Google Sheets is likely one of the absolute best equipment you’ll be able to use to retailer information, observe efficiency metrics, and create dashboards and experiences.

However whilst it’s a wondrous software with numerous options and functionalities, it may be laborious to take hold of for novices — particularly if you want to create a advertising record or dashboard, speedy.

To not fear. If you happen to’re taking a look to get began with Google Sheets, you’re in the precise position. On this information, we’ll be taking a look at the advantages of Google Sheets and strolling you via one of the fundamentals so you’ll be able to rise up to hurry temporarily and successfully.

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Advantages of Google Sheets for Advertising

Pronouncing that entrepreneurs are data-centric other folks is a real understatement. Between go back on funding, value according to acquisition, and extra, they’re at all times taking a look at other metrics and reporting on development.

It may be difficult to stay all of the ones numbers instantly, even though. That’s the place spreadsheets turn out to be useful. With a well-organized spreadsheet, entrepreneurs can temporarily analyze powerful information units and make smarter, extra knowledgeable selections about their efforts.

In the beginning presented by way of Microsoft in 1987, Excel was once the go-to software for years for development spreadsheets. But if collaborative, cloud-based software Google Sheets was once presented in 2012, many customers made the transfer over to this new (unfastened!) useful resource.

Let’s discuss the advantages of the usage of Google Sheets for marketing purposes ahead of we talk about extra conventional choices (like a typical Excel spreadsheet).

  • It’s cloud-based. Cloud-based spreadsheets are mechanically stored, saved, and maintained by way of a faraway server. That signifies that you’ll be able to get right of entry to it on-line from anyplace, any time. Plus: Google Sheets could also be to be had offline.
  • It’s unfastened. No pricey instrument required — Google Sheets is at all times 100% unfastened.
  • It really works throughout gadgets. Fashionable entrepreneurs transfer between gadgets right through the day — and Google Sheets comprises that habits. You’ll be able to get right of entry to and edit Google Sheet information from all kinds of gadgets (like your smartphone, pill, and laptop).
  • Upload-ons are to be had. We’ll get into the specifics of add-ons for Google Sheets slightly later, however the higher capability and versatility of those further options makes this spreadsheet software much more flexible and strong.

You could be questioning: What’s the adaptation between Google Sheets and Excel? The fast solution is: value, collaboration, and versatility.

Whilst Excel calls for a instrument subscription (which prices about $130), Google Sheets is unfastened for all Google account holders. In the case of collaboration, Excel calls for you to save lots of and ship a brand new model when edits are made, whilst Google Sheets mechanically updates a unmarried shared record for all workforce individuals. And finally, as a result of Google Sheets has the power to deal with many alternative integrations, it’s incessantly extra versatile than a standalone instrument answer like Excel.

Commonplace Google Sheets Phrases to Know

Subsequent, let’s get acquainted with one of the language and commonplace phrases used when referencing information inside of Google Sheets.

  • Column: Columns are vertical cellular units.
  • Row: Rows are horizontal cellular units.
  • Cellular: Cells are the only information issues inside of a Google Sheet.
  • Vary: Vary refers to a collection of cells throughout a column, row, or each.
  • Serve as: Serve as refers to integrated operations for the Google Sheet that can be utilized to temporarily calculate values, to govern information, and extra.
  • Method: Formulation mix purposes, rows, cells, columns, and levels to generate a specific finish consequence.

Easy methods to Use Google Sheets

Now we’re waiting to dive into the extra complex how-to’s and classes on the usage of Google Sheets.

Figuring out the Google Sheets Toolbar

Some of the first actual issues to do is grasp the icons situated within the Google Sheets toolbar. Doing so will lend a hand make sure you’re getting probably the most out of its talents and that you just’re saving time with shortcuts. Check out the screenshot under to spot one of the fundamental icons and their functions throughout the toolbar.


Image Source

Easy methods to Create a New Spreadsheet

Whilst you’re waiting to create a brand new spreadsheet, you’ll simply wish to observe a couple of fast steps to get began. Open Google Sheets and click on “Document” > “New” > “Spreadsheet”.


If you create your new spreadsheet, you’ll be able to get started including information. If you wish to paintings with an present spreadsheet from Excel as a substitute, you’ll wish to import that information into your new Google Sheet.


