Did you attempt to talk over with your website online in Firefox best to be met via a message telling you that “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly”?

This mistake message is exclusive to the Mozilla Firefox web browser and signifies some drawback with a redirect to your website. It might be because of a number of issues, or only one. We’ll assist you to determine it out underneath.

On this submit, you’ll find out how you’ll be able to repair the “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” error message for WordPress websites, Nginx servers, and PHP apps. The similar steps too can cope with eventualities the place it’s possible you’ll see this message in Google Power or on different web sites that you just’re visiting.

Let’s pass!

What Does “The Web page Isn’t Redirecting Correctly” Imply?

The “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” error presentations when Firefox will get caught in an unlimited redirection loop.

An example of the

An instance of the “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” error in Firefox.

For instance, “Web page 1” would possibly redirect you to “Web page 2”, which would possibly redirect you again to “Web page 1,”… which might then redirect you directly again to “Web page 2,” and so forth in an unlimited loop.

As a substitute of having caught on this redirect loop ceaselessly, Firefox will surrender and inform you that “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly.”

This factor can seem on just about any website. Chances are you’ll see it on Google Power or YouTube in some eventualities. Or, should you’re a WordPress webmaster, it’s possible you’ll see it whilst you attempt to get admission to your WordPress website online.

When you additionally use the Chrome internet browser, it’s possible you’ll’ve skilled this similar factor, however with a distinct identify: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. We’ve got a complete submit on how to fix the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error, and the entire pointers in that submit can even follow to Firefox’s “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” error as it’s the similar basic drawback.

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Why the “The Web page Isn’t Redirecting Correctly” Message Happens

The basis reason for this error message is all the time some redirect misconfiguration at the website the place you’re having issues.

Alternatively, there will also be many alternative reasons of that misconfiguration, making it slightly tough to chase down the issue.

Over the remainder of this submit, we’ll proportion some pointers and ways you’ll be able to use to diagnose and attach what’s inflicting the mistake.

Take a look at Those Fixes First

In a second, we’re going to proportion particular troubleshooting steps for solving this mistake message on WordPress websites, Nginx, and PHP.

Alternatively, prior to you progress to these steps, or should you’re having problems with a website online that you just don’t keep an eye on (reminiscent of Google Power or YouTube), we propose acting those two fundamental troubleshooting steps first.

Appearing those two steps will robotically repair numerous those redirect issues. If those strategies don’t repair the issue, you’ll be able to proceed to the extra particular fixes. But when the following pointers do get issues operating once more, you’ll have stored your self numerous time and frustration.

1. Transparent Your Browser Cache

The primary motion you must take when encountering just about any error is to clear your Firefox browser cache.

Firefox (and all different browsers) will retailer a website online’s static recordsdata to your native laptop in a cache to toughen efficiency. That means, Firefox can load those sources directly out of your laptop as an alternative of re-downloading them on each new web page load.

Alternatively, if those recordsdata are old-fashioned for some explanation why, that may cause many alternative mistakes, together with the “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” error. By way of clearing your cache, you’ll drive Firefox to re-download new variations of the recordsdata, which is able to steadily repair the issue.

First, input the next textual content to your browser’s navigation bar to open the privateness settings:

about:personal tastes#privateness

Or, you’ll be able to manually open this space via following those directions:

  1. Click on the hamburger icon within the top-right nook.
  2. Make a selection Choices from the dropdown to open the settings space.
  3. Cross to the Privateness & Safety tab.

Within the Privateness & Safety space, in finding the Cookies and Website Information phase and click on the Transparent Information button:

Accessing the Firefox browser cache data and clicking the "Clear Data" button.

Get admission to the Firefox browser cache knowledge and click on the “Transparent Information” button.

Within the popup that looks, make a choice the Cached Internet Content material possibility after which click on Transparent:

Clearing the Firefox browser cache.

Clearing the Firefox browser cache.

Now, reload the web page you’re having problems with and notice if it’s operating. If it’s no longer, proceed to the next move.

2. Transparent Cookies for the Website With Issues

Any other not unusual reason for the “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” message is a matter with the site’s cookies.

Like with browser cache, the answer is to transparent your browser cookies for the website in query.

To keep away from logging your self out of each website you talk over with, you’ll best need to transparent cookies for the precise area the place you’re experiencing problems. There’s no drawback with doing away with your whole cookies — it’s only a ache to need to log in to each website once more, which is why it’s almost certainly higher to head with the centered method.

To accomplish this centered deletion, return to the Cookies and Website Information settings (identical to you probably did for the browser cache), best this time, click on the Set up Information button:

Searching cookies for individual sites through the "Manage Data" button.

Looking cookies for particular person websites during the “Set up Information” button.

Within the popup:

  1. Seek for the domain name of the website that you just’re having problems with.
  2. Make a selection it from the listing.
  3. Click on Take away Decided on.
How to clear the cookies of a single site with the "Remove Selected" button.

