A sensible guy as soon as stated, “if you can’t say one thing from the mouth, say it out of your t-shirt” – that sensible particular person is me. Jokes aside, wordy shirts are certainly a fab method to specific your self to the onlookers.

So if you are a geek and need to put on your geekiness with satisfaction, check out this exhibit of ingenious geek t-shirts that you’ll simply purchase on-line. The t-shirts vary from witty statements to 90’s fandom or even mathematical formulation. Simply pick out the only you prefer and purchase it.

Staying home because Netflix

A fab t-shirt for somebody who’s a Netflix fan and loves to ‘Netflix and sit back’ at the weekends.

US space force

Be careful invaders and loopy overlords as a result of US house drive is right here. The T-shirt is made with one hundred pc cotton and will also be bought in numerous colours and types.


Biology enthusiasts would like to put on this blouse wearing the diagram of a mobile that still comes with an array of colours and types for each women and men.

What the frak

Wish to galvanize your pal who’s a Galactica fan, check out this blouse that’ll make folks say “dude, what the felgercarb?!”

“General relativity”

Geek is the brand new attractive. And to seem “Physics-cally” attractive, you’ll put in this blouse and spot how heads flip at you.

Unicorn nerd

A fair-looking nerd is as uncommon as a unicorn. However should you mix each qualities you get a unicorn nerd. How cool is that?

Geek is the new sexy

Put on your geekiness with satisfaction as a result of hi there, it’s a brand new global the place just right brains are extra spectacular than just right seems to be.

Ice Cream is cheaper than therapy

Who doesn’t love ice cream! Particularly when having buckets of ice cream in a anxious scenario allow you to greater than psychotherapy.

Geek cube

You’ll discover a Rubik’s dice on each geek’s table. Now you’ll have this image of geekiness for your blouse as neatly. Cool proper?

Gym geek

What would you name somebody who’s loopy about his health club regimen? Yea, you guessed it, a health club geek.

“Burger geek”

Are you a meals geek who likes to learn, watch and find out about meals? If sure, then this blouse will move fantastically with you.

I’m a lot cooler on the Internet

Going to a meeting or public position with a foul hair day? Let this cool blouse communicate on your protection.

Hipster Darwin

This blouse is for many who deem Charles Darwin as their inspiration and need to display it to the sector.

Cardio Go

Pokemon Cross had its justifiable share in recognition as one of the crucial well-known cell video games. Although that point is long gone, but it surely’s by no means too overdue to turn that you just’re nonetheless part of its fandom.

Avoid negativity

A geek’s existence isn’t easy and simple, that’s why if a geek needs to offer out ‘steer clear of negativity’ message, he would do it with a mathematical system on a fab t-shirt.

The souled store coder

Proclaim your love for coding with this straightforward but trendy geeky t-shirt.

“Installing muscles, please wait”
Classically trained

Regardless of what number of superior video games the tech global will produce, you can’t change into a real gamer except you’ve performed a vintage sport.

Zero to eight

I ponder the place 8 has been understanding, should be working that lengthy department!

Low resolution

A witty t-shirt to put on no longer simply close to the brand new yr, however the pun can paintings throughout the year.

Life’s too short to remove USB safely

Are you uninterested in studying the ones “Take away USB safely” message? You’ll voice your protest with the sassy t-shirt.

Talk Nerdy To Me

Folks activate while you communicate grimy with them. Geeks, however, love while you communicate nerdy. Atypical no?

Geek At Heart

Although it’s comical, however now and again I in point of fact suppose {that a} geek’s coronary heart is made of huge microchip with circuits connecting to other portions of the frame, identical to what this blouse displays.

T-Shirt-Java Class

That is one thing just a JavaScript programmer would get and can like to put on. I feel it’s cool to hold one thing that just a restricted collection of folks can perceive.

I like to party

A blouse made particularly for a bookworm or studying nerd whose concept of celebration is a quiet room, a cup of tea and a just right e-book.

Brofist Shirt

Some guys can are living and not using a female friend however they may be able to’t are living with out their bro. This t-shirt is only for them.

Geek Zombie

If the Apocalypse hits the earth and the sector’s inhabitants becomes zombies, even then a geek zombie will probably be other than a typical zombie.

Geek boys are better lovers

You suppose geeks don’t seem to be just right with having a dating as in comparison to different guys? Smartly, in a geek’s protection, they’re higher enthusiasts.

Geek Life

There’s no distinction between a geek’s existence and a typical particular person’s existence except for that there are dungeons, dragons, and programming.

Geek Girl

A fab geek woman blouse with a nerdy feminine face and vintage sport monsters very best for each men and women.

Sorry I’m Late

Going to a celebration overdue? You’ll put on this blouse that claims out one of these just right excuse for you being overdue.

Will you be my player 2?

There’s no higher means for a geek to invite his/ her like to be their existence spouse than asking Will you be my participant 2?”

