Being a big fan of everything retro, I can say for sure that retro and vintage art will never get old. There are so many tones and design styles you can experiment with when creating vintage art in Photoshop.

So either you are looking for inspiration for your next project or want to incorporate retro theme in your current one, here is a long list of beautifully designed retro vintage Photoshop tutorials. Pick the one you like and take a leap into it.

Vintage Look Film Effect

Here is a lovely image of a girl in the fields near the house with the soft vintage effect applied. You can replicate the same look with this video guide.

Vintage Look Film EffectVintage Look Film Effect
Digital Retouching

Just in three easy steps, you are going to learn how to create a fancy retro look in Photoshop. You will use selective color and light leak image.

Digital RetouchingDigital Retouching
How to Create a Vintage Photo Filter in 60 Seconds

If you want to learn how to apply vintage filters to your photos in Photoshop, but don’t feel like spending a lot of time on it, take a look at this tutorial.

Create a Vintage Photo FilterCreate a Vintage Photo Filter
Quick Way to Roughen the Edges of Your Work

Learn how to create a retro sign for postal service in Adobe Photoshop. Besides, here you can also download the pack of brushes for free.

Roughen the Edges of Your WorkRoughen the Edges of Your Work
Vintage Photo Effect

This photo effect looks almost like sepia. This tutorial will teach you to apply this soft yellow filter to your pictures.

Vintage Photo EffectVintage Photo Effect
Vintage Stamped Text

You can quickly learn how to create a beautiful vintage stamped text effect in Photoshop and re-use it over and over again for your designs.

Vintage Stamped TextVintage Stamped Text
Vintage Rusted Metal Sign

In this article, you are going to see the process of creating a rusty dusty vintage car sign.

Vintage Rusted Metal SignVintage Rusted Metal Sign
Retro Style Design

Here is an easy video tutorial showing you how to create a retro duotone effect Photoshop. You will use shapes and color fill.

Retro Style DesignRetro Style Design
Vintage feel with custom brush strokes

This article tells how to use custom brush strokes to create a vintage-inspired image. You can use brush strokes in any kind of design.

Vintage feel with custom brush strokesVintage feel with custom brush strokes
Colorful, Wavy, Tribal Photo Manipulation

Here is a gorgeous wavy vibrant photo manipulation which looks like a collage. You will combine many different images and textures into one fantastic masterpiece.

Colorful, Wavy, Tribal Photo ManipulationColorful, Wavy, Tribal Photo Manipulation
Vintage Technicolor

The video tutorial you see above will show you the process of applying a technicolor vintage effect to a picture with a girl. You can use it for any image to give it a retro feel.

Vintage TechnicolorVintage Technicolor
Retro 3D Displaced Text Effect

You can combine 2d and 3d styles into one cool poster with text effect in retro style. This is a step-by-step tutorial to teach you this text effect.

Retro 3D Displaced Text EffectRetro 3D Displaced Text Effect
Retro poster effects

Here is a tutorial that will show you how to create an old-school poster with lots of details. You will turn a real hand-drawn image into a digital image.

Retro poster effectsRetro poster effects
Hanze Vintage

Use blending modes and adjustment layers to create this excellent vintage color effect for your images. It works great for portraits.

Hanze VintageHanze Vintage
Grunge Retro Text Effect

Check out this cool noisy grunge text effect. It can be applied to logos and signs.

Grunge Retro Text EffectGrunge Retro Text Effect
Old Paper Effect

Do you remember all those old photos of your grandmother where she is young? This technique will help you to achieve a similar effect of old paper and green tones.

Old Paper EffectOld Paper Effect
Matchbook Print Effect

Matchbooks was a famous advertising style in the 1950s. You can apply the same effect to your designs using this video guide.

Matchbook Print EffectMatchbook Print Effect
Vintage Gig Poster

Here is an easy video tutorial showing you how to make an old vintage poster with scratches and retro typography.

Vintage Gig PosterVintage Gig Poster
Ornate, Vintage, Poster Design

In this article, you’ll get to know how to create an ornate poster in vintage style. It has beautiful typography and an eagle image.

Ornate, Vintage, Poster DesignOrnate, Vintage, Poster Design
Wood Type Inspired Design

Check out this stunning retro text effect tutorial which will show you how to create a sign in Photoshop. It has red text and blue label in the background.

Wood Type Inspired DesignWood Type Inspired Design
Vintage/Retro Effect

Here is a no sound video which will show you the process of creating a retro style photo effect. It is using an image with a retro car on a beach.

Vintage/Retro EffectVintage/Retro Effect
Vintage Effect In Photoshop CS6

This is a faded vintage photo effect tutorial. You can apply the filter on any type of image from flowers to portraits. You are going to use a bucket tool and blending modes.

Vintage Effect In Photoshop cs6Vintage Effect In Photoshop cs6
80s-Inspired Double Exposure Manipulation

Look at this fantastic tutorial showing how to create a photo manipulation in 1980s style. It displays a woman on a background with a city.

80s-Inspired Double Exposure Manipulation80s-Inspired Double Exposure Manipulation
Retro 90s Grunge Photo Effect

Grunge of the 1990s was a part of American culture which was known in the whole world. This article will tell you how to create a red grunge poster in Photoshop.

Retro 90s Grunge Photo EffectRetro 90s Grunge Photo Effect
Create Low-poly Art

Look at this cool low poly poster featuring two men with airplanes. It looks like a retro poster for pilots or air force.

Create low-poly artCreate low-poly art
Create a Stunning old-school Halftone Effect

Halftone is one of the old styles used many years ago. You can re-create this effect and apply them to your latest shots to add them a vintage feel.

old-school Halftone Effectold-school Halftone Effect
Give Illustrations a Retro Look

What does make vintage style and effect? Washed out colors, scratches, and old style typography. All these techniques are described in the following tutorial.

illustrations retro lookillustrations retro look
Create a 90s Geometric Pattern Using Basic Shapes in Photoshop

Here is a quick tutorial showing how to create a colorful, vibrant 90s geometric texture. Just follow this guide step by step.

90s Geometric Pattern in Photoshop90s Geometric Pattern in Photoshop
Outrun Retro-Futuristic Pixel Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Combine retro and futuristic style at one text effect which you can create using this useful video.

Outrun Retro-Futuristic Pixel Text Effect Photoshop TutorialOutrun Retro-Futuristic Pixel Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial
Photoshop Vintage & Retro Photo Effect Tutorial

With the help of this video guide, you are going to learn how to create this fantastic film look for your images. It seems like a red and blue light leak or a smooth gradient.

Photoshop Vintage & Retro Photo Effect TutorialPhotoshop Vintage & Retro Photo Effect Tutorial


Old Fantasy Map
Abstract Retro-Pop Wallpaper
Realistic Burnt Parchment
3D Retro Strip
Awesome Retro Collage
Retro Pop Art
Retro Photo with Background
Space-Helmeted Future Retro Illustration
Old-Collage Effect Poster
Retro Boxing Poster
Rockin’ 80’s Party Poster
Vintage Car Poster
Old-Style Safari Map
Retro Comic Book Effect
Old School Type – Line Gradients
Retro Cosmic Design
Vintage Effect for Photos
Photo Transfer Edge Effect
Old World Wax Seal
Old Paper
Old Envelope
WWII Airplane
Retro Lighting – Ford Mustang
Sweet Old School Album Cover
Turn A New Photo Into An Old Photo
Curvy Cross Processing

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