Node.js has been round for some time, with many recorded testimonies of the way environment friendly and speedy it makes construction and scaling enterprise-level packages. Those Node.js apps by means of a number of main tech corporations resolve trade wishes with environment friendly, simple, and versatile APIs.

It’s additionally a very good software for collaborative building, permitting each the frontend and the backend of a product to be evolved in a single language, thereby permitting a unified group of JavaScripters.

On this article, we’ll talk about ten standard kinds of Node.js apps with examples. We’ll additionally highlight the highest main corporations the usage of Node.js that will help you decide why you need to use Node.js.

Let’s start!

What Is Node.js?

Node.js is an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime engine designed for construction scalable community packages. It’s a quick, light-weight, environment friendly, and scalable building surroundings constructed with Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Node.js has proven super build up and adoption amongst Fortune 500 companies since its first liberate in 2009 by means of Rahn Dahl.

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Why Use Node.js?

Builders use Node.js essentially for non-blocking, event-driven packages and servers because of its single-threaded and real-time push architectures. It will also be nice for creating conventional internet utility backends and APIs.

Beneath are few the explanation why you could need to use Node.js and why it’s appropriate for construction apps.


Node.js permits you to construct packages that scale with the trade, the usage of microservice structure and containerization. You’ll be able to succeed in scalability and versatility with virtually 0 effort.


Node.js gives advanced efficiency advantages the usage of Chrome’s V8 Engine. It’s a high-performance system, which is why corporations like Uber and others followed it in its early model in 2009.


The microservice nature of Node.js is a large merit for maintainability. If you’ll be able to break up a codebase into small chunks, it’s easier to care for than a unmarried bloated codebase.


The internet utility building procedure can also be optimized and speeded up when the usage of Node.js on account of its microservice structure, the facility to make use of one programming language in each frontend and backend, and the provision of millions of libraries through NPM to serve your precise building wishes.

Most sensible Corporations Development Node.js Apps

Beneath is an inventory of standard corporations operating Node.js on their server to energy their venture packages.


A screenshot of LinkedIn's homepage


LinkedIn is a social media carrier for pro connections and profession strikes. It’s geared toward applicants in search of profession development and firms searching for aggressive applicants.

Linkedin began the usage of Node.js for his or her cellular utility handiest after which later migrated all the codebase to it. In addition they recorded 20 times faster app speed than their earlier iteration with Ruby on Rails.


A screenshot of Netflix's homepage


Netflix is a video streaming platform with thousands and thousands of customers, permitting the streaming of movies and tv displays the usage of any good software or platform.

In step with Netflix, they constructed their person interface (UI) with Node.js on account of its modularity. Netflix skilled 2x times faster startup time when the usage of Node.js.


A screenshot of Uber's homepage


Uber is a global ride-hailing and transportation community utility. It’s a no brainer to appreciate that Uber has modified the transportation trade. It’s to be had in 85 countries and over 900 towns international, finishing greater than 14 million day-to-day journeys.

Most significantly, Uber may be an early adopter of Node.js.

The primary causes for his or her adoption are as a result of Node.js boasts ease of error-checking, awesome debugging, quicker processing speeds, and steady building.

Those attributes boosted Uber’s building operations, permitting them to repair mistakes virtually straight away with out restarting the applying procedure.


A screenshot of PayPal's homepage


PayPal is likely one of the top online payment systems, offering faithful fee products and services to thousands and thousands of customers throughout many supported nations. PayPal makes use of Node.js to construct the user-facing content material portion in their utility.

Node.js unifies JavaScript at the frontend and the backend of each and every utility. Maximum particularly, what PayPal loves about Node.js is that it is helping their building processes.

In step with Brainhub, Node.js has equipped PayPal with a quicker internet utility loading time, which is nearly two times as speedy and accommodates 33% fewer strains of code and 40% fewer recordsdata than their preliminary Java-based utility.


A screenshot of Mozilla Personas' homepage

Mozilla Personas

Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular Web browser. Mozilla makes use of Node.js as their number one language, and lots of in their internet apps use it. Mozilla Persona, for instance, is a cross-platform sign-in generation constructed with Node.js.

10 Widespread Forms of Node.js Apps

Beneath is our handpicked record of the highest 10 kinds of Node.js apps you’ll be able to construct.

Signal Up For the Publication

Actual-Time Collaboration Gear

Node.js is a formidable engine for growing real-time collaborative gear starting from coworking apps to venture control, video and audio conferencing, and collaborative record modifying.

That explains why Node.js is the bedrock for lots of standard collaborative gear owned by means of giant tech corporations, comparable to Trello for project management and Slack for group chats and faraway group communications.

Node.js’ asynchronous and event-based structure supplies the bedrock and suits completely with construction and scaling collaborative packages.

