Why use an Image Plugin?

Adding images and editing them can be quite a hassle on WordPress. If you want to know some of the best image gallery plugins for WordPress, you are in the right place! This post talks about five best image gallery plugins that you should definitely check out.


The Envira gallery image plugin has made it to the top of this list for obvious reasons. It is a perfect combination of easy and powerful. Like most wordpress plugins, it offers drag and drop feature. Apart from this, it helps in creating responsive and mobile friendly images with absolutely no coding. You can also share these images on social media, increasing the viewership of your images and websites. Editing has never been so simple. With Envira you can crop, add watermark and  password protect your images. Best part is, these features are also applicable to videos. The starting price for this amazing plugin is just $29. Still not satisfied? You can always suggest features you would like to Envira to include. Also look out for special offer coupons to save money!


With over 100,000 active installations and a rating of 4.8, the number two on this list is the FooGallery image plugin. It comes with a ton of features and is a very attractive plugin because it is open source which means it is free! This plugin gives you crystal clear thumbnail images, comes with built-in albums and supports creation of video galleries. The most impressive feature of this plugin is that you can create mixed galleries consisting of both images and videos. It also offers vertical and horizontal navigation bars for videos which is pretty great.


Transitions, controls, lightbox effects; if these terms mean the world to you, chances are that you are a photographer or a visual artist or an imaging professional. Maintained by Imagely, NextGen plugin offers spectacular features to style and size images. Starting at just $69, the NextGen plugin provides two types of gallery display styles – slideshows and thumbnail and two album styles – compact and extended. You can make it more powerful by adding the pro plugin.
Be sure to check out the basic free version as well.


Looking for a single image plugin to do it all? You might want to check out Gmedia. This plugin supports galleries, images, video & audio files. You can also use the Gmedia gallery application for iPhone and can create galleries and playlists on the go. The most attractive feature is that this plugin can handle any file format. This helps you in creating an unlimited number of responsive galleries without slowing down your website. Interestingly you can add your own customization to each of these galleries. You might be wondering what the price of this amazing plugin would be. It is totally free! What are you waiting for? Try Gmedia today.


Trying to build a website to showcase your work and experience to prospective clients? You must give the Portfolio image plugin a try. It helps you create organised and clear content. You can also add images and videos. This plugin offers a responsive design supporting various screen sizes and devices. There are seven layouts available with their own animation effects and more.

That is it for the top five image gallery plugins for WordPress. Be sure to try free versions before you buy them, and happy hunting!


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