The “who” unearths customers who’s lately logged within the device. It presentations some knowledge such because the username, the timestamp, and the IP cope with.

Normal syntax for who command:

$ who [OPTIONS...]
Display all customers’ knowledge
who -a

The -a possibility lets you see all of the main points of each and every person logged into the present device.

Instance: Coming into the who -acommand and getting the output of all of the details about the customers at the device

show al users infoshow al users info
Display device’s final boot time
who -b

Use the who command with the -b technique to print the final boot time of the device.

Instance: After the usage of the command, the output will print the message “device boot,” subsequent to which the date and time are displayed.

show last boot timeshow last boot time
Checklist all logged in customers
who -q

The -q possibility presentations a listing of usernames and the choice of customers lately logged directly to the device.

Instance: Coming into the command and notice the customers logged in and their present quantity

list all logged in userslist all logged in users
Take a look at person’s write permission
who -T

Use the -T technique to show the person’s submit standing. This may occasionally can help you take a look at the permissions to jot down messages to the terminal.

Instance: Let’s kind the who -T command to show person statuses within the terminal.

check users permissioncheck users permission
Display all lifeless processes
who -d

This command lets you get an entire listing of all lifeless processes.

Instance: Typing the who command with the -d technique to display main points of all lifeless processes. Observe: No lifeless processes on this case.

show all dead processshow all dead process
Display details about present person
who -m

The -m possibility presentations the hostname and person related to I/O gadgets corresponding to keyboards.

Instance: Let’s run the who -m command to look how this command works.

show current user infoshow current user info
Display all lively processes spawned via INIT procedure
who -p

Use the -p technique to display a listing of lively processes spawned via init (background procedure which begins different processes).

Instance: Coming into the command with the -p technique to get a listing of processes. Observe: No lively processes on this case.

all active INIT processall active INIT process
Display present runlevel
who -r

To show the present runlevel of the device, use the -r possibility.

Instance: Executing the who -r command to get details about the device runlevel

current runlevelcurrent runlevel

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