With the advent of automation in the world of online business, tasks have become simpler and easier to execute. In such scenarios, wouldn’t it be great if you could automate recurring marketing tasks and do everything else while saving time efficiently?

If you are thinking to work for your goals manually, stop right there. Not only because it is going to be hectic to keep a track of things manually, but quite impossible as well.

That’s the reason WordPress plugins exist in the first place.

When it comes to extending and adding functionality to a WordPress website, plugins turn out to be the most beneficial tools. Although most of the times, your niche market gets to decide the types of plugins you should be using, still, there is a handful of them that are accurate for almost every website.

With the right type of WordPress plugins, not only can you automate your website, but can even provide personalized user experiences to your audience.

So, here are the top 10 plugins that can easily automate your website and can make your life easier and simpler.


One of the biggest mistakes that most website owners commit to is not displaying appropriate legal pages on the site. Since the lack of these pages may cause trouble in the future, it is essential to put them on the site before it is too late.

With the help of WPLegalPages, you can easily generate up to 25 legal pages for your website,

including Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Affiliate Agreement, External Links Policy, and much more.

Furthermore, this easy-to-use plugin even lets you edit pages as per your convenience. Not just that, you can even add responsive pop-ups on your website with this plugin. Therefore, if generating WordPress legal pages seems to be a hassle, this plugin will take away all your problems.

Get WPLegalPages


Over a period of time, online marketing, planning, promotions, and execution techniques have undergone several changes. When it becomes exhausting, CoSchedule turns out to be a boon. This all-in-one editorial calendar can assist you in organizing everything important in one place.

Right from creating a unified workflow for projects to collaborating with your team, this plugin is the ultimate solution for multi-tasking. CoSchedule lets you plan and schedule marketing content, blog posts, and social media content with drag and drop method.

You can even create messages and add images along with links right from the calendar. With colorful icons and labels, you can seamlessly categorize filters and content. Furthermore, you can even integrate this plugin into other tools and get an insight into significant analytics.

Get CoSchedule

Smush Image

While there is no denying the fact that images are an integral part of a website, it is also true that sometimes, they consume way too much space to slow down the entire site. In such a situation, optimizing and compressing them is the only option left.

This free WordPress plugin lets you do just that. With Smush Image, you can optimize, resize, and compress your images within a matter of minutes. Over the years, this plugin has managed to provide excellent services, which in return, has received several awards and accolades for being the best.

Here is the list of other great image compression plugins list

Get Smush Image


Understanding what your audience is searching for and converting them into customers is surely no toddler’s game. It takes years of knowledge and precise work-experience to reach up to that level. However, what if there was a plugin that could handle your leads without any hassles?

Yes, that’s true. SurveyFunnel is one of the most considerable plugins that captures competent leads, keeps your audience engaged, provides customer insights, and generates sales funnel on your behalf.

The fact that several top marketers have been using this plugin to the best of their capabilities makes it worth a try. Furthermore, this plugin even collects visitors’ information, builds email lists, creates target segments, and much more.

Get SurveyFunnel

Yoast SEO

Playing around with a search engine’s algorithm in hopes of ranking higher isn’t the proper way to grab attention. Obviously, everyone wants to rank their business higher. And for that, Search Engine Optimization plays an important role.

Since executing SEO manually can be laborious, and you may not even be assured of adequate results, Yoast SEO is the plugin you should integrate into your website. Since 2008, this plugin has maintained a high stature like a king.

Millions of users are enjoying the benefits of this plugin across the world. The plugin boasts about its advanced XML sitemaps functionality. It has full administrative control over breadcrumbs. To evade plagiarised content, this plugin helps in setting up canonical URLs.

You can also check out some other great alternatives to Yoast SEO

With this plugin, you can even add titles and meta descriptions to your posts and pages. Furthermore, you can even get several features in the premium version of Yoast SEO.

Get Yoast SEO

Just Writing

The art of writing always calls for an undistracted environment, doesn’t it? Regardless of the quality of content you’ve generated, sometimes, you may want to go a step more to ensure that the content isn’t lagging behind.

However, this WordPress plugin ensures that you aren’t alone in the race of creating something remarkable. With Just Writing, you can insert several new commands, such as Address, Align Full, Paragraph, Background Colour, Block Quotes, and much more into the Distraction Free Writing Mode.

Furthermore, you can even remove the fade effect, lighten the title/body border or hide it, hide the word count option, hide the editor mode bar, put the toolbar in the center screen, add an optional preview button, and much more.

Get Just Writing


Although there are several ways to increase subscription lists, giveaways can be the easiest one. And now, you can even automate your giveaways. With WP Raffle plugin, you can organize a giveaway for shares, tweets, likes, products, and services.

The best thing about this plugin is that it doesn’t require you to be a coding pro. All you have to do is launch the plugin and you can organize an amazing giveaway. WP Raffle lets you select entry type, add visitors’ data to mailing software, set up for social media, select timing, export data, auto-validation, add multiple prizes, and do much more.

Get WPRaffle

Pretty Link

Moving forward, Pretty Link is another WordPress plugin that can make your life easier. With this plugin, you can easily shorten links with your domain name. Not just it allows you to create links, but it even tracks hits on the URL and provides a detailed and full report of the source of the link, OS, host, and browser used.

If you are associated with affiliate marketing, this one plugin would be quite beneficial for you. You can even download the click data in CSV format for future use. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even send your links in an email directly from your WordPress admin panel.

Get Pretty Link


Today, a majority of websites are struggling with high bounce rates. And the reason behind it may vary. Visitors coming to your website, reading blogs, and just leaving would be frustrating. More so, when you have a higher bounce rate and lesser conversion rates.

In such a situation, OptinMonster can be your ultimate friend. With this plugin, you can grow email lists and gain more subscribers by putting up pop ups and several other types of conversion enticing forms.

Get OptinMonster

With an easy-to-use form builder, you can create different types of forms and campaigns, including floating headers & footer bars, sidebar forms, in-line forms, welcome gates, mobile-specific forms, and much more.

OptinMonster is one of the most preferred choices for other marketers. Read the best plugins for content marketers are using

Editorial Calendar

Last but not the least, Editorial Calendar is the plugin that can always help you be right on track. Since WordPress doesn’t let you take a sneak peek at the scheduled posts easily, this plugin will provide you with an overview of the scheduled posts.

You can even drag & drop your posts to move them and can edit them right there in the calendar. This plugin surely makes managing the entire month’s posting easier.

Get Editorial Calendar


For those who don’t like to go through a complicated way but an easier one, WordPress is the ultimate solution. So, if you are also a WordPress website owner, the above-mentioned plugins will surely help you take things to another level. Try them out as per your convenience and reap their benefits.

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