Divi’s sidebar module is an especially great tool for integrating customized widget spaces into your design. This lets you show any WordPress widget inside of a Divi structure. On this educational, I’m going to turn you how one can create a scrollable fresh posts widget house in Divi. I’ll be designing a “From our Weblog” phase with the hot posts widget house to the suitable facet of a weblog module. This can be absolute best for showcasing a couple of of your most up-to-date weblog posts on a homepage or touchdown web page.

Let’s get began!

Sneak Peek

Here’s a little sneak peek of the design we will be able to construct on this educational.

scrollable recent posts

scrollable recent posts

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Let’s get to the academic lets?

Growing the Contemporary Posts Widget House

Since we’re going to be including a up to date posts widget to our Divi structure, the very first thing we want to do is create a brand new widget house (with the hot posts widget) to make use of with Divi’s Sidebar module.

To create the hot posts widget house, navigate to Look > Widgets. Then create a brand new widget house by way of giving the widget house a reputation (name it “fresh posts” if you need) and clicking the Create button. Refresh the web page to look the brand new widget house to be had.

scrollable recent posts

Open the toggle of the Contemporary Posts Widget that incorporates WordPress over at the left of the web page. Then make a selection the “fresh posts” widget house from the checklist and click on Upload Widget so as to add the widget to the widget house.

scrollable recent posts

Then open the hot posts widget house and replace the Contemporary Posts widget with a Identify. Set the collection of posts to turn to a big quantity in order that we will be able to have sufficient posts to scroll via when our design is whole.

scrollable recent posts

Now that we have got our widget house in position, we will get started on our Divi design.

Growing the “From Our Weblog” Phase with Scrollable Contemporary Posts Widget House

Designing the Heading Phase

Create a brand new common phase with a one column row.

scrollable recent posts

Prior to including a module, replace the phase with the next:

Background Colour: #333333
Customized Padding: 0px backside

scrollable recent posts

Then take out the ground padding of the row as smartly by way of updating the row settings:

Customized Padding: 0px backside

Then upload a textual content module to the row.

scrollable recent posts

Then replace the next Textual content settings:

For the content material, upload the next h2 heading html:

From our Weblog

scrollable recent posts

Then replace the next textual content settings:

Heading 2 Font: Roboto
Heading 2 Font Taste: TT
Heading 2 Textual content Colour: #ffffff
Heading 2 Textual content Dimension: 40px
Heading 2 Letter Spacing: 2px

scrollable recent posts

That looks after the heading for our structure. Now it’s time to create the remainder of the structure the use of a uniqueness phase.

Growing the Uniqueness Phase

The usage of a separate uniqueness phase for the remainder of the structure will let us have a devoted sidebar to the suitable for our scrollable widget house. Plus, it’s going to let us measurement and elegance our rows at the left facet of the phase one at a time from the sidebar house.

Cross forward and upload a uniqueness phase with a right-sidebar column structure as follows:

scrollable recent posts

Then upload a one column row to the phase.

scrollable recent posts

Prior to including a module, let’s replace our phase and row settings.

Customizing the Phase settings

Open the settings for the uniqueness phase and replace the next:

Background Colour: #333333
Gutter Width: 2
Customized Padding: 0px height
Column 2 Customized Padding: 0px height, 0px backside

scrollable recent posts

Customise the Row Settings

Subsequent open the row settings and replace the next:

Top: 640px
Best Border Width: 8px
Best Border Colour: #444444
Backside Border Width: 8px
Backside Border Colour: #444444

scrollable recent posts

The customized 640px top is given to check the peak of the scrollable fresh posts widget house we will be able to be including to the sidebar of our uniqueness phase. this will likely make certain the 2 can have the similar top for a extra aesthetically enjoyable design.

Including the Weblog Module

Within the one-column row at the left, upload a weblog module.

scrollable recent posts

Then replace the weblog module settings as follows:

Posts Quantity: 2

scrollable recent posts

Format: Grid
Identify Font: Roboto
Meta Font: Roboto
Meta Font Weight: Mild
Meta Font Taste: TT
Pagination Font: Roboto
Pagination Font Taste: TT
Pagination Textual content Colour: #ffffff
Pagination Textual content Dimension: 18px
Pagination Letter Spacing: 2px

scrollable recent posts

Including the Scrollable Contemporary Posts Widget House

After all, it’s time so as to add the scrollable fresh posts to our structure. To do that, upload a sidebar module to the sidebar house of the uniqueness phase at the correct.

scrollable recent posts

Then make a choice the “fresh posts” widget house you created previous by way of settling on it from the Widget House dropdown beneath the content material tab.

scrollable recent posts

Then replace the Identify and Frame textual content design as follows:

Identify Font: Roboto
Identify Font Taste: TT
Identify Textual content Colour: #ffffff
Identify Letter Spacing: 2px
Frame Font: Roboto
Frame Font Taste: Underline

scrollable recent posts

Subsequent, conceal the border separator as follows:

Display Border Separator: NO

scrollable recent posts

Then give the sidebar module a max top and customized padding as follows:

Max Top: 640px
Customized Padding: 30px height, 30px backside, 5% correct

The 640px max top fits the 640px customized top given to the adjoining row.

scrollable recent posts

Now that we have got given the sidebar module a max top of 640px, we want to set the vertical overflow to scroll to be able to get our scrollable capability. To do that, cross to the Complicated tab and replace the next:

Vertical Overflow: Scroll

scrollable recent posts

Ultimate Consequence

That’s it! Now let’s take a look at the overall outcome.

scrollable recent posts

scrollable recent posts

scrollable recent posts

scrollable recent posts

Bonus Choice: Including Customized CSS to Design Scrollbar (now not supported by way of all browsers)

Styling a scroll bar in WordPress is more or less a ache if you need move browser enhance. So normally, it would be best to depart it to the browser’s default kinds and contact it an afternoon. However in the event you do wish to customise the scroll bar to check the design of your web page, you’ll upload some customized CSS. Sadly, the browser support is proscribed to browsers that enhance ::webkit prefixed CSS houses (principally simply Safari and Chrome). Right here’s how one can do it.

Open the settings of the uniqueness phase and upload the next CSS Magnificence:

CSS Magnificence: cust-scroll

scrollable recent posts

Then open the web page settings modal and upload the next customized CSS to the web page.

/* width */
.cust-scroll ::-webkit-scrollbar {
  width: 8px;

/* Monitor */
.cust-scroll ::-webkit-scrollbar-track {
  background: #444444; 
/* Maintain */
.cust-scroll ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
  background: #888888; 

/* Maintain on hover */
.cust-scroll ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:hover {
  background: #ffffff;

This adjustments the width of the scroll bar to 8px and adjusts the colours for the song and take care of. Be at liberty to experiment with extra designs and colours by yourself.

scrollable recent posts

And when you have been questioning, the fallback for different browsers would be the browsers default taste for scroll bars.

Ultimate Ideas

Including vertical scroll to content material does turn out to be useful each time you’re in need of to provide customers the technique to view extra content material in a confined area. A scrollable fresh posts widget house is a brilliant instance of ways vertical scroll can paintings truly smartly. After all, you’ll exchange the sidebar module used on this educational with a textual content module and upload vertical scroll to any content material you need. The similar customization will follow to any module.

With regard to styling the scroll bar, I’m certain there are different plugins or Javascript answers that may give a extra move browser resolution. If you already know of any excellent ones, please be happy to percentage them with us.

I stay up for listening to from you within the feedback beneath.


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