Sometimes just being on top of the updates for your WordPress blog can feel like a full time job. Between the frequent plugin updates and the new versions of WordPress being released, it can be overwhelming to handle all of this on your own — particularly if you’re not a developer. With the Easy Updates Manager plugin for WordPress, keeping all of your plugins up to date has never been easier.

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Once you’ve installed this plugin, all of your updates can be accessed from one dashboard page, and auto-update for plugins can easily be turned on (or off). You can also use the plugin to enable (or disable) global updates and updates for WordPress core. You can even use the plugin to manage your theme updates — in fact you can pretty much use it to manage any type of WordPress update there could be to make sure it happens automatically (or not). Check out the plugin’s page to see exactly what you can use it for. It’s a must for anyone trying to easily take or retain control of their WordPress updates.

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