In today’s world, women are more empowered than ever. But accidents still happen and crimes are still committed against women. So as a lot of other things are being handled through mobiles, then why not women security.

In this post we have listed some of the best personal safety Android apps for women. From SOS alert and emergency contacts to location sharing and community advise, these apps offer different features to give women the security they need. So, take a look at the list to see which one suits you best.

10 Mobile Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe

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10 Mobile Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe

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Noonlight is a unique app that lets you deal with potential threats as well as actual threats. It works in two ways – firstly, you can use it when you’re not sure whether to call 911 or not. Secondly, you can use it when you’re actually in trouble and want the help from authorities.

Just press and hold the button on your Android phone when you’re in an uneasy situation and release it only when you feel real trouble. When you’re actually in danger just press the button and the local police will be notified of your location. You can also call or text to seek help.



SHEROES is an app exclusively for women. Women can use is to socialize, find jobs, seek women health advise, get health and beauty tips, and of course, use it for safety and reporting.

You can discuss about your personal and family issues in the app community and report domestic abuse from husbands or boyfriends. In short, you can seek expert advise in any field related to women.

SOS Alert

SOS AlertSOS Alert

SOS Alert is an emergency Android app that enables you to reach out to your emergency contacts when you’re facing a dangerous situation and informs them about your location.

It has a very simple interface so anyone can easily use it and serves no ads. You can send a help signal to your emergency contacts with just one tap or even send pre-stored SOS messages.

Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family SafetyMicrosoft Family Safety

This is a digital and physical safety app that works for the whole family. Microsoft Family Safety App allows you to monitor your child’s online activities and set parental controls to keep your children safe from the threats of the digital world.

You can also track your family, location to always know where they are going and also get insights on your family’s driving. The location sharing works even without internet connection.

Personal Safety

Personal SafetyPersonal Safety

A safety app fro Pixel phones, Personal Safety enables you to stay connected with your emergency contacts and first responders. With it you can share your real-time location and set a time in your phone after which the emergency sharing automatically starts.



With the Guardian app you can invite your friends and family to be your guardians so they can be notified in case you face an emergency. The GPS location that you share could be seen by only your guardians.

You can also set ‘forever sharing’ so your guardians will always know where you are. They can also be notified about your phone’s battery life, network strength and other information vital for your safety.

Women Safety

Women SafetyWomen Safety

As the name says, Women Safety app informs your loved ones in case you are in a troubling situation. The app is easy and fast and can send en email to your emergency contacts with your location and 2 pictures and/or a video or audio message.

You can tap green, orange, and red buttons to inform your emergency contacts about whether you’re safe, in a cautious situation, or in some real danger respectively.



With a simple and vivid interface, Sekura is a women’s safety app against street harassment and unsafe situations. It features four buttons – to fake an incoming call, to ring a siren, to send a message with your location, and to call an emergency number.



A hands-free personal safety Android app, UrSafe is integrated with 911 so you can alert the authorities in an unsafe situation. It is a voice-activated security app in which you can set safe words that trigger various responses. You can use Ursafe in 200+ countries.

WanderSafe Safety App

WanderSafe Safety AppWanderSafe Safety App

WanderSafe is an ideal app for traveling. It offers location-based maps that allow you to explore the neighborhood while advising and alerting you if you’re entering an unsafe area.

The app is equipped with SOS button that alerts three emergency contacts as well as a personal assistant that helps you though trusted data sources so you can explore the outdoors with confidence.

My Safetipin

My SafetipinMy Safetipin

My Safetipin is a tool to make your city safer for yourself as well as for other citizens. With the help of different parameters, you can do an audit of any place in the city in terms of safety, people, public transport, feeling, and other aspects.

Additionally, you get points for evaluating different aspects of the city and become an active member of the safety community. You can also invite your loved ones to track and get to know about the safest routes around the city.



Sister is an interesting safety app that is made by women for women for their safety and well being. You can select some contacts and allow them to track your location, activate alarm in dangerous situation, and register visual and audio evidence.

SOS button

SOS buttonSOS button

An extremely simple app, Panic Button alerts your emergency contacts by sending your location or customized message. You can choose up to 10 trusted contacts, make an emergency call, send panic SMS, and send alerts through whistle and clap.



SoSecure gives you the confidence of safety and security. It features a virtual ADT assistant by your side all the time. It gives you roadside assistance, crash detection, and voice-activated emergency call among many other features.

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