It’s no secret that web page design traits (and easiest practices) have modified dramatically because the web’s debut. Reflecting on nostalgic internet sites and evaluating them to their present-day opposite numbers is a wonderful strategy to perceive why updating your web site is so vital

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With the assistance of the Wayback Gadget, we will see what our favourite internet sites seemed like in years previous.  Whether or not you’re making plans a web page redesign and may use some inspiration, otherwise you’d experience reflecting on nostalgic internet sites, we’ve rounded up 32 websites to peruse.

1) Google

Nostalgic websites: Image shows Google homepage from 1998 side by side with 2022 Google homepage.

Whilst Google necessarily maintains its branding with its colourful brand and whitespace at the homepage, there are different facets of the web site that glance totally other nowadays. Within the Nineteen Nineties, Google had distinctive choices beneath the hunt bar. Lately, the corporate leans into making a personalised homepage for customers through bookmarking their steadily visited internet sites.

2) Apple

Nostalgic websites: Apple. Image shows 2001 Apple homepage and 2022 homepage.

Apple at all times takes a product-centric solution to its homepage. Even in 2001, you’ll understand that the corporate’s pieces had been the web page’s number one center of attention. In 2022, Apple chooses to stay branding minimum but unique. It options only one product to make the middle center of attention of the homepage. The present homepage may be a testomony to compelling reproduction; in simply 3 adjectives, Apple paints an entire image of why you must get an iPad.

3) Microsoft

Nostalgic websites: Microsoft's homepage in the 2000s and 2022 are compared.

In 2000, Microsoft’s web page was once clunky and over-complicated. The abundance of phrases at the web page and loss of whitespace made for an amazing consumer enjoy. Lately, Microsoft’s web site takes a cue from Apple and facilities on its merchandise. The web site, in consequence, is much less dizzying and extra digestible for guests.

4) Mashable

Nostalgic websites: Mashable in 2005 compared to Mashable homepage in 2022.

As soon as upon a time, Mashable had a gradient background — to not point out a major loss of imagery. Now, the web site balances visuals with textual content. The corporate branding additionally now not takes middle level and makes a speciality of featured tales.

5) HubSpot

Nostalgic websites: HubSpot in 2006 is shown next to HubSpot's homepage in 2022.

In 2006, the tech and advertising and marketing international was once targeted closely on surviving and succeeding in a internet 2.0 international. Small companies had been shooting up international, and HubSpot’s web page was once interested by appearing how the product may upload price for those firms. Lately, HubSpot nonetheless caters to small companies but additionally medium and undertaking firms. Now, our web page focuses extra at the product and contours much more colour than it to start with did.

6) BuzzFeed

Nostalgic websites: Buzzfeed's homepage in 2006 is compared to 2022's. Both feature text, but 2006 features significantly more.

BuzzFeed was once created to assist customers to find their favourite issues, together with motion pictures, song, style, concepts, and generation. The web site nonetheless achieves this with a extra visible and interactive way. Lately, the web page balances photographs and textual content extra seamlessly, however the web site’s total really feel remains to be intact.

7) The White Space

Nostalgic websites: The White House homepage in 2000 compared to 2022. In 2000 you see a picture of the whitehouse itself and in 2022 you see President Biden getting his coronavirus vaccine.

In 2000, Invoice Clinton was once the President of the US, Al Gore was once Vice President, and the White Space’s web page had an overly other feel and appear. Then, the web page featured a Declaration of Independence-esque script font and didn’t emphasize imagery — or storytelling, taking into account the textual content simply welcomed guests to the web page. Whilst you talk over with the web site nowadays, you’ll understand a big picture and duplicate that specializes in present projects. We additionally love how the refreshed web site makes a speciality of accessibility with choices to modify the textual content distinction and dimension. 

8) TED

Nostalgic websites: TED. Left features early 2000s website homepage and right side features 2022. There are more images in 2003 than there are on the 2022 homepage.

Regardless that TED’s 2003 web page nonetheless appears out of date through nowadays’s requirements, it was once forward of its time, with many of the homepage that includes visible content material. In 2022, their web site nonetheless options quite a lot of photographs but additionally balances reproduction — and there is just one primary picture above the fold. The web site’s total really feel nowadays is much less cramped and overwhelming than it was once in years previous.

