Welcome to Press This, the WordPress neighborhood podcast from WMR. Every episode options visitors from across the neighborhood and discussions of the biggest problems going through WordPress builders. The next is a transcription of the authentic recording.

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Document Pop: You’re paying attention to Press This, a WordPress Neighborhood Podcast on WMR. Every week we highlight participants of the WordPress neighborhood. I’m your host, Document Pop. I fortify the WordPress neighborhood via my function at WP Engine, and my contributions over on TorqueMag.Io the place I am getting to do podcasts and draw cartoons and educational movies. Test that out.

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Anyplace you glance on-line this present day, it kind of feels just like the internet is consolidating into fewer and less pillars. Now, in this podcast, we incessantly center of attention on tactics to optimize your WordPress site or support your search engine marketing rating for Google. However in this episode, we’re going to simply discuss a philosophy that celebrates individuality, a realm of freedom and expression that would possibly problem our perceptions of the WordPress consumer revel in.

As of late, we’re going to be speaking concerning the IndieWeb, which is a bunch of internet designers and customers who’re developing the kind of internet that they’d like to peer, a non company internet. The lifestyles of an IndieWeb, implies the lifestyles of a dependent internet. And so those are the parents which are looking to repair that.

So nowadays, we’re going to be chatting with David Wolfpaw, a site mechanic for FixUpFox, in addition to a theme and plugin developer and a contributor for the WordPress Neighborhood Group. David, how are you doing nowadays?

David Wolfpaw: I’m doing really well, your self?

Document Pop: I’m doing nice. I’d like to kick this off through simply listening to about how you were given into WordPress.

David Wolfpaw: Completely. I’ve been doing internet construction for over twenty years now, having a look again sooner than WordPress used to be round. However I didn’t if truth be told get into WordPress till 2008. So I’d been round for approximately 5 years at that time. I’d been the use of different CMSs. I’d been doing numerous PHP coding, you understand, separate of the use of any CMS.

And somewhat truthfully, I simply sought after to take a look at out a couple of other gear for managing my very own non-public site on the time. I used to be already running a blog previous to that, however I used to be doing running a blog within the method of simply writing new items of content material in the beginning of an HTML web page and importing it to a server. So discovering that there used to be a device in particular constructed for that, it used to be beautiful simple to get on. However I additionally discovered that after I began the use of WordPress, I introduced numerous my very own present behavior to the WordPress house. 

So for instance, after I constructed my first WordPress site, I had no concept that there used to be a navigation machine constructed into the dashboard. So I went in and edited the header.php record each time I sought after to switch a hyperlink to a web page or one thing. So, you understand, now not the entirety is in an instant obvious to anyone who’s now not used the instrument.

Document Pop: And WordPress continues to be your primary CMS, or do you have a tendency to more or less discover Joomla and different CMSs as neatly?

David Wolfpaw: No. WordPress continues to be my primary CMS. I’ve labored on some Drupal websites sooner than along side every other CMSs and different non-blogging non-site builder platforms. However I proceed to go back to WordPress time and time once more.

Document Pop: And let’s get into that primary matter. What’s the IndieWeb for your definition?

David Wolfpaw: Yeah, so I might first direct anyone to talk over with IndieWeb.org to determine details about all kinds of IndieWeb comparable subjects. There’s a complete phase in particular dedicated to WordPress there. 

My non-public definition of the IndieWeb is any website that the consumer is construction for themselves for their very own functions, that doesn’t simply imply like non-public use, however it might additionally imply for trade use, this is disconnected from a 3rd birthday party centralized provider. What I imply through this is you’re construction your individual site or the use of your individual social media this is hosted in other places, then construction a Fb web page to advertise your online business or the use of Squarespace to construct a site for your self. The ones issues have their very own makes use of and their very own values, however you may have so much much less keep watch over over them.

Document Pop: And what are probably the most different CMSs which are a part of the IndieWeb? If Squarespace can be a 3rd birthday party that you simply’re depending on, what are probably the most CMSs available in the market which are in style within the IndieWeb neighborhood?

David Wolfpaw: One giant a part of it, I suppose something that I didn’t deliver up is that, most often it’s issues that you’re self-hosting. However I do wanna make a difference that you don’t want to be self-hosting, to do one thing that you simply’d imagine a part of that or no less than I don’t suppose so.

However that you’ve got the chance to self-host. So you could use the Ghost CMS, as an example, or WordPress.com. And you will have, the ones firms host it for you, however with regards to platforms like WordPress or Ghost, two that I might imagine very talked-about in that realm, you may have the chance to self host them if you need.