From there, your record will probably be uploaded and mechanically transformed right into a Google Sheet.

Sharing and Protective Your Information

As soon as your Google Sheet is ready up and populated, you’ll wish to take into accounts find out how to percentage and offer protection to your information. Information is mechanically stored, so that you don’t wish to fear about that phase. You’ll be able to choose who you percentage your record with and whether or not they’ve edit, remark, or view permissions. You’ll be able to additionally offer protection to particular information inside of your sheet in order that those that have get right of entry to can best edit positive cells.

To percentage a record:

  1. Cross to “Document” > “Percentage” (or simply click on the blue Percentage button within the best appropriate nook)
  2. Input the e-mail cope with of who you’ll be sharing the spreadsheet with
  3. Assign permission ranges (equivalent to “View best” or “Can edit”)
  4. Click on “Complex” and choose any further privateness prerequisites wanted

To offer protection to information:

  1. Navigate to “Information” > “Secure Sheets and Levels”
  2. Select “Vary” or “Sheet” (to give protection to a whole sheet)
  3. Choose the knowledge you’d like to give protection to
  4. Click on “Set Permissions”
  5. Select to turn an error caution to someone who makes an attempt to edit or customise modifying permissions for positive other folks.

Organizing Information in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an impressive software that may hang a ton of information. That implies the extra information you’ve gotten, the tougher it turns into to search out it — that’s when filtering turns out to be useful. Google Sheets has a number of filters that permit you to choose the knowledge you wish to have to peer and conceal what you don’t.

Easy methods to Disguise Information

Google means that you can conceal whole rows or columns. This turns into helpful when you wish to have to limit perspectives for sharing, or while you’d love to keep an eye on the quantity of information you’re viewing at any given time. To cover a column, right-click the column you wish to have to cover, then choose “Disguise Column”. Whilst you conceal a column, two arrows will seem at the earlier and next columns. Click on those to revive the column to complete view.=

Easy methods to Freeze Rows and Columns

Freezing will create a floating row or column as you scroll and assists in keeping the knowledge in the ones fields inside of your line of sight. For instance, if you happen to use the primary row to label your columns, you’ll be able to freeze that row so that you don’t have to keep in mind what every column is as you scroll.

To freeze a row, choose “View” > “Freeze” > “1 row” (or as much as X rows).google sheets hack: freeze row

Easy methods to Clear out Information

What if you happen to’d love to view all the information in one column that matches a undeniable standards? Follow a filter out. Filters permit you to choose a standards and the way that standards applies on your information. For instance, you’ll be able to filter out your ‘Website Visits’ column to turn all values more than 1000, or filter out your sheet for all cells that experience the phrase “cat”.

To arrange a filter out, choose “Information” > “Create a Clear out.” Click on the funnel icon that looks within the column, then select to filter out by way of situation, price, or alpha or numeric order. Your sheet will best show information that satisfies your standards.

google sheets hack: creating filters

Know about different filtering options below.

Easy methods to Setup and Use Google Sheets Offline

If you want to make use of Google Sheets offline, simply observe the stairs defined right here to activate offline get right of entry to on your spreadsheets.

Take note:

  • You should be attached to the web.
  • You’ll be able to wish to use the Google Chrome browser (do not use incognito mode)
  • You’ll be able to wish to set up and permit the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension.
  • You’ll want to have sufficient unfastened house for your tool to save lots of all of your recordsdata.

From there:

  1. Open Chrome and make sure to’re signed in.
  2. Cross to
  3. Test the field subsequent to “Sync Google Medical doctors, Sheets, Slides & Drawings recordsdata to this laptop to be able to edit offline.”
  4. To paintings on recordsdata offline from a pc, learn how to install Backup and Sync.

Complex Google Sheets Pointers

Now that you know the fundamentals of Google Sheets, let’s get into some complex pointers so you’ll be able to get started the usage of Sheets like a professional. The following pointers are useful to have for your again pocket … although you don’t want them simply but.

Conditional Formatting and Heatmaps

Conditional formatting will mechanically follow formatting to a cellular in keeping with a preset situation. For instance, you’ll be able to choose to focus on a cellular in purple if the price entered is under 100 or reads “Error”.

