Every WordPress website, big or small, needs an audience to survive, just as a blog needs relevant people to consume its content, an ecommerce store needs buyers to buy its products. The audience is what keeps a website alive.

Because it is crucial for any WordPress website, it is essential that you make good use of your audience. In order to do that, you need to track your audience and their activities to understand their behavior.

This is where Facebook Pixel comes in. Facebook Pixel helps you track your visitor’s activities on your website. It’s a piece of code that you insert in your website and the tracking starts.

Let’s discuss more about Facebook Pixel in detail.

What is Facebook Pixel and What Does it Do?

Facebook Pixel is used to get important information about your audience. The code that you insert in your website extracts your visitors’ data for you to analyze. You can use that data to create better Facebook ads and better target your ads.

The tracking pixel ensures that your Facebook ads are shown only to those who are interested in your content and are more likely to convert. This ultimately helps you improve your conversion rate.

You might not be using Facebook ads right now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install Facebook Pixel. I would suggest you use Facebook Pixel starting today. By the time you decide to run Facebook ads, Pixel would have built enough relevant audience so that you can target your ads more effectively.

Facebook Pixel also measures cross-device conversions. It allows users to see how their visitors are moving from one device that they convert from, to another. You can also create ‘lookalike audience’ through Facebook Pixel. Lookalike audience is people with similar interests to your original audience.

In a nutshell, Facebook Pixel provides you with the necessary audience insights. It tells you why people are visiting your WordPress website, and how. This is critical information that can help you create effective Facebook ads.

Facebook Pixel and WordPress

As mentioned earlier, you need to add a code to your website to start tracking with Facebook Pixel. There are some Facebook Pixel WordPress plugins that will help you manage your audience tracking.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Facebook Pixel WordPress plugins that you can use to make your audience tracking easier

Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugins

  • Pixel Cat – (Formerly Facebook Conversion Pixel)
  • Insert Headers and Footers
  • Pixel Caffeine
  • WP Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Pixel by PixelYourSite

Pixel Cat – (Formerly Facebook Conversion Pixel)

This Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin lets you add the pixel code to your WordPress website in a matter of minutes. Setting up Facebook retargeting and conversion tracking on your website through this Facebook pixel WordPress plugin is a breeze.

Pixel Cat allows you to track Facebook conversions by sending conversion events, including amount and currency. This way you can track, and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

Apart from that, this Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin also lets you build retargeting audiences. It sends granular events such as blog posts to read and products viewed. These events are important information in building amazing retargeting audiences.

You can also customize pixel event parameters to track your ad ROI, which is a return on investment, through an easy to use interface.

Pixel Cat also lets you segment your visitors by pages viewed. This means you can set Facebook Pixel events on certain pages, posts, categories, and tags your visitors have viewed.

This Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin has an easy to use platform which lets you add Facebook Pixel to your WordPress website without using a single piece of code.

The Search Event feature lets you track searches on your website. You can analyze what your visitors are searching on your website so that you can optimize it accordingly.

Pixel Cat allows you to exclude your team members from your Facebook Pixel data. Team members data can often pollute your pixel data because these are visitors you don’t need to track. You can always omit team members using this Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin.

The best part is that this plugin is completely free. You can download it from the WordPress repository and install it on your WordPress without any cost.

However, the plugin also has a paid version. The premium version lets you set dynamic and custom events. Dynamic events are one of the most effective ad campaigns that you can run for your visitors. These are ads that are based on your visitors’ behavior such as time on site, CTAs clicked. This information lets you exclude visitors who bounce off your website so that you can build ads for those who want to read your content.

Insert Headers and Footers

This is not exactly a Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin. The plugin’s main function is to let its users add codes to your WordPress website’s footer and header. It excludes the need to edit theme files which is a big hassle.

Insert Headers and Footers has a simple interface that makes it even easier to insert scripts and codes. It is created by Syed Balkhi and WPBeginner which makes it even more authentic.

Here are some features of this amazing plugin:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to insert scripts
  • Insert header code and/or footer code
  • Add Google Analytics code to any WordPress theme
  • Add custom CSS across WordPress themes
  • Insert Facebook pixel code to your WordPress website
  • Insert any code or script, including HTML and Javascript

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Pixel Caffeine

This Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin claims to be the easiest and most powerful plugin which helps you manage Facebook Pixel and Facebook product catalog. The best part is, Pixel Caffeine is completely free.

The plugin is created by AdEspresso, a certified Facebook marketing partner and also the number 1 Facebook Ads partner. So you shouldn’t have any doubts over the authenticity of this plugin.

Here are some of the features of this Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin:

Easy Installation – With just one click you can get a Facebook pixel on your entire site. Without using a single code.

Advanced Custom Audiences – This Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin allows you to create audiences based on standard and customer events.

Create Facebook Dynamic Ads with WooCommerce – The plugin also integrates with WooCommerce. It automatically tracks your website visitors based on the product, category, and tags they have viewed. The plugin then dynamically re-targets them with advertisements on Facebook or Instagram.

Generate Product Catalog Management – Pixel Caffeine allows users to generate product catalog for their stores in just one click. You can also upload them on Facebook. The advanced filters let you create your product catalog with exactly the products you want. with Facebook.

WP Facebook Pixel

As the form suggests, WP Facebook Pixel is a Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin that lets users easily add events to specific pages. You can add new meta boxes to each page and posts. The plugin claims that it unlocks the full power of Facebook dynamic ads without any cost. You can just download this plugin from the repository for free.

The plugin also comes with excellent support which helps you through the process of installation and is there to resolve any issues that you face with the plugin. The set and forget features allows you to enhance your marketing efforts with just a click.

All you have to do is copy the Pixel ID into this plugin’s settings and you are good to go. Here are some of the amazing features of this plugin:

These options are enabled once and apply to every page on your site! No more creating special events page by page. It just can’t get any easier than this.

  • Track Title (pro)
  • Delay ViewContent Event (pro)
  • Track user’s duration on the page (pro)
  • Disable tracking by user type
  • Search term tracking (pro)

Category and Tag tracking, even track WooCommerce product and other custom categories and tags! (pro)
Meta Key tracking (pro)

Facebook Pixel by PixelYourSite

This is a premium Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin that allows you to implement Facebook pixel to your WordPress website with just a single click. The plugin lets you fire specific events for specific pages for WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores.

The plugin rids you off all the coding responsibilities. You can add Pixel id to your website with a click of a button. Through this plugin, you can read your website for retargeting ads and ads optimization.

Facebook Pixel by PixelYourSite comes with 3 pricing plans each having their own features and limitations. The starter plan costs $150 which lets you implement Facebook Pixel on 1 site only. The advanced plan which is priced at $189 lets you install the plugin on 10 different WordPress websites. The agency plan, $500, allows Facebook Pixel for up to 100 websites.

Final Words

Making good use of your audience is key to success as a site owner. In order to do that, you need to have useful information about your visitors. The Facebook Pixel WordPress plugins mentioned above provides you with all the information you need, after this plugin installs on your WordPress website. In order to create amazing ads and build re-targeting audiences.

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