And in addition you may have knowledge portability. So if I get started a site on WordPress.com, and I make a decision later that I wish to self host that site, I will achieve this with out dropping any of my content material, as a result of WordPress has led the best way in making knowledge portability essential with regards to your content material on-line so I will simply take all of my content material and transfer it to my very own website.

Document Pop: That rings true to me. I think like I’ve talked to Tontek all over the years concerning the IndieWeb and heard that self internet hosting used to be type of a large a part of it. I all the time idea it used to be like a demand. However the best way you simply phrased it more or less makes me suppose the explanation I don’t use Twitter anymore is perhaps as a result of I would like as a way to personal my content material and transfer it round and now not be depending on anyone. 

And although I’m now not internet hosting my Mastodon example, I may just, and the similar explanation why I’ve my non-public site on WordPress as a substitute of on every other puts, I’m now not depending on that different position in phrases in the event that they make a coverage trade or destroy one thing, I will all the time have my site underneath my keep watch over, however past that, I additionally have the ability.

I’m now not self internet hosting. I will’t believe self internet hosting my website, however I’ve that choice. So I believe the knowledge portability and all that more or less is going in combination. And simply because I’m now not internet hosting my very own website doesn’t imply that perhaps I’m now not nonetheless following probably the most ideas which are construction philosophies of the IndieWeb.

David Wolfpaw: Completely, I might trust that. One instance, previous this 12 months, Automated employed Matthias, I don’t suppose I’ve heard his remaining identify out loud, Pfefferle, and if I’m mispronouncing it, Matthias, I’m sorry. In particular to paintings on ActivityPub comparable plugins for WordPress, each for WordPress.org customers, but in addition for other people on WordPress.com. 

And I’m highlighting that as the bigger, what I might imagine a extra centralized corporate when it comes to in the event you’re internet hosting on WordPress.com, you’re sure to they’re resolution making concerning the internet hosting platform, however you continue to have that skill to do probably the most extra IndieWeb issues akin to keep in touch go platform. 

The true explanation why I wish to make that difference that I don’t suppose internet hosting is the one factor is it has much more in my thoughts to do with what you’ll do with the issues that you’ve got. A excellent instance is that with out the use of a 3rd birthday party software that’s simply double posting issues, and I’m simply going to mention that is however any of the bizarre confusion occurring with centralized social media at the moment, which, I’m certain all of the listeners know, you’ll’t simply make an Instagram submit and feature that display up as a Twitter submit as neatly.

You’ll be able to’t submit a tale on Snapchat and feature that still be to be had for other people on Fb. However with regards to the IndieWeb, you’ll do such things as that. I will use my Mastodon account to hear song from a FunkWale example, which is a decentralized song platform. There’s such things as Peertube, so I will I take advantage of my account on my Mastodon example to touch upon other people’s YouTube channels, as an example, the use of Peertube, and I don’t wish to deal with a separate account someplace. 

At this time, numerous the other platforms are noticed as clones, I might say, like PixelFed is what numerous other people name an Instagram clone, which is a good evaluate, however I believe it’s much less, we’re simply looking to replica what this platform has performed, and extra of a those are the tactics other people have made up our minds to proportion themselves on-line the gear that we’ve got, picture, video, textual content, audio, and there simply occurs to be a centralized corporate that’s performed that first.

Document Pop: You discussed the theory of the way we might’ve performed that sooner than would’ve been like go posting or double posting I believe is a greater option to put it. The place if you need one thing to move out to all of the other puts, you actually submit it on Twitter and then you definately replica paste and also you submit it to Fb or no matter.

And I love the way you’re speaking about this sure function of the IndieWeb during the ActivityPub is the way you don’t must double posts. You’ll be able to simply make a selection the way you apply issues and make a selection the way you proportion issues. It’s good to proportion on Pixel Fed and any individual following on Mastodon may just have interaction with it.

And we’re going to deliver this again into WordPress as a result of ActivityPub has nice integrations with WordPress and there’s numerous crossover and numerous possible for a way we’ll be capable of proportion and remark. And do all varieties of robust issues from WordPress whilst nonetheless having one thing that feels just like the internet we all know nowadays.

Only a decentralized model of it, and we’re gonna get again to that once this brief destroy. So keep tuned for extra with our dialog with David Wolfpaw, proper after this.

Document Pop: Welcome again to Press This, a WordPress neighborhood podcast. I’m your host, Document Pop. As of late, I’m chatting with David Wolfpaw, a site mechanic for FixUpFox, and we’re speaking concerning the IndieWeb, and we’re gonna discuss how the IndieWeb can assist stay the internet bizarre and the way WordPress will also be a part of that. Proper sooner than the destroy, we mentioned plugins which are to be had and the possibility of WordPress to more or less crossover with issues out of doors of WordPress.

