One of the most time-consuming tasks for dropshipping store owners to complete is product choice and import.

In order to create a competitive and memorable shopping destination, it is crucial to fill the store with high quality items that have favorable shipping terms, appealing pictures, informative descriptions, and positive customer feedback.

DropshipMe plugin solves all these issues gracefully: let’s see how exactly it works!

What is DropshipMe

DropshipMe is a WooCommerce-friendly plugin that connects your WordPress store to a catalog of manually selected and edited AliExpress products with the best value for money.

Therefore, the plugin users enjoy:

A huge product database

Currently, DropshipMe product catalog consists of over 50,000 items taken from the most highly rated AliExpress sellers. These items fall into demanded product categories of various styles and thematic focuses.

It means that whatever is the user’s dropshipping store niche, it will be possible to find enough sought-after items matching the overall store subject.

Pre-edited product pages

The most notable feature of DropshipMe catalog is the condition of every product page it contains. In order not to make the products’ Chinese origin obvious, the team behind the plugin made massive amendments to every item’s page. More specifically, the specialists have rewritten all the product titles and descriptions and went through the products’ pictures to remove watermarks and other questionable elements from them.

What is more, the product pages within the catalog also contain authentic client reviews. They can easily be imported to the dropshipping store of the plugin user, and their presence, along with the appeal and credibility of the product page in general, is guaranteed to positively influence the store visitors’ purchasing decisions.

And, for the benefit of the plugin users, the researchers behind this project have also calculated a recommended price for every product in the database. It’s up to the store owners to decide whether they want to follow these recommendations or to put their own price markup, but for newcomers with no previous experience in sales, these prices will surely serve as proper initial guidance.

Direct product import

What gives a major value to the DropshipMe plugin is its ability to transfer the desired AliExpress products to the user’s store.

All that needs to be made is a single click on the “+ Import” button, and the item goes straight to the drop shipping store.

DropshipMe Pricing

As seen from the DropshipMe packages page, it’s entirely possible for eCommerce entrepreneurs to start using the plugin without making any payments.

Downloading the plugin for free, the user gets unlimited access to the DropshipMe database and can use this opportunity to import the first 50 products for $0.

For a newcomer in dropshipping, this number of products is quite enough to start a perfectly functioning business and begin researching the customers’ needs and preferences.

To upgrade this basic product package to more advanced ones, the user simply needs to make a one-time payment:

  • $29 for 110 products
  • $119 for 700 products
  • $199 for 1500 products

These packages usage requires no renewal or transactional fees: the one-time payment grants the user free lifelong access to the plugin database, its upgraded versions, and customer support.

DropshipMe and WooCommerce

As it was already mentioned, DropshipMe plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

What’s even more remarkable, if the user’s store is powered by WooCommerce plugin, this user doesn’t have to source any extra technical solutions to connect the store to the DropshipMe database, which lets this person start a dropshipping business with the lowest entry costs possible.

In case the user’s store runs on WordPress and doesn’t have the WooCommerce plugin installed, it is necessary to obtain AliDropship plugin first. It serves as an essential link between the user’s store and the DropshipMe database: without AliDropship plugin, it will be impossible to view and import DropshipMe products.

DropshipMe vs AliDropship

While DropshipMe plugin is entirely focused on an eCommerce store inventory, it doesn’t quite assist the user with the overall dropshipping business management.

To be more specific, it doesn’t allow automatic AliExpress orders fulfillment, product and inventory synchronization, and business promotion.

These operations, in turn, are successfully done by AliDropship plugin that essentially lets the business owner run a dropshipping store on autopilot.

So, DropshipMe plugin and AliDropship plugin work together without duplicating each other’s functions: AliDropship plugin lets the user create a fully operational dropshipping store, while DropshipMe plugin provides this store owner with high quality products to offer.

DropshipMe Technical Requirements

To install and use DropshipMe plugin, it’s necessary to have:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting from any worldwide known provider like GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, etc. or AliDropship hosting with a free SSL certificate included
  • WordPress CMS installed on your site
  • AliDropship plugin or WooCommerce plugin installed
  • Google Chrome browser
  • PHP 7.1 or higher

Dropshipme Plugin: Summing It Up

DropshipMe plugin opens up incredible product sourcing opportunities to dropshipping entrepreneurs working with AliExpress. This affordable solution lets business owners start benefiting from its usage with no extra expenses, which is a major influential factor to low-income dropshipping newcomers all across the globe.

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