Stands for the print paintings listing. This command will output the entire trail of the present present listing. It handiest takes a few choices -P and -L which get to the bottom of directories for Symbolic hyperlinks.

Common syntax for pwd command:

$ pwd [OPTION...]
Show bodily listing with out symlinks
pwd -P

The -P possibility handiest prints absolutely the trail of the listing, fending off symbolic hyperlinks within the output.

Instance: Printing absolutely the trail by means of changing the SymLink with the ExampleDir listing.

display dir without symlinksdisplay dir without symlinks
Show operating listing with symlinks
pwd -L

This feature prints the trail to the present operating listing, together with symlinks.

Instance: Positioned in SymLink, let’s run the command to look the output with a symbolic hyperlink.

directory with symlinksdirectory with symlinks
Show variable content material

Retailer the worth of the pwd command in a variable.

Instance: Storing the worth of the pwd command within the NewVar variable and exhibiting its price from this variable.

display variable contentdisplay variable content
Show earlier operating listing
echo "$OLDPWD"

Use this command to print the former operating listing trail.

Instance: Checking the former location (Desktop/ExampleDir) within the document gadget and outputting it.

display working dirdisplay working dir

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