9) Skype

Nostalgic websites: Skype. Left shows the old website homepage and the right side shows the present.

Within the early 2000s, Skype’s homepage featured a number of colours and lacked hierarchy. (And who knew the video name platform as soon as had a crimson brand?) Lately, Microsoft owns Skype, and the latter takes a cue from the bigger group’s feel and appear. The web site options whitespace, superb visible hierarchy, and provides a compelling picture of the product in motion.

10) AOL

Nostalgic websites: AOL. Left side shows AOL in 2000, right side shows AOL in 2022.

In 2000, AOL’s web site had quite a few colours that weren’t cohesive, in the long run making the web site seem messy. Lately, the web site options sufficient whitespace to steadiness the quantity of reproduction and imagery it has. We’re additionally keen on the web site’s new font, because it’s visually interesting and clean to learn.

11) Ask

Nostalgic websites: ASK. On the left it shows the site before the rebrand and on the right you'll see the site after.

Ask Jeeves rebranded as Ask. In 2000, the web site lacked whitespace and featured a personality — a part of the web site’s distinctive branding. Since losing the second one part of the identify, there’s now not a personality at the web site’s homepage. Lately, the web site appears a lot more like a information or e-newsletter web site than a platform to invite questions and get fast solutions.

12) Blockbuster

Nostalgic websites: Blockbuster. Left: shows the website in the 1990s during the company's prime. The right shows the website now, in 2022.

Consider the nice outdated days of going to Blockbuster to pick your film and clutch a couple of snacks? We certain do. What Blockbuster’s 1996 web site lacked in hierarchy, it made up for in persona. Lately, Blockbuster’s web site is out of fee — and includes a cheeky observe that the corporate is operating on rewinding your film.

13) Coca-Cola

Nostalgic websites: Coca Cola. Left features their site from 2000 which is remarkably ahead of its time. The right features the site from 2022.

We’ll give it to Coca-Cola: Their branding is undying. Coca-Cola’s web page from 2000 does not glance too shabby in comparison to most of the out of date internet sites in this listing.  The logo understood the significance of visible content material and straightforwardness in 2000, and so they nonetheless do nowadays. In 2022, their web site focuses extra on imagery and contours much less crimson than prior to now, nevertheless it nonetheless feels cohesive with the remainder of their branding.

14) Pepsi

Nostalgic website: Pepsi. Website on the left is from the 2000s, the website on the right is the homepage from 2022.

Pepsi’s web site in 2000 was once cluttered, lacked visible hierarchy, and had an excessive amount of occurring. Lately, we’re large enthusiasts of Pepsi’s nostalgic homepage. It includes a font that’s clean to learn, plus the web site doesn’t really feel too cluttered. The corporate has additionally since moved its menu to the highest of the web page and reduce on what number of tabs there are which is far better from a consumer enjoy point of view. 

15) Macy’s

Nostalgic websites: Macy's. Left side shows Macy's from 2000 and the right side shows Macy's in 2022.

Whilst Macy’s 2000 web page doesn’t agree to nowadays’s requirements, we admire how cohesive the colours are. Apparently, merchandise aren’t at the vanguard of Macy’s nostalgic web site. Lately, alternatively, the Macy’s web page tells a particularly other tale. The web page has a well arranged menu and superb visible hierarchy.

16) Amazon

Nostalgic websites: Amazon. Image to the left shows the site in 1999 and image to the right shows Amazon in 2022.

In 1999, Amazon’s web page was once extremely text-heavy, making it dizzying to have a look at. The vertical menu was once additionally cluttered and hard to digest. Lately, Amazon’s menu seems at the most sensible of the web page, and the web site turns out considerably much less overwhelming although it nonetheless advertises quite a lot of merchandise. 

17) Yahoo

Nostalgic websites: Yahoo. On the left is the homepage in the 1990s, on the right is the homepage now.
In 1999, Yahoo’s web page targeted basically on textual content and featured no imagery. Lately, an overly other tale is advised whilst you talk over with the platform’s web site. As a result of Yahoo is a information web site, there are photographs to accompany each and every tale, plus a abstract of what you’ll be expecting whilst you learn the piece. We’re additionally partial to the trending column at the proper facet of the web site, because it makes it clean for customers to grasp what’s within the information at a look.

