Have you ever ever questioned what it takes to be a geek? Are geeks extremely highbrow people who are obsessively passionate over pc era, or components of popular culture such a lot that their way of life revolves round this hobby? Are we able to label someone who’s well-versed with those subjects as a geek? Or is there one thing else extra elementary that is helping make this difference?

My bet is that it has extra to do with their attitudes than what they in fact do this worsen (or most likely, intimidate) others. In spite of being socially awkward, their ordinary attitudes are fairly of an extraordinary to find, which is a superb factor as those attitudes must result in one of the largest tech-news-making occasions of this century.

Nowadays, we see a larger acceptance and popularity for geeks (you’ll thank the past due Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg for that). Who is aware of, it’s possible you’ll even possess the very characteristics that they have got. Test to peer the place you stand at the geek-o-meter.

1. Are You Extremely Unswerving To What You Love?

Something that might doubtlessly distinguish geeks from the remainder of the folks is their timeless dedication to the issues they love, be it gaming, high-tech units or comics. They’re fanatical in regards to the object in their obsession, at all times keen to place in that additional effort (now and again to excessive lengths) to ensure they’re the primary to learn about the most recent information or updates.

loyal to what you loveloyal to what you love

To others, it’s going to simply be a pastime or a hobby. To them regardless that, it’s the explanation they exist. It defines who they’re. This is the reason they’re so keen about it.

Do you’ve got a selected obsession, the explanation why you’re excited to get out of the mattress each and every morning? When you have that one thing which your lifestyles revolves round, you’re nearer to being a geek than you suppose.

2. Do You See Your self As Distinct From The Leisure?

Because of their excessive loyalty and dedication to what they love, they simply search the corporate of those that show off the similar enthusiasm as they do. They generally tend to workforce in combination, in a small neighborhood, who prefer to mingle with their friends and shunning those that don’t seem to be as dedicated to the similar hobby – which might provide an explanation for the social misfit-ness of geeks.

In spite of everything, they’re stringent in the case of accepting other folks as their sort. It’s obtrusive from the best way geeks communicate; you spot that they talk in their very own language (genuine or made-up), the use of their very own phrases, acronyms, and lingo. It’s extremely possible that just a fellow geek would perceive what they’re speaking about.

It’s probably not that any Tom, Dick, and Sally can simply sign up for the membership by means of waltzing in, as even throughout the neighborhood itself exists a singular tradition of their very own. In some way, it’s just like the fraternities the place they’ve their very own initiation prior to new contributors will also be welcomed into the gang. You wish to have to turn them that you just suppose on the similar (excessive) stage as them; you’ll’t feign being a geek.

3. Do You Have a tendency to Be ‘Ethnocentric’?

I assume one inevitable aspect impact of seeing themselves as hugely other from others is that they’re much less in a position to peer issues from an interloper’s point-of-view. Having numerous pleasure of their stage of figuring out of a subject matter, from time to time, geeks additionally be expecting others to realize what they imply and not using a want for clarification.


Phrases like ‘pwned’ or ‘respawn’ (in the event that they’re gamer geeks) will elicit responses like shrugs or raised eyebrows, lengthy “uhhhh”s or “What a weirdo!” expressions. You’ll be able to’t be expecting geeks to switch, so when a non-geek doesn’t, the incompatibility sticks and geeks shy clear of making new pals of the non-geek nature.

From the outdoor, they’re seen as socially awkward as a result of it’s more straightforward to place a blame on a minority workforce than it’s most people. This is able to additional push them into seclusion, who prefer to as an alternative communicate and be in contact with their very own sort, moderately than in real-life relationships.

4. Do you Lose Your self Simply In Your Obsession?

With them passionate over what they like to do, it’s no longer sudden to seek out themselves reaching ‘flow‘, the frame of mind after they really feel totally engaged in what they do and in consequence lose observe of time. This is able to provide an explanation for why geeks who’re into gaming may just spend hours and hours with out preventing for meals whilst looking to entire their video games.

Sooner or later, that feeling of euphoria from the go with the flow turns into an habit to them; that’s how avid gamers get addicted.

5. Do You Have An Insatiable Want to Know The whole thing?

As I discussed previous, the lifetime of a geek revolves round what they love. With that, they’ve the consistent want to have that sense of energy and keep watch over over what they’re just right at and love doing.

They by no means prevent exploring and at all times stay themselves up to date in regards to the issues they’re obsessive about: studying the entirety about the most recent high-tech units, attending each and every cosplay tournament and convention on the town, and so on.

the need to know everythingthe need to know everything

They simply wish to be the primary to be there, the primary to listen to about unconfirmed rumors and naturally, the primary to wreck the scoop to everybody. Put merely, it’s excessive fandom at its easiest, virtually a cult-like zeal.

6. Do You Take Delight In Your Experience?

They’re the mavens at the box. Every so often, they could communicate to ‘outsiders’ about their obsession when others requested about it right through the process on a regular basis conversations. Even if they could brazenly resent it when others don’t get their concepts or jargon, deep inside of, the geeks take enjoyment of the truth that they’ve established themselves to be a professional.

Given the volume of effort and time that geeks are keen to dedicate themselves to the article of obsession, it’s moderately comprehensible to be pleased with themselves. In any case, it’s very a lot their lifestyles function.

7. Do you Have a Area of interest Inside of Your Pastime?

Even if they’re geeks for a selected box, chances are high that that they have got evolved a desire inside of their hobby. Take for example the case of the stereotypical pc geeks. Certain, they could also be loopy over pc era and the most recent era tendencies in computing, however they continuously center of attention on a selected logo or machine.

have a nichehave a niche

It’s like going to the 2nd layer of fanaticism, the place you delve deeper to seek out one area of interest. It’s why we at all times pay attention of the struggle between supporters of various running programs like Android vs iOS.

8. Are You Keen to Keep on with it Til the Finish?

Being a fan to a selected OS, comedian superhero, cosplay gown, sci-fi film, programming language, and others is something, whilst sticking to it it doesn’t matter what occurs is any other. Geeks do each. That is what makes them so other, so particular and most likely so intimidating to ‘outsiders’.

They’re keen to rise up for what they consider in, even if instances are truly dangerous. It’s no longer truly in regards to the function evaluation of the article they love; it’s greater than that. It comes to feelings in the case of their fandom.

One isn’t a geek if she or he is a professional in regards to the topic however lacks the fervour about it. An actual geek is completely into it, intellectually and emotionally. This concept explains why geeks will keep true and dependable to their idolized OS or superhero until the top; they’ve grown emotionally (and even spiritually) connected to them. To talk unwell in their hobby is to talk unwell of them.

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