One of the vital treasured purposes in Google Sheets is the “IF” purposes.

Believe you wish to have so that you can temporarily scan your spreadsheet and resolution some key questions. This serve as will permit you to do this.

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Let’s bounce into the way it works and spot some real-life examples.

What does the if serve as do in Google Sheets?

In Google Sheets, the if serve as permits you to test a situation and go back a particular price if it’s TRUE.

As an example, say you could have 3 columns in a spreadsheet: channel, goal, and benefit. You wish to have to grasp which channels hit a benefit upper than the objective.

You’ll be able to use the IF serve as to take action – the method common sense would seem like this: If the objective is upper than the benefit, it is going to go back “YES.” If now not, it is going to go back a “NO.” You’ll be able to then observe that information in some other column titled “Purpose Met.”

The way to Use If Serve as in Google Sheets

When the use of the if serve as in Google Sheets, you should use the next syntax:

IF(logical_expression, value_if_true,value_if_false)

Let’s ruin down what every one way:

  • Logical expression refers back to the situation you’re checking within the serve as.
  • Worth if true is the price the serve as will go back if the logical expression is right.
  • Worth if false is the price the serve as will go back if the logical expression is fake.

To do that, you’ll want to use the next logical expression symbols:

  • > to indicate more than
  • >= to indicate equivalent or more than
  • < to indicate more than
  • <= to indicate equivalent or not up to
  • <> to indicate now not equivalent
  • = to indicate equivalent

Let’s see a real-life instance.

Excel spreadsheet showing four columns: channel, target, profit, goal reached with rows of data

Right here, we have now a spreadsheet with information on how every advertising and marketing channel carried out. Every channel had a goal income subsequent to the real benefit. The ultimate column, “function reached” will probably be used to temporarily resolution which channels met the function.

  1. Make a selection the mobile by which the method will probably be carried out.

  2. Write out the method following this syntax:how to write the if function formula in your cell: Write out the formula following this syntax:

  3. Drag the mouse to use the method to related cells.

Scared you’ll put out of your mind it? Don’t fear. Google Sheets has an autofill function that can display you the method as you sort it out.

how to write the if function formula in your cell: Drag the mouse to apply the formula into relevant cells.

On this case, the method will probably be: =if (C2 > B2, “YES” , “NO”). To damage that down additional, the method states if the take advantage of the e-mail channel is upper than the focused benefit, then write “YES.” If it’s decrease, then write “NO.”

breaking down the if function formula

Remember the fact that the price if true may also be no matter you select. Then again, on this instance, the easy possibility was once opting for the phrases “YES” or “NO.”

For the reason that method comprises phrases, you should use apostrophes in order that Google Sheets reads the method accurately.

If/Then vs. If/And vs. If/Or Purposes

In the most straightforward phrases, with “If-Then” you’re checking that one situation is met. Within the instance above, it was once that one price could be upper than the opposite. In keeping with that information, the go back price could be “YES” or “NO.”

With “If And,” you’re checking more than one prerequisites for a “TRUE” price. All of them should be “TRUE” for the go back price to be “TRUE.”

“If Or” is the complete opposite to “If and.” It additionally tests more than one prerequisites but when anybody is right, it is going to go back a “TRUE” price.

Right here’s a real-world instance:

  • If then I’m going to the shop. If you happen to move to the shop, the remark is right.
  • If and I’m going to the shop and filling up my tank. You should move to the shop and refill your tank for the remark to be true. In a different way, it is going to be false.
  • If orI’m going to the shop and filling up my tank. It is advisable to whole both process and the remark will probably be true. The one time it is going to be false in case you whole neither one.

The way to Use If Serve as with A couple of Stipulations

Say you’re operating a survey and you wish to have to simply categorize your respondents into two age buckets. It is advisable to write a method that states if respondents are 25 or more youthful, they’ll be in staff “A”. In the event that they’re 26 or older, they’ll be in staff B.

This creates more than one prerequisites below which the price may also be written. The method tests the primary situation, if it doesn’t observe, it strikes directly to the following to search out the proper price.

Let’s see this in motion.

nested if function google spreadsheet

The usage of the instance above, your method could be as follows:

= IF(A2 < = 25, "A", IF(A2 >= 25, “B”))

nested if function example on google sheets

Nested If Serve as in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, “nesting” merely refers to hanging the “if” serve as inside its personal method to check more than one prerequisites and go back other effects in line with the ones checks.

The method syntax is as follows:


It’s as simple as that.

So, right here’s some other serve as you’ll use to hurry up your procedure when the use of Google Sheets.

business google sheets templates

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