18) Tumblr

Nostalgic websites: Tumblr. Site on the left is from 2007 when the platform was in its infancy, the right shows the homepage now.

In its infancy, Tumblr referred to blogs as Tumblelogs and had a text-centric web page. Lately, in case you talk over with Tumblr whilst now not logged in, you’ll see a ridicule dashboard that presentations guests what theirs may appear to be if they invent an account. Lately’s Tumblr web site may be considerably extra image-focused.

19) PinterestNostalgic websites: Pinterest. Left side shows Pinterest in 2010 when it debuted, the right side shows Pinterest in 2022.

Consider when Pinterest was once invite-only? As you’ll see from the screengrab of the 2010 Pinterest web site, the platform had an absolutely other brand and a much less graceful look. In case you talk over with Pinterest nowadays, you’ll create an account in an instant — no request vital. As well as, the platform includes a reside picture that adjustments but a lot temporarily. The reproduction is inconspicuous but compelling.

20) Reddit


In 2005, Reddit was once all about textual content. Reddit remains to be extra text-focused than most current websites. Then again, it does function a steadiness of pictures. We love how the font Reddit makes use of nowadays remains to be semi-nostalgic however is more straightforward to learn than it’s been prior to now. The web site may be extra visually compelling as apparently extra like a information web site.

21) Barnes & Noble

Nostalgic websites: Barnes and Noble. Left features B&N's older website, the right side features Barnes and Noble's site today.

You’re almost definitely beginning to understand a theme at this level: The internet sites of years previous had been text-focused. Barnes & Noble isn’t any exception. In 2000, the bookseller had a dense, visually unappealing vertical menu. The pictures took a very long time to load — in the event that they did. There’s additionally a loss of visible hierarchy, so it’s tricky for guests to come to a decision the place to appear. Lately, the corporate’s web site is considerably extra digestible. It balances whitespace with imagery and textual content, and the designers wiped clean the menu up.

22) Dunkin’

Nostalgic websites: Dunkin. The left features an early 2000s version of the website's homepage, and 2022 shows the present version in 2022.

We’ll hand it to Dunkin’: They’ve stayed true to their signature colour scheme for many years. This screengrab from their web site within the 2000s is considered one of our favorites in this listing. It’s shockingly minimalistic and contours a picture that wasn’t same old for the time. Lately, Dunkin’ has quite a few whitespace, options cohesive branding, and balances graphics with the reproduction. The web page additionally has an easy-to-follow menu and comprises the corporate’s hanging purple and orange colours. 

23) Starbucks

Nostalgic websites: Starbucks in 2000 versus Starbucks in 2022. In the 2000 version, the images do not load.

In 2000, Starbucks were given a couple of issues proper: Their menu is easy, and so they featured photographs on their web site, although they didn’t load. (Psst: Those plugins can assist be certain that your content material a lot temporarily in case you have a “heavy” web page so your web page avoids a an identical destiny.) You’ll additionally understand their constant brand. In 2022, Starbucks without difficulty provides a pop of colour on its web site with out overwhelming guests. The web site options Starbucks’ signature font and comprises a picture selling a contemporary collaboration with any other corporate. The picture itself additionally feels on-brand. We additionally wish to name out Starbucks’ sparse but efficient navigation on the most sensible of the web page.

24) Walmart

Nostalgic websites: Walmart. The past version of the Walmart website is shown next to its 2022 counterpart.

For its time, Walmart’s web site in 2002 was once slightly a success. It featured photographs and textual content which nonetheless dominate the web page nowadays. As well as, it had a greater visible hierarchy than one of the vital different examples we’ve investigated. Very similar to Dunkin’, something that Walmart does extremely neatly is translating its well-known colour scheme to its web site. In 2022, Walmart’s web page has quite a few imagery and concise reproduction that complements the graphics.

25) Goal

Nostalgic websites: Target. On the left you see Target's site in 2004 and 2022 on the right.

There also are quite a few issues Goal were given proper in 2004. For one, the emblem used its well known colour scheme. The web site options photographs, too, and its branding remains to be in large part the similar. In 2022, Goal’s web site places a miles better emphasis on visuals than it does on textual content. The branding is minimum but efficient, and the web site includes a easy menu that expands when guests click on on it. 

