It’s slightly very similar to “guy” except for this command best prints the only line description of the given command. It’s at hand to get what’s the command is for with out the extra main points.

Basic syntax for whatis command:

whatis [OPTIONS...] [COMMAND]
Show details about (a couple of) instructions
whatis [command] [command]

The whatis command could also be used to supply a short lived handbook web page description of a couple of of Linux instructions. To try this, simply specify a couple of instructions.

Instance: Printing transient details about the ls and mkdir instructions

display info multiple commandsdisplay info multiple commands
Flip off output trimming
whatis -l [command]

To show the output with none trimming, run the whatis command with the -l possibility.

Instance: Let’s use the whatis command with and with out this method to see the variation.

turn off output trimturn off output trim
Show debugging knowledge
whatis -d [command]

To show debugging details about a Linux command within the terminal, use the whatis command with the -d possibility.

Instance: Showing debug details about the cp command

display debug infodisplay debug info
Seek by means of Common Expression
whatis -r [command]

The -r possibility searches for instructions by means of key phrase identify. If any of the names fit any a part of the web page identify, it outputs that fit.

Instance: Let’s print a brief description of the instructions that fit the cd development.

search by regexsearch by regex
Seek instructions by means of development
whatis -w [command* or *command]

Use the -w method to seek Linux instructions the use of a wild card. Specify a development to seek for instructions matching that development.

Instance: Let’s to find the instructions that get started with the cd command development.

search by patternsearch by pattern
The use of Handbook Pages from different OS
whatis -m [system] [command]

The -m possibility supplies get right of entry to to the handbook web page names of the opposite programs.

Instance: Let’s seek for the cat command from the NewOne device and get a short lived description of this command.

manual pagesmanual pages
Set the Seek Trail for Handbook Pages
whatis -M [system] [command]

To set an alternate seek trail for handbook pages, use the -M possibility. By means of default, whatis makes use of the $MANPATH setting variable.

Instance: Specifying the default seek trail for handbook pages –manpath=/lib and looking there for the mkdir command

manual page search pathmanual page search path

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