David, let’s get into that. What kind of gear are there to assist WordPress customers sign up for the IndieWeb?

David Wolfpaw: The very first thing that I might explain is I believe that in case you are internet hosting your individual WordPress website, you’re already de facto a part of the IndieWeb. You’re doing the entire issues that I might imagine core to the IndieWeb ethos. However you almost certainly wish to transcend that. You almost certainly wish to talk about ways in which you’ll have interaction in other places or that you’ll do extra with your individual website.

The primary plugin that I might recommend is the IndieWeb plugin itself, simply because it’s a very easy identify to keep in mind. And the IndieWeb plugin doesn’t do anything else by itself, such a lot as wrap in combination numerous capability of more than a few different plugins. I might evaluate it more or less to Jetpack in that approach, in that you simply’re putting in one software that is helping you arrange various other gear.

So probably the most issues that the IndieWeb plugin itself supplies is a option to do internet mentions. So while you use a Webmention, you’re notifying every other site that some job has taken position for your site. So an instance of the way I take advantage of the Webmention plugin on my non-public website is that I will write a submit on my website after which I will replica the hyperlink to that submit and I will write my very own submit on Mastodon, being like, howdy, blah blah blah, I wrote this newsletter, have a look. 

When any individual responds by means of Mastodon, that can display up on my non-public site. So now not does any individual have to move for your site and pass fill out the remark shape down there and watch for your approval there. Despite the fact that I’ll specify, you’ll nonetheless set feedback to require approval for your website. So it’s so much more uncomplicated option to get engagement and extra interplay for your content material, which I discovered that it ends up in extra engagement as it’s so much more uncomplicated so that you can see a hyperlink and make a remark about it the place you’ve noticed the hyperlink, versus having to apply it in other places. 

Every other software that I wish to spotlight inside of that plugin is the syndication hyperlinks. Take into consideration it more or less like canonical hyperlinks. Principally, in case you are go posting to different puts, you may have a option to point out the place it’s been go posted, the place other people can get different copies, and vice versa, if the ones websites fortify syndication hyperlinks again, you’ll be capable of, once more, get extra visitors for your personal website. So one instance that I take advantage of here’s Medium.

If someone frequently makes use of Medium to weblog, you do be able to submit for your personal site, submit the similar content material to Medium, after which use syndication hyperlinks to be sure that individuals are going again for your personal site.

Document Pop: I sought after to simply more or less point out, first off, for someone listening, the IndieWeb plugin that we’re speaking about, and most definitely the others that we’re speaking about, those are all to be had within the WordPress repository, wordpress.org, and the IndieWeb. I like that description of it as kind of just like the Jetpack for this, as a result of this can be a package deal of plugins, proper?

It’s like a set of plugins, or am I unsuitable on that?

David Wolfpaw: So mainly it allows you to use that so as to set up different plugins. And you’ll additionally deactivate them from there. So it’s now not pronouncing that Submit Sorts or IndieAuth or Micropub are constructed into this plugin such a lot because it’s a portal so that you can get them, extra readily. But it surely does have its personal settings and choices that will let you hook up with different plugins.

So what I imply to mention is in the event you, let’s say, have the syndication hyperlinks lively, you’ll make a selection which suppliers you may have arrange. You’ll be able to make a selection the way it’s going to seem for your site. and you’ll arrange explicit API keys to make use of it for different web sites, however you’ll, you’ll pass in there and say, I in particular wish to turn on GitHub in order that if any individual interacts with one thing by means of GitHub, it’ll come again to my website.

And for builders that may be very helpful relying on what sort of challenge they’re running on. I imply, there’s various various things. There’s additionally a device that’s closely built-in referred to as Bridgy, which is differently that it’s exterior of WordPress itself, however it may be built-in with this plugin to permit other people to do go posting between web sites that permit it.

Document Pop: That’s cool. You discussed considered one of my favourite use circumstances that I’ve skilled. We haven’t talked concerning the ActivityPub plugin but, however I’ve were given the ActivityPub plugin. And after I submit from my non-public weblog, it is going as much as its personal feed, kind of unbiased of my Mastodon feed. It is going up as a unique feed.

And if other people go away feedback on it in the event that they see it as a submit and so they’re like, oh, right here’s my remark, it displays up on my weblog submit. And so I am going to my weblog and there’s this herbal feeling. It’s a remark to the submit and it’s so cool as a author to simply make that ease the place, you understand, anyone may just submit on one position and it displays up on every other and it simply feels seamless and herbal.