Clearing the cookies of a unmarried website with the “Take away Decided on” button.

Within the affirmation advised that looks, click on Take away once more:

How to confirm that you want to clear cookies for the selected site.

Verify that you wish to have to transparent cookies for the chosen website.

Then, reload the web page and notice if it’s operating once more. Word that if the website calls for a username/password, you’ll wish to log in once more.

If neither of the following pointers mounted the issue, you must proceed studying for some extra centered answers.

How To Repair “The Web page Isn’t Redirecting Correctly” in WordPress

When you see the “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” message to your WordPress website, and the 2 troubleshooting steps above didn’t repair the issue, it’s possible you’ll wish to dig into some WordPress-specific fixes.

As we discussed above, the mistake effects from some redirect factor to your website. On WordPress, this redirect drawback may just come from any of those:

That will help you decide the place you must get started troubleshooting, you’ll be able to use a redirect checker software like httpstatus.io to research what’s going down to your redirect loop. Simply input the URL of the website you’re having problems with, and the software will spoil down the redirect chain via each and every step.

For instance, should you see that your website is redirecting from side to side between the HTTP and HTTPS variations of the website, that’s a horny just right signal that the issue has one thing to do with HTTPS or SSL utilization to your website, so that you must get started your troubleshooting there.

When you don’t see any trend, you’ll be able to transfer during the underneath troubleshooting steps so as.

Take a look at Your HTTPS Settings

Your website’s HTTPS settings could be a not unusual supply of redirect misconfigurations. There are a couple of doable problems right here:

Signal Up For the Publication

  • Forcing HTTPS with out putting in an SSL certificates: When you attempt to drive HTTPS utilization with out putting in an SSL certificates, it is going to cause this mistake. When you’re website hosting at Kinsta, we’ve written a information on using SSL certificates. In a different way, seek the advice of your host’s toughen for lend a hand.
  • The usage of an SSL plugin: On every occasion conceivable, we propose updating your hard-coded hyperlinks to make use of HTTPS as an alternative of the usage of an SSL plugin like Really Simple SSL. You’ll be able to do that via running a search and replace to your website’s database. When you’re a Kinsta shopper, achieve out to toughen, and we will be able to do that for you.
  • Having a misconfigured HTTP to HTTPS redirect: Drive-redirecting all HTTP visitors to HTTPS is just right, however you’ll need to you should definitely’ve correctly set up the redirect.

Take a look at Cloudflare SSL Settings

When you’ve configured your WordPress site to use Cloudflare, it’s possible you’ll see the mistake message because of Cloudflare’s SSL settings. In most cases, this mistake occurs whilst you’ve already put in an SSL certificates to your website’s server, however you’re nonetheless the usage of Cloudflare’s Versatile SSL environment.

To mend this, you’ll need to transfer from Cloudflare’s Versatile SSL/TLS encryption mode to its Complete possibility.

Open your Cloudflare dashboard and pass to the SSL/TLS tab. Then, exchange the SSL/TLS encryption mode from Versatile to Complete (or Complete (strict) if you’ll be able to):

How to change Cloudflare SSL settings to "Full".

Converting Cloudflare SSL settings to “Complete.”


When you’re the usage of Kinsta’s Cloudflare-powered content delivery network, you don’t wish to concern about this as a result of we configure the entirety for you.

Take a look at Your WordPress Website Settings

If you’ll be able to nonetheless get admission to your WordPress dashboard, you must test your website URL settings (Settings > Normal).

Those must fit each and every different. Moreover, should you’ve arrange a redirect from WWW to non-WWW (or vice versa), you’ll need to ensure your website settings fit the everlasting URL you place up together with your redirect.

For instance, should you arrange a redirect to ship all visitors from https://yoursite.com to https://www.yoursite.com, you must ensure that your WordPress website cope with is https://www.yoursite.com.

Where to find your WordPress site address.

Checking your WordPress website cope with.

If you’ll be able to’t get admission to your WordPress dashboard, you’ll be able to manually override those values via enhancing your site’s wp-config.php file. You’ll be able to get admission to and set up this report via connecting to your server via FTP.

Upload the next code snippet to the report, ensuring to exchange the instance URLs together with your website’s exact URL:


You’ll be able to be informed extra about changing your WordPress URL for a deeper take a look at those and different strategies.

Briefly Disable WordPress Plugins

In some eventualities, a WordPress plugin may cause the “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” error if it triggers a redirect loop for some explanation why. This factor might be on account of the plugin itself or compatibility (with every other plugin, theme, or different customized code).

To briefly take a look at if it’s a plugin factor, you’ll be able to take a look at deactivating all of your plugins. In case your website begins operating when you’ve deactivated them, you’ll know that considered one of your plugins is inflicting the issue.

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If you’ll be able to nonetheless get admission to your WordPress dashboard, you’ll be able to deactivate your plugins from the Plugins space.