Heatmaps paintings in a similar fashion in that they follow a colour scale to cells in keeping with an average standards (values more than the median will seem darker whilst values lesser will seem lighter). This is helping you view values on a gradient and identifies spaces of shock on which to focal point your consideration.

google sheets hack: creating conditional formatting

Array Formulation

Array formulation can carry out more than one calculations directly and output a worth in keeping with the ones calculations. While maximum formulation require you to accomplish every step independently (e.g. sum one row then upload it to the sum of the next row), arrays make calculations a lot more environment friendly. This is helping when running with huge quantities of information.


The Macros characteristic data a sequence of steps that you just’d like Google Sheets to copy on command. For example, if you happen to paintings with a brand new information set every month, and wish to manipulate that information in the similar collection every time, then you’ll be able to report a Macro, and feature Google do the be just right for you.


10 Will have to-Know Google Sheets Formulation

Whilst you’ve entered your information and you want to do a little fast number-crunching, fundamental formulation will let you in finding the solutions you want. Listed below are a couple of frequently used Google Sheets formulas to hurry up your information research.

1. SUM

This components provides all values inside of a decided on vary.



This components calculates the common of values inside of a variety.



This components returns a filtered model of the supply vary, returning best rows or columns which meet the required prerequisites. That is useful when segmenting information by way of yr or month.

FILTER(vary, condition1, [condition2])


This components returns the location at which a string is first discovered throughout the textual content. The To find components is case delicate.

FIND(search_for, text_to_search, [starting_at])


This components returns a conditional rely throughout a variety.

=COUNTIF(vary, criterion)


This components means that you can mix values of more than one cells into one cellular, e.g., first and ultimate identify.

=CONCATENATE(Value1, “ ”,Value2)


This stands for vertical search for. This components searches down the primary column of a variety for a key and returns the price of a particular cellular within the row discovered.

=VLOOKUP(search_key, vary, index, [is_sorted]).

Be informed how to do a VLOOKUP in lower than a minute.


This components divides textual content round a specified persona or string, and places every fragment right into a separate cellular within the row. Use this when you wish to have to get a divorce first names from ultimate names in a listing of consumers or possibilities.

=SPLIT(textual content, delimiter, [split_by_each])


This components replaces present textual content with new textual content in a string. For instance: You have to exchange a product identify with a brand new one in a sheet of advert replica.

=SUBSTITUTE(text_to_search, search_for, replace_with, [occurrence_number])


This components edits textual content inside of a cellular to identify case so that you don’t need to layout every access manually.

=PROPER (textual content)

For extra formulation you’ll be able to use in Google Sheets, use the hunt software at the spreadsheet functions list and in finding the only you want.

Google Sheets Purposes & Talents You Must Know

Easy methods to Create a Pivot Desk

  1. Choose the cells with supply information you wish to have to make use of for your pivot desk. Notice: Each and every column will want a header.
  2. Within the menu on the best, click on “Information” > “Pivot desk.” Click on the pivot desk sheet (if it is not already open).
  3. Within the aspect panel, subsequent to “Rows” or “Columns,” click on “Upload” after which select a worth. Notice: Occasionally you’re going to see really helpful pivot tables in keeping with the knowledge you will have decided on. So as to add a pivot desk, beneath “Steered,” choose a pivot desk.
  4. Within the aspect panel, subsequent to “Values,” click on “Upload”, then select the price you wish to have to peer over your rows or columns. You can change how your data is listed, sorted, summarized, or filtered.
  5. Subsequent to what you wish to have to modify, click on the down arrow.

Easy methods to Take away Duplicates

  1. Choose the cellular in which you would like to take away the duplicated information.
  2. Input the serve as =UNIQUE(
  3. Choose the cells you want to pull information from
  4. Shut the parentheses. Your serve as must glance one thing like this: =UNIQUE(A:A)

Easy methods to Create a Drop-Down Record

  1. Subsequent to “Standards,” select an choice:
  2. Click on “Information” > “Information validation”.
  3. Choose the cellular or cells through which you wish to have to create a drop-down record. Record from a variety: Select the cells that will probably be integrated within the record.
  4. Record of things: Input pieces, separated by way of commas and no areas.
  5. The cells may have a down arrow. To take away the arrow, uncheck “Show in-cell button to turn record”.
  6. If you happen to input information in a cellular that does not fit an merchandise at the record, you can see a caution. If you wish to have other folks to just input pieces from the record, select “Reject enter” subsequent to “On invalid information”.
  7. Click on “Save”. The cells will display a drop-down record. To switch the colour of a cellular in keeping with the choice, use conditional formatting (refer to section above).