It’s tremendous cool.

David Wolfpaw: Oh, completely. Should you have been tolook on the again finish of my website, and take a look at posts and take a look at the feedback on posts. I may just most definitely establish the day that I activated that plugin as a result of unexpectedly there’s so a lot more engagement and to be transparent that engagement is all the time there or possibly it’s there in case you are sharing issues in other places, however the issue is it’s all siloed somewhere else.

And I’m now not simply pronouncing this in phrases, like after I’m pronouncing engagement, I don’t simply imply adore it’s excellent for the search engine marketing and the entirety, even supposing I believe that it’s, I additionally suppose that it’s excellent as a way to up to we discuss decentralization within the IndieWeb, it’s excellent as a way to centralize the dialog a little in a spot that you’ve got extra keep watch over over. 

So once more, you each have that decentralized side of other people can reply on no matter platform they’re maximum relaxed on or anywhere they see it, however you may have that skill to mix the entirety in combination in a spot that it’s helpful to me as a way to see all of it there.

Document Pop: We’re working low on time, however I do wish to discuss two issues: rel= me and ActivityPub. First let’s get started off with, are you able to let us know the importance for WordPress customers of “REL=me” on Mastodon and websites like that?

David Wolfpaw: Sure, so rel=me this is an characteristic for hyperlink parts. Principally, you possibly can submit an HTML hyperlink part or an anchor part, both or, and you’ll use that to signify that you need to check. So I will pass to my Mastodon account. And installed my account, I’ve DavidWolfPaw.com. After which on my site, on my non-public website, I will put a hyperlink to my Mastodon account.

With the ability to put the ones hyperlinks on each instructions the use of that rel=me characteristic. is a superb sufficient indicator that I’m an proprietor of that. So it’s some way to ensure your self on the ones platforms. When numerous other people moved over from Twitter, they sought after to grasp, like, you understand, how do you check? How are other people having checkmarks of their bio once they’re now not verified?

The solution is it doesn’t actually paintings the similar, however you’ll check in a extra I’m proving that I’m who I say I’m more or less approach. And you’ll do the similar with different platforms which are in-built, akin to GitHub has it in-built, and I imagine Tumblr does as neatly, there’s a couple of others.

Document Pop: Yeah. Everyone must have it in-built. It’s inexcusable that they don’t.

David Wolfpaw: Neatly they wish to stay their walled gardens, however sure, I agree. Everybody must have it. 

After which the opposite factor is the ActivityPub extension. Should you take a look at my Be informed WordPress Webinar regarding the IndieWeb. I didn’t actually deal with that plugin somewhat as a lot as a result of whilst it existed on the time, although that used to be just a few months in the past, it used to be now not just about as totally fledged as it’s now.

And I believe that speaks volumes to, one, how a lot more paintings a developer can do when they have got the fortify of a giant corporate like Automattic, and two, how a lot more center of attention there may be in this. I’ve been on Mastodon for, you understand, nearly seven years now, however most effective prior to now 12 months or so for more than a few causes has it actually taken off.

Document Pop: I believe that’s a great place for us to take every other ultimate destroy. And after we come again, we’ll wrap up our dialog with David Wolfpaw about how we will be able to return to the internet’s bizarre roots. So keep tuned for extra after this brief destroy.

Document Pop: Welcome again to Press This, a WordPress neighborhood podcast. I’m your host, Document Pop, and we have now talked concerning the IndieWeb, its philosophy, how you’ll observe it nearly for your WordPress utilization, and in addition how you employ different social media websites and combine all of it in combination. 

And in this last thing firstly of the display, I mentioned the way it feels just like the internet is consolidating into fewer and less silos. And I more or less hope to peer the ones shaken up, however that can or would possibly not occur. And it kind of feels so other than the early days of the internet, which wasn’t as regards to bizarre. I imply, it used to be without a doubt bizarre, nevertheless it wasn’t simply bizarre. It used to be experimental. It used to be a laugh. It used to be inventive. It used to be so expressive. 

And I think like we’ve indisputably misplaced one thing there. And so, David, simply more or less on the finish, I sought after to listen to your ideas about how the IndieWeb can assist stay the internet bizarre and why that’s necessary.

David Wolfpaw: Yeah. I’ll simply say for myself for my part, I’m a bingo card of intersectional other marginalized teams. I’m a queer one that is Hispanic and I’m neurodivergent and et cetera, et cetera. I will pass on and on about all of the various things that the centralized internet does now not deal with too kindly, is some of the well mannered approach I will put it. So there are numerous puts the place I’ve now not felt very welcome on-line, however numerous the IndieWeb areas that I’ve discovered have actually been a a lot better, more healthy, more potent neighborhood than I ever had on every other platform.

