Revel in

Along with the prior to now discussed extensions, a number of different VS Code extensions are price understanding and will very much toughen your construction enjoy throughout quite a lot of programming languages and frameworks. Let’s discover a few of these extensions:

1. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an cutting edge AI-powered coding assistant advanced by means of GitHub and OpenAI. It makes use of system studying fashions educated on an infinite quantity of code to offer clever code tips and completions.

GitHub copilot extension.


  • Analyzes your code context and gives extremely correct code completions, saving you effort and time.
  • Helps quite a lot of programming languages, together with JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Move, and extra.
  • Generates documentation snippets for purposes, categories, and strategies, serving to you realize APIs and libraries extra simply.
  • Understands the context of your code and generates tips that align along with your programming genre and patterns.

2. Tabnine AI Autocomplete

Tabnine AI Autocomplete is an AI-powered autocompletion extension that takes code crowning glory to a complete new stage. It makes use of system studying fashions educated on huge quantities of code to offer extremely correct and context-aware code tips.

Tabnine AI autocomplete extension.


  • Gives clever tips in response to the code you’ve written, saving you effort and time.
  • Predicts the following line of code in response to your present context, decreasing the will for handbook typing.
  • Helps quite a lot of programming languages, making it flexible for various initiatives.

3. Markdown All in One

Markdown All in One is a complete extension for running with Markdown information in VS Code. It simplifies the introduction and enhancing of Markdown paperwork by means of offering quite a lot of options and shortcuts. From elementary formatting to complicated functionalities, Markdown All in One complements the writing enjoy and productiveness for Markdown customers.

Markdown all-in-one extension.


  • Syntax highlighting and preview of Markdown content material
  • Shortcuts for not unusual Markdown components and formatting
  • Desk of Contents era for simple navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts for environment friendly enhancing and formatting

4. Regex Previewer

Regex Previewer is a at hand extension for running with common expressions in VS Code. It means that you can check and debug common expressions in genuine time, making sure they fit the required patterns appropriately. With Regex Previewer, you’ll save time by means of hastily iterating and fine-tuning your common expressions throughout the editor itself.

Regex previewer extension.


  • Actual-time preview of regex fits within the editor
  • Highlighting of fits and shooting teams
  • Interactive debugging and checking out of standard expressions
  • Give a boost to for more than one regex flavors and choices


With its intensive extensions and customizable options, VS Code is a flexible code editor appropriate in your internet initiatives. Whether or not it’s an software, database, or web page, web hosting and managing any of those turns into easy with Kinsta.

What’s the VS Code extension you employ probably the most? Which one do you suppose will have to be added to this newsletter? Tell us within the feedback.

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