If you’ll be able to’t get admission to your dashboard, you’ll be able to disable your plugins by the use of FTP:

  1. Attach in your server using FTP/SFTP and your preferred FTP client.
  2. Navigate to the wp-content folder.
  3. Rename the plugins folder to plugins_old.
  4. Open your website and notice if the issue persists.
Manually disabling plugins using FTP.

Manually disabling plugins the usage of FTP.

In case your website begins operating, log in in your WordPress dashboard. Whenever you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to return in your FTP shopper and rename the folder again to plugins.

Whilst you pass to the Plugins space to your WordPress dashboard, WordPress may have deactivated your entire plugins. You’ll be able to then reactivate them one after the other by the use of your dashboard, trying out your website once more each and every time till you in finding the plugin that’s inflicting the issue.

Take a look at Redirects on Your Server

When you’ve arrange misconfigured redirects to your server, the ones may be inflicting problems with redirect loops.

The way you’ll cope with this relies on whether or not your host makes use of the Apache or Nginx web server. Kinsta best makes use of Nginx, however another internet hosts use Apache.

Apache .htaccess Document

With Apache, you’ll be able to arrange redirects via the usage of the .htaccess file. Alternatively, a misconfiguration right here can cause the mistake message in Firefox.

To mend this, you’ll be able to inform WordPress to generate a brand new .htaccess report:

  1. Attach in your server the usage of FTP.
  2. To find your current .htaccess report — it must be within the root folder.
  3. Rename the present report to .htaccess_old to disable it (whilst nonetheless conserving it round as a backup).

At this level, you’ll be able to attempt to reaccess your website. If it’s operating, open your WordPress dashboard and pass to Settings > Permalinks. Then, click on Save Adjustments (with out converting any settings). This environment will drive WordPress to generate a brand new .htaccess report.

If you’ll be able to’t get admission to your WordPress dashboard, you’ll be able to manually recreate this report via:

  1. Developing a brand new report named .htaccess the usage of your FTP shopper.
  2. Including the code snippet underneath to the report.
# BEGIN WordPress

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

Nginx .conf Document

In case your host makes use of Nginx, it may be a bit of trickier to troubleshoot because the contents and site of the config report — generally nginx.conf on Nginx servers — will range relying at the website hosting supplier. Because of this, we propose asking your toughen for lend a hand.

When you host with Kinsta, you’ll be able to pass to the Redirects software to your website dashboard to look should you’ve by accident arrange a misconfigured redirect. Or, reach out to our support team, and we’ll feel free to test for you.

An example of a misconfigured redirect in Kinsta's redirect tool.

An instance of a misconfigured redirect in Kinsta’s redirect software.

When you’re nonetheless having problems with the “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” in Nginx and enhancing the .conf report didn’t resolve them, the possibly drawback is that you just’ve added a sequence of rewrite directives leading to an unlimited redirect loop.

This factor can occur with any rewrite rule, but it surely’s anticipated when writing regulations to transport from HTTP to HTTPS or redirecting WWW to non-WWW (or vice versa).

When you’ve not too long ago added new rewrite regulations to your nginx.conf report, the ones regulations are most likely the perpetrator. Take a look at doing away with them and notice if that fixes the issue. If it does, you understand that you’ve an issue with the syntax of the rewrite rule that you just’ve added.

How one can Repair “The Web page Isn’t Redirecting Correctly” in PHP

When you see “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” in PHP, two not unusual troubleshooting steps are:

Take a look at Your Redirects

When you’ve arrange a redirect the usage of PHP, reminiscent of by the use of the header() serve as, that may be a not unusual supply of redirect problems.

Your first step must be to debug the serve as and you should definitely haven’t set it up in some way that can create a redirect loop. Practice the stairs we’ve already mentioned to mend any misconfigurations.

Take a look at for Problems With Login/Consultation

Many PHP problems with this mistake end result from issues of login and consultation habits — as an example, a serve as that tests whether or not or no longer a person is logged in after which redirects them to the login web page in the event that they’re no longer.

When you don’t accurately arrange tests for classes, you’ll be able to necessarily lure customers in an unlimited redirect loop.

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The “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” error is a Mozilla Firefox-specific error message that looks when a web page has encountered an unlimited redirection loop. It’s the similar as the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error message in Chrome.

To troubleshoot this mistake, you must get started via attempting two issues:

  1. Clearing your Firefox browser cache.
  2. Clearing the cookies for the website the place you notice the mistake.

In case you have a WordPress website and the mistake message persists after attempting the ones two steps, you’ll be able to observe the WordPress-specific steps on this information to analyze the problem additional. And make sure you follow redirect best practices to attenuate your possibilities of encountering this mistake within the first position.

Do you continue to have any questions on solving the “The web page isn’t redirecting correctly” error in WordPress or different eventualities? Depart a remark and tell us!

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