26) The New York Occasions 

Nostalgic websites: NYTimes. On the left, the NYTimes from 2000 and on the right, its 2022 counterpart. Both resemble a physical newspaper.

We’re inspired: Whilst New York Occasions has remodeled its web page since 2000, the web page is remarkably an identical. Even in 2000, understanding the place to direct consideration was once clean. The New York Occasions ratings primary issues as a result of its 2022 web page resembles a newspaper. It options visible hierarchy, balances photographs with reproduction neatly, and we adore how the font is unique but clean to learn. 

27) Lay’s

Nostalgic websites: Lay's. Left features an image of the 2008 site and the right features an image of the 2022 site. The left has green background and poor text contrast the right features Lay's well-known yellow color.

In 2008, Lay’s web page was once inexperienced and featured very deficient textual content colour distinction. This makes it tricky for other folks to learn the reproduction. Thankfully, Lay’s has since remodeled its web site. Lately, it is nonetheless colourful however options higher distinction. You can additionally understand the web site has quite a few Lay’s illustrious yellow. The 2022 web site turns out way more on-brand than it has prior to now. 

28) McDonald’s

Nostalgic websites: McDonald's. The left image is from 2001 and features a red background and yellow text. The right image is McDonald's present homepage.

In 2001, McDonald’s web page featured a crimson background and yellow textual content, which wasn’t precisely optimum for readers. Now, McDonald’s web site is minimalist. It options few colours except the emblem’s distinct yellow and provides quite a few choices for guests to choose from at the menu segment. Then again, the menu is not overwhelming as a result of the remainder of the web page is so easy. The logo additionally faucets its signature font for the 2022 web page. 

29) Sephora

Nostalgic Websites: Sephora. The image on the left is Sephora's website in the early 2000s and the right is from 2022.

Sephora’s web page within the early 2000s featured a steadiness of pictures and textual content. For its time, it was once an instance of a compelling web page design. Lately, the web site adheres to fashionable internet design traits. It has huge photographs which might be visually interesting and comprises  easy reproduction. 

30) Netflix

Nostalgic websites: Netflix. On the left is the 2005 homepage and on the right is the 2022 homepage.

In 2005, Netflix featured an image-focused homepage, which is slightly other from nowadays. In 2022, reproduction is the celebrity of the display on Netflix’s homepage. The corporate additionally cleverly puts a name to motion on the middle, so that you’ll supply your e mail deal with and get began. In each 2004 and 2022, the primary center of attention of the homepage was once a choice to motion, which is noteworthy. We love the picture within the background, which the textual content overlays because it options presentations and films you’ll experience with a Netflix subscription.

31) eBay

Nostalgic websites: eBay. On the left is eBay's homepage in 2004 and on the right is eBay's homepage in 2022.

Within the early 2000s, there was once a loss of hierarchy on eBay’s web site, which made it difficult for guests to grasp the place to start. This may be destructive from a consumer enjoy point of view. That has since modified, alternatively. In 2022, eBay has a carousel above the fold on its web site. It options a couple of merchandise and promotions the corporate is lately providing. The web site additionally options extra whitespace than prior to now, and the menu is paired again through comparability.

32) Burger King

Nostalgic websites: Burger King. The left side of the image shows the nostalgic homepage from 2006 and the right side of the image shows the 2022 update.

In 2006, Burger King did function a number one picture on their web site. The menu was once additionally on the most sensible of the web site, however the font was once tricky to learn. In 2022, Lately, Burger King includes a impartial background and helps to keep the point of interest on its imagery. Replica is sparse but efficient. As well as, the corporate makes use of a font that gives a pop of persona but is readable.

Take Web page Redesign Inspiration from Those Nostalgic Web pages

In case you’re in quest of inspiration to your web site redesign, have a look at those nostalgic internet sites to get an concept of the way you’ll remodel your touchdown web page. Those nostalgic internet sites end up that through the use of your distinctive branding, balancing photographs and textual content, and together with a transparent visible hierarchy, your web site will glance nice for years yet to come.

Editor’s observe: This publish was once firstly revealed in April 2014 and has been up to date for comprehensiveness. 

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