Easy methods to Make a Graph

  1. Choose the cells you wish to have to incorporate for your chart. To label your chart, upload a header row or column.
  2. Click on “Insert” > “Chart”.
  3. Within the aspect panel, click on “Information” > beneath “Chart sort,” select a chart.
  4. To edit your chart, click on “Customise.”

Easy methods to Merge Cells

  1. Spotlight or choose a variety of cells.
  2. Proper-click at the highlighted cells and choose “Layout Cells”.
  3. Click on the “Merge” button within the toolbar, then choose the merge choice you want.

Easy methods to Obtain Google Sheets

If you wish to use Excel or any other software for inspecting information units along with your record, you’ll be able to simply export the record. Cross to “Document” > “Obtain as”. Then make a decision which layout you want.


If you want extra lend a hand getting began, the fastest approach to get a crash route in the usage of Google Sheets is to get right of entry to the unfastened Google Sheets Cheat Sheet, which outlines the fundamentals on:

  • Customizing spreadsheet information
  • Operating with rows, columns, and cells
  • Sharing/participating inside of your spreadsheet
  • Saving and protective your data
  • Using key purposes

You’ll be able to additionally get right of entry to the Tips Library for extra recommendation on the usage of Google Sheets.

The place to To find the Perfect Google Sheets Templates

Development new spreadsheets from scratch can also be extraordinarily time-consuming, so do not reinvent the wheel if you happen to should not have to. As a substitute, search for pre-existing Google Sheets templates that you’ll be able to customise and use in your personal efforts. Let’s take a look at a couple of other puts the place you’ll be able to in finding ready-to-use templates in your advertising efforts.

1. HubSpot

where to find google sheets templates: hubspot

HubSpot’s library of Google Sheets templates is a gold mine of sources for the pro who must arrange a spreadsheet temporarily. On this library, you’ll discover a template for any form of record chances are you’ll want, together with a trade funds, aggressive research, expense record, advertising dashboard, and extra. You best need to plug within the numbers and personalize the fields. This feature is a brilliant have compatibility if you happen to’re on the lookout for a person template.

Differently, chances are you’ll experience downloading HubSpot’s unfastened template kits. The under bundles include Google Sheets templates designed to supercharge a high-functioning advertising workforce.

  • Free Google Sheets Template Bundle: Don’t wish to glance via a whole library and obtain templates one-by-one? Obtain this starter package to jumpstart your spreadsheet introduction procedure.
  • Free Marketing Budget Templates: Those customizable advertising funds templates are perfect for monitoring your spending on product advertising, content material, paid promoting, and extra.
  • Free Editorial Calendar Templates: You don’t want pricey instrument to start out making plans your newsletter calendar. Use those templates to get began. Additionally they sync with Google Calendar in order that no put up is going unpublished or by accident handed over.
  • Email Marketing Planning Template: This e mail advertising making plans template is helping you conceptualize, refine, and agenda your campaigns to extend ROI and optimize your effects.

2. Google Template Gallery

where to find google sheets templates: google template gallery add-on

This unfastened Google Sheets add-on provides you with get right of entry to to dozens of various templates appropriate inside of Google Sheets. There’s no wish to obtain an exterior record or keep a copy from a writer chances are you’ll now not believe. On this software, you’ll be able to get right of entry to templates for undertaking control, timekeeping, and budgeting. The one problem is that it’s laborious to have a look at the previews of the templates, for the reason that thumbnails are slightly small.


where to find google sheets templates:

Template.web has a limiteless library of Google Sheets templates that you’ll be able to simply preview and customise in your wishes. Whilst the library isn’t as marketing-specific, it nonetheless gives masses for entrepreneurs to trace their campaigns’ ROI, equivalent to this social media marketing budget template. We advise spending a while digging via this useful resource to discover a template that works for you.

