We at WPblog have been working our asses off to redesign and rebrand the website in order to give a more complete user experience. The new design will give readers a better understanding of the content and will help them explore the website and its resources easily.

The homepage has been given a fresh and lively look with a Pinterest-like layout. The footer section has also been a subject of major improvements. The category pages have been revamped in a way that highlights the content and puts it out there for the users to read.

WPblog’s post pages have been improved in terms of readability. Readers will now be able to focus on the content as there will now be fewer distractions. The layout has been made sleeker giving a more sophisticated feel to the visitor.

A section of “latest articles” will be displayed on the homepage, post page, and category pages so that visitors can explore the latest content on the website.

We are just finalizing a few design tweaks after which we will be unveiling the new face of WPblog.

Stay tuned, you don’t wanna miss this ?

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