It’s quite true about the saying – There’s no second chance at making a good first impression. Advertisement, regardless online or offline, if they don’t catch your attention within seconds they are considered failed. Agencies and big corporations do not believe in ‘cool factors’ in advertisement anymore. Instead, to really stand out of the crowd, the idea has to be really out of the box, something that makes you laugh, talks about it or at least make you look twice.

Here’s 70 really creative advertisement that will make you look twice. Well, at least for me. Full list after jump.

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FedEx Kinkos – Office Products now at

FedEx KinkosFedEx Kinkos
FedEx Kinkos-2FedEx Kinkos-2

The Naval Museum of Alberta

The Naval Museum of AlbertaThe Naval Museum of Alberta

Nothing can replace a tree

Nothing can replace a treeNothing can replace a tree


FedEx advertisementFedEx advertisement

Australia Post – If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter.

Australia Post adAustralia Post ad

Australia Post – Personalized your post

Australia Post ad 2Australia Post ad 2

Starwars III – Return of the Sith

Starwars IIIStarwars III

The Fitness Company

Starwars III-adStarwars III-ad

Sprite Ice Blue

Sprite Ice BlueSprite Ice Blue – Don’t be stupid, protect yourself. advertisement – London for lovers ad

Clorets – Eliminate bad breath

Clorets adClorets ad

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper advertisementMini Cooper advertisement


Porsche adPorsche ad
Porsche ad 2Porsche ad 2
Porsche ad 3Porsche ad 3

3M – 3M Security Glass

3M Security Glass ad3M Security Glass ad

Sharpie permanent markers

Sharpie permanent markers adSharpie permanent markers ad

Denver Water – Use only what you need.

Denver Water adDenver Water ad

Bergmann funeral service – Come a litle closer.

Bergmann funeral service adBergmann funeral service ad

Domino’s Pizza – Hole

Domino's Pizza advertisementDomino's Pizza advertisement

Duracell – Last longer, much longer


WWF – save the world with a few coins

WWF adWWF ad

Freshlife – Start a fresh life.

Freshlife adFreshlife ad

Pepsi Twist

Pepsi Twist adPepsi Twist ad

WWF – Don’t cut the rain forest.

WWF- Don't cut the rain forest adWWF- Don't cut the rain forest ad

Mr. Hot Pepper

Mr. Hot Pepper adMr. Hot Pepper ad

M&M – Communication just got sweeter

M&M adM&M ad

Orion telescope

Orion telescope adOrion telescope ad

Nike – Just do it

Nike adNike ad

Kill Bill 2

Kill Bill 2 adKill Bill 2 ad

Glassex cleaner

Glassex cleaner adGlassex cleaner ad

Guiness – Road signs. The more you drink, the slow you react.

Guiness adGuiness ad
Guiness ad 2Guiness ad 2
Guiness ad 3Guiness ad 3

Heineken DraughtKeg – Made to entertain.

Heineken DraughtKegHeineken DraughtKeg
Heineken DraughtKeg adHeineken DraughtKeg ad

Heineken Jammin Festival, Venice.

Heineken Jammin FestivalHeineken Jammin Festival

Land Rover UK – More pull

Land Rover UKLand Rover UK



McDonald’s bus stop

McDonald's advertisementMcDonald's advertisement

Part of the campaign to announce that they are now opening at night.

McDonald's adMcDonald's ad

McDonald’s – Rock ‘n’ Fries

McDonald's - Rock 'n' Fries adMcDonald's - Rock 'n' Fries ad

Playstation 2 bus stop

Playstation 2 adPlaystation 2 ad

WMF knives – Cutting board

WMF knives - Cutting board adWMF knives - Cutting board ad

Nivea Beauty – Calcium Power

Nivea BeautyNivea Beauty

World No Tobacco Day – Non Smoking Area

World No Tobacco DayWorld No Tobacco Day

Duracell Escalator

Duracell EscalatorDuracell Escalator

Motor Magazine – Speed tracks

Motor MagazineMotor Magazine
Motor Magazine adMotor Magazine ad
Motor Magazine ad 2Motor Magazine ad 2

TAC – If you drive on drugs, you’re out of your mind.

TAC advertisementTAC advertisement
TAC advertisement 2TAC advertisement 2
TAC advertisement 3TAC advertisement 3

Rubik’s Cube – 25th Anniversary

Rubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary adRubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary ad
Rubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary adRubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary ad

UNICEF Mickey – The children can’t die.

Rubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary ad 3Rubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary ad 3

UNICEF – Don’t ignore me

UNICEF- Don't ignore meUNICEF- Don't ignore me

MSNBC – A Fuller Spectrum of News

Sony PSP – Handcuffed

New York Fries – Real fries in a fake world.

Snickers – 50% Extra!

Snickers adSnickers ad

Nivea – Goodbye Cellulite Sofa

Nivea - Goodbye Cellulite Sofa adNivea - Goodbye Cellulite Sofa ad

Volkswagen Beetle – The new beetle

Volkswagen Beetle adVolkswagen Beetle ad
Volkswagen Beetle ad 2Volkswagen Beetle ad 2
Volkswagen Beetle ad 3Volkswagen Beetle ad 3

Hard Rock Cafe – Don’t know the lyrics?

Hard Rock Cafe adHard Rock Cafe ad

These advertisement were collected from various sources, including: AdsOfTheWorld, Toxel, JustCreativeDesign, Hemmy, and more.

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