Geek Monkey Yellow

A adorable geek monkey blouse to put on on a pleasing sunny day.

Geek ON

A Spock hand gesture t-shirt for a geeky Megastar Treck fan in the market. For the ones of you who don’t know, it manner “are living lengthy and prosper”.

No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer

Understanding so much about computer systems shouldn’t make you everyone’s little helper. Let this sassy blouse inform your family and friends the way you in point of fact really feel.

Star Wars: Solo Group Wars

Megastar Wars fandom by no means will get previous. Right here’s a blouse that displays L3-37, Lando, Han, Chewie, Qi’Ra, and Tobias Beckett all in a bunch.

Made in the Nineties

The entire perfect stuff used to be made within the 1990s: Slap bracelets, Gentle-up shoes, Beanie Small children, Inline skates, Pagers, Palm Pilots and many others. However the most efficient of the most efficient issues have been the Tremendous Nintendo Leisure Machine.

Nerd Boss

A ray of sunshine for the nerds when their boss could also be a nerd. Let this blouse put across that you just’re no longer suited booted roughly boss however a real nerd-at-heart boss.

It works on my machine T-Shirt

Essentially the most-heard word out of your tech toughen man or a programmer “It really works on my gadget”. Best as a present for each programmer, IT man, techie, or coder.

Geek T-Shirt

If the heavy set of glasses, the pc on your arms and books on your bag don’t seem to be sufficient to turn you’re a geek, you’ll attempt to give a complete affect with this blouse.

Retro Floppy (Grunge) T-Shirt

To the 2000’s technology, that is the Save button, however best the 90’s child is aware of the actual which means of a floppy disk and the reminiscences related to it.

Robot Crush

A adorable little love tale. R2D2 has a overwhelm… on a rubbish can.

Sleep not found T-Shirt

Whilst you paintings too arduous it turns into tough to sleep. It seems to be cool at the t-shirt, but it surely isn’t so cool in actual existence.

USB I Am Your Father

Have in mind the ones days when all there used to be have been 1.44mbs of house? Yea, this can be a reminder, so depend your blessings.

Nerd Teddy

Aww, a adorable teddy undergo, moderately a nerdy undergo that may soften somebody’s coronary heart simply by searching at it.

“Nerd Trooper”

If a stormtrooper used to be a nerd, this is how he would have seemed like. Creativity certainly has no bounds.

Nerd Skull

A great blouse for a nerd to put on for the ‘Day of the lifeless’ competition.

HardCore Nerd

Give nerd-shaming a punch within the face. Inform the sector that you just’re a hardcore nerd and you’re keen on to turn it off.

No one cares about your blog

Inform it love it is: Nobody cares about your weblog. Nobody reads your weblog. Sufficient about your weblog already. Your weblog isn’t particular or attention-grabbing. Your weblog is uninteresting.

Gaming lifestyles

Drool marks and blood-shot eyes at the side of slowly decomposing junk meals are hallmarks of a overdue evening gaming consultation too just right to prevent, till you go out this is.

DaVinci hax

If lately exposed sketches turn out to be original, that nefarious DaVinci man will have been the unwitting inventor of our long run doom!


In the event you’re no longer cautious, your 360 might jettison you out an air-lock.

Extra lives

Don’t let somebody suck the entire additional lives out of you.

Super geek

It’s Tremendous Geek. Give this reward to the particular geek on your existence.

Your skill in reading

This one is for the entire MMORPG freaks in the market. Now you’ll percentage that rewarding enjoy with the ones round you as they learn your blouse!

Spell dyslexia

This humorous dyslexia blouse is very best for that pal or circle of relatives member all the time claiming to have dyslexia.

“So many memories, so little RAM”

Spoken like a real geek, right here’s a blouse that displays your internal feelings in a geek’s language that you’ll by no means get sufficient RAM to retailer the entire just right reminiscences of your existence.

Stop following me

Right here’s a blouse that appears on the concept of evolution with a distinct perspective, a funnier viewpoint.

Find X

A blouse that solves the commonest mathematical query in the most straightforward means that anybody ever considered.


Your invisibility t-shirt will come as invisibility blouse lately deactivated. Have in mind, flip it on at your individual chance!

I love colorblind

Don’t take it as an insensitive remark and take a look at to have a look at the humorous facet of it. Afterall, a colorblind particular person will learn it as “I really like colorblind”.

You complete me

This blouse is helping you display your softer facet in probably the most nerdy means imaginable. With a galaga t-shirt!

The Hangover baby

In the event you love the Hangover film, then you could definitely just like the phase the place they bring about a small child all over the movie. Smartly, here’s a t-shirt for that.

You rock my universe

Inform your beloved that they’re virtually as necessary as you might be.

Milky way

A twist on the Milky Method galaxy, this one is for house and astronomy fanatics in the market.


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