Adobe Photoshop is not just a tool to create and manipulate designs and images. The software also offers some really helpful features to enhance productivity. One of these useful features are the Photoshop actions that help automate certain cumbersome and repetitive tasks.

As a designer never gets enough of these little automated processes, here is a long list of useful Photoshop actions. These actions range from photo enhancement, adding filters and effects and giving different color tones to the images. Feel free to download and use the ones you find potentially helpful for your projects.

Fairy action by meganjoy

Photoshop Fairy actionPhotoshop Fairy action

Mystical light by meganjoy

Mystical light Photoshop actionMystical light Photoshop action

Sweet pixie by meganjoy

Sweet pixie Photoshop ActionSweet pixie Photoshop Action

Free Color Pop by shutterpulse

Free Color Pop Photoshop ActionFree Color Pop Photoshop Action

Nightmare by shutterpulse

Free Nightmare Photoshop ActionFree Nightmare Photoshop Action

Summer Haze by

Free Summer Haze Photoshop ActionFree Summer Haze Photoshop Action


Free Matte Photoshop ActionFree Matte Photoshop Action

Vibrant by

Free Vibrant Photoshop ActionFree Vibrant Photoshop Action

Matte by shutterpulse

Free Matte Photoshop ActionFree Matte Photoshop Action

Desert Dustn by brusheezy

Desert Dust Photoshop ActionsDesert Dust Photoshop Actions

Sunken Sunlight by brusheezy

Sunken Sunlight Photoshop ActionSunken Sunlight Photoshop Action

Matte by exposureempire

Free Matte Photoshop ActionFree Matte Photoshop Action

Blue Evening by

Free Blue Evening Photoshop ActionFree Blue Evening Photoshop Action

Dreamy rose by meganjoy

Dreamy rose Photoshop ActionDreamy rose Photoshop Action

Faded Film by

Free Faded Film Photoshop ActionFree Faded Film Photoshop Action

Action pack #33 by miss-etikate

Photoshop Action 33Photoshop Action 33

Marshmallow by meganjoy

Photoshop Marshmallow ActionsPhotoshop Marshmallow Actions

Old Film by

Olf FilmsOlf Films

Soft pastel by meganjoy

Photoshop Soft pastel ActionsPhotoshop Soft pastel Actions

Yellow Mood by brusheezy

Yellow Mood Photoshop ActionYellow Mood Photoshop Action

Vintage Light Leak by shutterpulse

Free Vintage Light Leak Photoshop ActionFree Vintage Light Leak Photoshop Action

Intensity by

Free Intensity Photoshop ActionFree Intensity Photoshop Action

Lomo by

Free Lomo Photoshop ActionFree Lomo Photoshop Action

The Mini Collection by

The Mini Collection – Free Photoshop ActionsThe Mini Collection – Free Photoshop Actions

HDR Photoshop Action by

Free HDR Photoshop ActionFree HDR Photoshop Action

High Contrast Black & White by

Free High Contrast Black & White Photoshop ActionFree High Contrast Black & White Photoshop Action

Retro Cross by

Retro Cross: Free Photoshop ActionRetro Cross: Free Photoshop Action

‘Marshmallow’ by kayleighjune

'Marshmallow' Photoshop Action by Kayleigh June'Marshmallow' Photoshop Action by Kayleigh June

Silver by

Free Photoshop Action: SilverFree Photoshop Action: Silver

Skin Retouching actions by brusheezy

5 Skin Retouching Actions5 Skin Retouching Actions

Aged Black & White by

Aged Black & White: Free Photoshop ActionAged Black & White: Free Photoshop Action

Retro by brusheezy

Retro Action For APRetro Action For AP

Boldness by

Boldness: Free Photoshop ActionBoldness: Free Photoshop Action

Film Effect by

Free Film Effect Photoshop ActionFree Film Effect Photoshop Action

Faux HDR by

Free Faux HDR Photoshop ActionFree Faux HDR Photoshop Action

Various effects by meganjoy

Photoshop Various effectsPhotoshop Various effects

Amatorka Action 2 by amatorka

Amatorka Action 2Amatorka Action 2

Warfield by ftpics

Warfield Photoshop ActionWarfield Photoshop Action

Ice by

Free Ice Photoshop ActionFree Ice Photoshop Action

Pretty Lady by brusheezy

Pretty Lady Photoshop ActionsPretty Lady Photoshop Actions

Action pack #10 by saturn-rings

Photoshop Action 10Photoshop Action 10

Action pack #1 by saturn-rings

Photoshop Action 1Photoshop Action 1

Cinema Photoshop Action by

Free Cinema Photoshop ActionFree Cinema Photoshop Action

Cross Processed by

Free Cross Processed Photoshop ActionFree Cross Processed Photoshop Action

Teeth Whitening by modernactions

action 056 'Teeth Whitening'action 056 'Teeth Whitening'