So I believe that’s actually necessary as it permits individuals who would possibly now not another way be heard or who may well be silenced on a platform as a result of they could make a perilous advice like we shouldn’t be killing trans other people, and make allowance them to mention that with out being banned. I additionally suppose it’s simply higher if you have a little extra keep watch over over the belongings you’re posting and the belongings you proportion on-line. 

You don’t know what’s going to occur to those platforms through the years. I believe even a 12 months in the past, August 2022, in the event you requested other people what Twitter can be like nowadays, they most definitely wouldn’t be picturing the truth of Twitter in August 2023. As it hasn’t even been a 12 months since that sale used to be made ultimate.

But it surely’s utterly other. I’m utterly off that platform after over a decade of the use of it. And I nonetheless stay going with the self hosted Mastodon, and because I’ve, I simply in finding it’s a greater neighborhood. 

I’m attempting to consider an effective way to place this. I believe that crucial a part of maintaining the internet bizarre is that it makes it antithetical to promoting. So, whilst I don’t imagine promoting itself a nasty factor, clearly all of us are doing it for our companies, for our personal websites the folks paying attention to this most definitely do so much as neatly. I believe you’ll remember the fact that the advert trade on the internet at the moment is damaged, and it’s been referred to as the unique sin of the internet.

I don’t disagree with that, and I believe that having extra non-public keep watch over implies that you don’t must depend on that somewhat as a lot to proportion what you need to proportion. I’m now not enthusiastic about the economics of posting tutorials to my site to proportion with others. I’m now not considering of what number of impressions I’m going to get on a photograph that I take. As a result of that’s going to result in a logo deal or one thing. 

It will possibly sound a little counter to how numerous other people view being on-line. But additionally, all people are simply looking to reside our personal lives on-line by hook or by crook. And it’s simply much more stress-free when we have now a little extra keep watch over and after we don’t really feel that we’re beholden to what anyone else thinks is logo secure or suitable.

Document Pop: I’ve to mention, I’ve benefited very much during the paintings that individuals have performed to make those IndieWeb gear and to make the internet extra open, and I simply suppose it’s such a lot higher. Issues aren’t essentially unfastened ’reason they’re now not paid for through your consideration and promoting and stuff like that.

There’s somewhat bit extra of a studying curve, usability, on occasion it could really feel other than those different issues. However those are gear which have been made that I have the benefit of. I’m so happy for the paintings that’s been performed, and I completely recognize that those gear are created through marginalized individuals who didn’t really feel secure on different areas and so they constructed the entire groundwork that now I simply get to return in and, you understand, see this gorgeous like Pixel Fed and Mastodon and all varieties of issues which have been constructed through individuals who had to create an area for their very own, nevertheless it’s so inclusive and this kind of nice options to them as a result of no matter causes that that they had of their philosophies.

That I simply suppose the internet is such a lot higher if we will be able to more or less bump off the company internet. And as WordPress customers, we’re already midway there. So David, I actually recognize your time nowadays. Thanks such a lot for becoming a member of us and for telling us concerning the IndieWeb and the other gear which are to be had.

If other people wish to apply you on-line, the place do you suggest sending them?

David Wolfpaw: Yeah. You’ll be able to in finding my non-public site at davidwolfpaw.com. After which you’ll additionally in finding me on Mastodon

Document Pop: Superior. Neatly, thanks such a lot for becoming a member of us nowadays, and due to everybody who’s listened to this episode of Press This, a WordPress Neighborhood Podcast on WMR. We have now plenty of nice episodes within the can as neatly. We’re a weekly podcast. Take a look at remaining week’s episode with Rogier Lankhorst from Actually Easy Plugins about SSL and Actually Easy SSL.

Document Pop: Thank you for paying attention to Press This, a WordPress neighborhood podcast on WMR. As soon as once more, my identify’s Document and you’ll apply my adventures with Torque mag over on Twitter @thetorquemag or you’ll pass to torquemag.io the place we give a contribution tutorials and movies and interviews like this on a daily basis. So test out torquemag.io or apply us on Twitter. You’ll be able to subscribe to Press This on Purple Circle, iTunes, Spotify, or you’ll obtain it immediately at wmr.fm every week. I’m your host Physician Well-liked I fortify the WordPress neighborhood via my function at WP Engine. And I like to focus on participants of the neighborhood every week on Press This.

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