Unmarried-Web page Programs

Unmarried-page packages (SPA) don’t seem to be new ideas to internet building. It’s a well-liked buzzword describing an means wherein all the utility suits on a unmarried web page, with a greater developer’s revel in.

Node.js is superb for SPAs as it handles asynchronous calls and heavy enter/output(I/O) workloads quicker and extra successfully. For the seamless transition of information between Perspectives and the server, the Node.js occasion loop is permitted to “prolong” more than one concurrent requests from shoppers, taking into account easy processing.

Node.js may be a very good possibility for construction out the backend of a SPA with its data-driven means. We will use JavaScript frameworks comparable to Specific.js, Adonis.js, or Koa to broaden a complex and data-intensive SPA backend.


Actual-Time Programs

Development real-time community packages are one of the vital very best options of Node.js. You’ll be able to do all of it, from building real-time chat applications comparable to immediate messaging (IM) and web relay chat (IRC) packages to construction complicated real-time packages.

Node.js supplies elementary options for construction and deploying real-time and community packages the usage of the Match API. It might create an object, known as emitters, that emit named parties periodically and can also be listened to by means of occasion handlers.

Owing to its event-based structure, Node.js works successfully with the WebSockets protocol, facilitating real-time two-way communique between the server and the buyer.

Node.js has superb WebSockets strengthen via libraries comparable to and WebSocket-node, which you’ll be able to use to briefly and successfully create and deploy real-time chats very quickly.

Location-Primarily based Programs

The asynchronous nature of Node.js and its skill to supply real-time updates make it a best choice for construction location-based applications.

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In 2020, there was once an build up within the choice of location-based packages. A lot of these packages use Node.js and different related stacks on account of Node.js’s options comparable to event-based structure and asynchronous programming for construction real-time and community packages.

Streaming Programs

Utility streaming is a strategy of downloading portions of an utility on-demand with out overloading the server or the person’s native system.

With move API, Node.js can simply care for real-time records streams, that are the primary characteristic of a streaming utility. Node.js too can supply fast records synchronization between the server and the buyer, which improves person revel in by means of minimizing delays the usage of the Node.js occasion loop.

Node.js supplies a readable and writable move interface that you’ll be able to use to procedure streams of information successfully.

Web of Issues (IoT)

Since the upward thrust of the IoT in 2012, Node.js has turn into the most popular engine for construction venture and organization-level answers for personal and public IoT techniques.

Node.js can procedure more than one concurrent requests and parties emitted by means of thousands and thousands of IoT gadgets all over the place the web, which is an very important characteristic of any IoT software.

Skycatch, for example, makes use of Node.js to energy its specialised drones that take building website pictures and switch them into 3-D fashions — a feat that will be a lot more tricky to perform with out Node.js.

Microservices Structure

The breakdown of an utility into teams of unbiased and modular products and services, every operating as a singular unmarried procedure, is named a microservice.

Node.js has superb strengthen for microservice structure and encourages splitting huge and complicated packages into smaller, unbiased running devices.

Node.js’s microservice structure reduces building time considerably and improves the applying’s maintainability, scalability, and potency. PayPal has proven this by means of leveraging Node.js to construct the sector’s main on-line fee answer.

Advanced Fintech Programs

To broaden a a hit fintech utility, it’s important to be security-conscious, as fintech packages are liable to assaults by means of hackers.

Node.js has a devoted Security Working Group liable for all security and vulnerability updates, making it very safe and protected to broaden enterprise-level, scalable fintech packages.

Corporations comparable to PayPal and Capital One agree with the safety of Node.js in construction and scaling enterprise-level fintech packages with the best safety calls for.

Ecommerce Programs

Ecommerce packages additionally require a quicker load time and a top community building language for the thousands and thousands of traffics they generate.

eBay and Groupon use Node.js to broaden and scale their enterprise-ready e-commerce platform, decreasing the web page load time to absolutely the naked minimal.

Groupon recorded a 50% relief in web page load time because of shifting its codebase from Ruby on Rails to Node.js.

Content material Control Techniques

Content management systems (CMS) don’t seem to be new, even supposing there are tonnes of enhancements within the CMS business.

Node.js is a formidable engine for creating and scaling complicated and allotted CMS packages, comparable to Strapi, for sharing and distributing content material all over the place the web.

Every other standard Node.js app is Medium. As of 2019, Medium draws just about 200 million visits per thirty days, which calls for an overly scalable answer, and that’s what Node.js brings to the desk.

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We’ve mentioned the 10 favourite kinds of Node.js apps and several other standard packages made with this runtime engine. You’ve additionally understood how and why many height main tech corporations use Node.js to energy their servers.

With a bit of luck, that provides you with some concept of Node.js’s reputation and scalability. Do believe it for creating your subsequent utility.

Do you could have a venture within the works the usage of Node.js? Tell us within the remark segment, and stay coding!

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