4. Blockspring

where to find google sheets templates: blockspring

Out of all of the sources on this record, this one is probably the most distinctive. Why? As a result of those aren’t simple previous templates the place you’ll be able to plug within the numbers and move. Blockspring’s templates are attached with third-party services and products to drag information into your spreadsheet. As a substitute of you having to manually hyperlink your spreadsheet to those third-party services and products, Blockspring’s templates do it for you.

For instance, the template titled “Get content ideas on a topic using ‘Skyscraper’ analysis” makes use of information from Moz and Bing to get you a listing of content material concepts appropriate at the spreadsheet — with out you having to in fact use both Moz or Bing. You best have to position the subject into the fitting box, and the spreadsheet will populate by itself.

The one problem to the usage of Blockspring’s templates is that it’s a must to take a couple of further steps for them to paintings. It’s a must to obtain the Blockspring add-on onto Google Sheets, after which observe a couple of easy directions to get the template up and working.

Haven’t discovered the Google Sheets templates that paintings right for you? Take a look at a couple of roundups we propose:

  • HubSpot’s Roundup of the Best Google Sheets Templates: Didn’t in finding what you have been on the lookout for in HubSpot’s library of templates or in one in all our template kits? This put up curates a template for each want. You’ll additionally be told the place to search out templates inside of Google Sheets.
  • Buffer’s Google Sheets Templates for Marketing: On this put up, Buffer lists a lot of “record card” taste templates for Google Sheets that may lend a hand observe your advertising efforts on other social media channels like Twitter, Fb, and others.
  • Smartsheet’s Google Sheets Templates for Scheduling: Smartsheet additionally gives unfastened templates, like a undertaking agenda template, that will let you higher plan your weblog posts and track effects.

The Perfect Google Sheets Upload-Ons

To spice up your potency in Google Sheets, believe the usage of add-ons. Listed below are a couple of ideas:


Pull your paid seek and social promoting information into one spreadsheet, and switch them into stunning reporting dashboards you’ll be proud to turn your workforce managers and administrators. It is a paid software that begins at $29/month.

Google Apps Script

Google Apps Scripts gives a approach to lengthen the capability of your Google Sheets workspace past the fundamentals. The cloud-scripting language means that you can create, edit, and skim your Google Sheet via an integration with different Google apps. Really useful for complex customers and builders. Check out the documentation here.


Percentage information between Excel, native databases, Salesforce, and Google Sheets, with out uploading or exporting any recordsdata. That signifies that if you happen to’re the usage of Excel and wish to mechanically sync the knowledge with Google Sheets, you’ll be able to accomplish that while not having to re-upload the record into Sheets.

XLMiner Analysis ToolPak

Do statistical research with purposes. As a result of Research ToolPak was once at the beginning a Microsoft Excel add-on, this is a handy gizmo for you if you happen to’re coming into Google Sheets after being an Excel consumer.

Power Tools Add-On for Google Sheets

Streamline regimen operations, equivalent to clearing out duplicates and looking for particular values. You’ll be able to additionally evaluate sheets, which is very helpful if you happen to’re running off of 2 identical spreadsheets. It is a paid software that begins at $29.95/yr.


Create a trade reporting gadget for SEM, search engine marketing, internet analytics, and social media. Now not best does SuperMetrics flip a considerable amount of information right into a extra digestible layout, nevertheless it additionally carries out automated refreshes — so there’s no wish to manually pull within the information each time you wish to have to peer a abstract of your efficiency.

Clearbit Sheets

Create centered e mail lists and qualify leads temporarily. This add-on is a brilliant choice if you happen to’re already acquainted with a device equivalent to LinkedIn Gross sales Navigator. It fulfills a identical position, best the knowledge lives by yourself non-public spreadsheet, so there’s no wish to check in to LinkedIn each time you wish to have to peer prospect information.

Google Sheets is a Will have to-Have for Each and every Workforce

This fast information to Google Sheets must allow you to get a working get started as you leverage it in your advertising efforts. From extra environment friendly monitoring of various metrics to raised making plans round your content material to more straightforward collaboration along with your workforce, this software will let you make smarter, extra data-backed possible choices that pressure significant effects in your emblem.

Editor’s be aware: This put up was once at the beginning revealed in October 2018 and has been up to date for comprehensiveness.

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