The ping command is at hand software command to temporarily check community connections. It sends a packet of knowledge to a selected IP deal with or hostname and displays how lengthy it took to transmit that knowledge with severeal further reaction data.

Basic syntax for ping command:

Specify the choice of packets
ping -c [number] [IP-Address]

Use the -c method to have the ping command robotically prevent after a definite choice of packets were despatched.

Instance: Let’s prevent sending packets after 5 replies. And specifying because the IP deal with

specify number of packetsspecify number of packets
Test Localhost community
ping localhost

In the event you’re having hassle connecting to a far off pc or web site, ping the localhost to be sure you’re attached.

Instance: Let’s sort this command to check the community connection.

check localhostcheck localhost
Ship pings just for a restricted time period
ping -i [number] [IP-Address]

The -i possibility units the timeout period in seconds prior to each and every packet is shipped.

Instance: Sending ICMP packets with an period of five seconds to the IP deal with

send time-limited pingssend time-limited pings
Flood ping to focus on host
ping -f [IP-address]

The -f possibility is used to run the flood ping. This will likely let you check the efficiency of your community underneath heavy load.

Instance: Flood pinging IP deal with

flood pingflood ping
Trade ping packet measurement
ping -s [number] [IP-Address]

Use the -s method to building up the default packet measurement, you’ll ship gentle and heavy packets.

Instance: Let’s building up the packet measurement to 1000 bytes and ship them to the IP deal with

change ping packet sizechange ping packet size
Show simplest the abstract traces
ping -q [IP-Address]

The -q possibility outputs a unmarried line with the common ping data, adopted by means of the statistics.

Instance: Getting simplest abstract details about the IP deal with

display summary linesdisplay summary lines
Set Time Restrict for receiving programs
ping -w [seconds] [IP-Address]

This feature stops receiving ping output after a definite period of time.

Instance: Coming into the ping -w 10 command to prevent printing ping output after 10 seconds.

set time limitset time limit

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