If you like to build your own WordPress themes, whether you’ve only just started doing it or whether you’ve been doing it for years, it can always be good to get a second opinion or have another pair of eyes check out your theme to make sure that it holds up the best practices and meets the high standards of WP theme development. If you don’t have time to have another person look over your theme, or if you don’t know anyone who can, you can use Theme Check.

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Theme Check is a great WordPress plugin that you can use to quickly and easily make sure that your theme not only adheres to the guidelines of WordPress best practices, but also that it is up to par with the latest theme review standards. This is especially helpful if you’re creating themes not for yourself, but to sell to other WP users or to try to add to WordPress’s repository of free themes. The plugin performs a number of checks to make sure that your theme is up to WordPress’s standards. Things it checks for include certain capabilities and functionalities that are expected of all WordPress themes. If your theme is found not to have all of the functionalities required of a basic WordPress theme, the plugin will let you know and you’ll be able to take actions to fix this. All of the checks are done on a simple admin menu on the dashboard, and the results of the checks are all displayed at once, to ensure that the process is not only simple, but also easy and hassle free for you.

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