It’s such a struggle when you want to use big, beautiful, hi-res images on your sites but don’t want to compromise the load time of your pages. Large images can be really limiting because they slow down the load time of a page significantly. If you’re a WordPress user, however, you’re in luck, because there’s a free plugin available that will reduce the size of and optimize even the largest images to improve the load time and efficiency of your pages. If you use a lot of big images on your site, this plugin is pretty much indispensable if you want to allow your pages to load in a timely manner for all of your users, even those with a less than speedy internet connection.

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The plugin is called the EWWW Image Optimizer, and it’s a great option for reducing the size of images on your WordPress site. The plugin will optimize any image that’s already been uploaded. The plugin will optimize PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, and PDFs to make the files smaller and, in turn, make your site a lot quicker and more efficient. With the plugin, your pages will load faster, you’ll be able to backup your site in less time, and you’ll use less bandwidth, so it really does a great job of speeding up your site and making it more efficient. You get the option to use a bulk optimizer tool to optimize multiple images at once, and the plugin will skip images that have been optimized already so as not to take up extra space in the database. The plugin also seamlessly integrates with other image managing, image gallery, or image editing plugins, like popular plugins FooGallery and nextGen gallery. If you have a lot of images on your WordPress site that could use some optimizing, download this plugin ASAP.

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