Ready the Guns for the Holiday Season: “Ecommerce Fiesta” is Coming

Legend has it that there’s one force of nature that has for the past couple of decades managed to take away the business of thousands of ecommerce stores without effort: they call it Amazon.

As I sit down to admire and laud the greatness of the ecommerce giant, one can’t help but escape the irony for the reason behind its unprecedented success:

When Amazon launched in 1995 to sell books online, Jeff Bezos, its Founder & CEO, already had a grand vision to turn it into “an everything store.”

Clearly, one of the biggest reasons why Jeff Bezos is worth more than Bill Gates then is careful planning.

Foresight. Calculated decisions. Engineered path. Formulated success.

And going by the same logic, the nonexistence of a planned campaign is what leads to the most ecommerce stores’ failure. What has deluded you into thinking that you can step into the ecommerce holiday season war without any groundwork? It’s a foregone conclusion if you do.

How To Get Ready Months in Advance?

Given that we are almost 7 months behind Christmas and some 6 months on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday days, it’s a fair question to ask.

How do you even get ready for the holiday season so many months in advance? Here’s our suggestion:

Start preparing. Ready your guns and take aim. Plan things in advance, and put your ammo in place, so when the time comes, you only have to fire and hit the bullseye.

If you’ve been through holiday season failures, you already know what factors act like thorns to your campaign:

  • Perhaps it was your hosting provider that failed to scale your server at the right time.
  • Maybe it was your payment gateway integration that failed to work when a number of people were trying to purchase something off your site.
  • Or maybe your checkout funnel wasn’t effective enough.
  • You probably chose the wrong products to sell. Or you may have chosen the wrong audience to target.
  • Perhaps your pricing didn’t allow much room for profits or was too high to send your visitors off to other online stores.
  • Maybe your designer couldn’t pull off an attractive design or your CTAs just weren’t effective.
  • Or you probably didn’t leave yourself enough time to promote your store to the right audience?

There are hundreds of other reasons that lead to ecommerce failure, but there’s good news:

All of this can be avoided if you plan and prepare in advance.

And this is why WPblog exists. To help you prepare and throw competition out of the water when the time comes.

Ecommerce Fiesta: Every Resource in One Place

Here at WPblog, we put our heads together to come up with a plan to put your plans in action. And we came up with a solution that will

help you throughout 2019 to help you prepare thoroughly for the holiday season. And we simply named it “Ecommerce Month.

Hence, we’re dedicating June 2019 to ecommerce.

Over the course of a month, we’re going to share something related to ecommerce, and more particularly WordPress and WooCommerce.

We believe WooCommerce is the perfect solution for your ecommerce store needs, and therefore we’ll focus most of our efforts in helping you overhaul (or launch a store if you’re starting out) your WooCommerce store.

You’ll get tips and tricks to help you optimize your store and recommendation on which hosting service is best for you. (Hint: we really, really prefer Cloudways)

You’ll find plenty of resources to help you find the right plugins (like this) and themes for your store and tons of tutorials (like this) to help you get through tricky backend problems.

But Most Importantly, Freebies & Giveaways

Of course, what good would an ecommerce month be if we weren’t offering freebies and giveaways to our readers?

So yes, we’re partnering up with dozens of plugin and theme creators, hosting providers, and bloggers (contact us if you’d like to partner with us) to bring you resources to help you succeed when the time comes.

Tutorials. Plugins and Themes listicles. Optimization tips. Hosting advice. Freebies & Giveaways.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the Ecommerce Month.

We’re Ready. Are you?

One thing is for certain, though: if you take advantage of this campaign, rest assured, your holiday season will be one of the most successful ones.

We’re ready with everything to help you prepare for the upcoming ecommerce season.

Are you?

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