Spring Fever by carpesav

Spring Fever-Photoshop ActionSpring Fever-Photoshop Action

Soft Pink by leafbreeze7

Soft Pink ActionSoft Pink Action

Halftone by creativetacos

Free Halftone Photo Effect Photoshop ActionFree Halftone Photo Effect Photoshop Action

Cold Nightmare by

Cold Nightmare: Free Photoshop ActionCold Nightmare: Free Photoshop Action

Purple wonderland by bokehlie

Purple wonderland actionPurple wonderland action

Photoshop Action 2 by saturn-rings

Photoshop Action 2Photoshop Action 2

Cross-Processing ATN by mutato-nomine

Cross-Processing ATNCross-Processing ATN

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions by manicho

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions50 Photoshop Postwork Actions

Portrait Actions I by ver00nika

Portrait Actions IPortrait Actions I

Actions Clyck by muffim-clyck

Actions ClyckActions Clyck

Cool photo effect action by Numizmat

Cool photo effect actionCool photo effect action

Dazzle Effects by dazzle-textures

Dazzle EffectsDazzle Effects

Enhancing skin color by mermes

Enhancing skin colorEnhancing skin color

Eye Color by Jean31

Eye ColorEye Color

Kalifbanane – Cross Coloring by KalifBanane

Kalifbanane - Cross ColoringKalifbanane - Cross Coloring

Lovely Action by orangetopatos

Lovely ActionLovely Action

Pack Actions 01 by darviana

Pack Actions 01Pack Actions 01

Photo Coloring 11 by iconmaker91

Photo Coloring 11Photo Coloring 11

Photo Coloring 11.2 by iconmaker91

Photo Coloring 11.2Photo Coloring 11.2

Photoshop Action Set o1 by lustdrunk

Photoshop Action Set o1Photoshop Action Set o1

Photoshop Action Set o3 by lustdrunk

Photoshop Action Set o3Photoshop Action Set o3

Photoshop Action: Diabolic by davidnanchin

Photoshop Action: DiabolicPhotoshop Action: Diabolic

Photoshop Action: Dim and Jade by davidnanchin

Photoshop Action: Dim and JadePhotoshop Action: Dim and Jade

Rather Large Set of Actions by rocketlaunch

Rather Large Set of ActionsRather Large Set of Actions

Skin Smoothing by Jean31

Skin SmoothingSkin Smoothing

Wedding Enhancers Kit by Karl

Wedding Enhancers KitWedding Enhancers Kit

Split toning by paranoidstock

Split toningSplit toning

Retro-Vintage by rocketlaunch


5 Black and White PS actions by cat-woman-amy

5 Black and White PS actions5 Black and White PS actions

Black white sepia PS action by rosalindharrison

Black white sepia PS actionBlack white sepia PS action

Handcolored vintage photo by Jenny W

Action includes: Ageing; Colour; Cracks; Bending and as a bonus Old Paper Style.

Handcolored vintage photoHandcolored vintage photo

TackIt! Mini by finessefx

This handy little effect has plenty of customization options, including the width of the picture border, the amount of shadow for both the photo and tack, and the color of the tack.

TackIt! MiniTackIt! Mini

HolgaRoid Generator BW by rawimage

HolgaRoid Generator BWHolgaRoid Generator BW

Old Parchment by finessefx

Photoshop action that gives paper with tears, yellowed edges and other artifacts.

Old ParchmentOld Parchment

Page Curl by pstutorialsblog

Page CurlPage Curl

Vintage Photo by mutato-nomine

Vintage PhotoVintage Photo

Photo Aging by mutato-nomine

Photo AgingPhoto Aging

Photographers Toolkit 1 by WallStorm

Photographers Toolkit 1Photographers Toolkit 1

Polaroid Generator by rawimage

Polaroid GeneratorPolaroid Generator

Cinematic Effect by orangeycow

Cinematic EffectCinematic Effect

Comics Photoshop action by mutato-nomine

Comics Photoshop actionComics Photoshop action

Double sketch effect action for Photoshop by Emanuele Feronato

Double sketch effect action for PhotoshopDouble sketch effect action for Photoshop

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