For some individuals out there, blogging is a way of life. It is their passion, their hobby, and their career, all rolled up into one. Is it possible to make money blogging? You better believe it. Want some proof?

Create and Go, a blog about blogging brings in roughly $50,000 monthly on their Create and Go blog and their wellness blog, Avocadu. A health and fitness blogger with only two years of experience and their own product brings in roughly $145,680 per year. And an organization and productivity blogger? A whopping $500,400 per year.

Stick with me here. You may be thinking that the money was made using sleazy ad and sales tactics. Or, you may be thinking it is a difficult and drawn-out process to monetize a blog to that level. Did you know that a lot of bloggers see big profit in just the first year? And it doesn’t take uncomfortable tactics to get to where you want to be.

Have an established blog with an audience? Are you ready to start making some cash? Lucky for you, we have three quick and simple ways to start monetizing your WordPress blog. Let’s get started.

Start with Simple Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a product you love? Perhaps you do product reviews on your blog, or you’re a travel blogger who loves a certain hiking shoe. Whatever the case, affiliate marketing is one of the best tools for monetizing your WordPress blog. By being an affiliate, you promote certain products or services for another company in exchange for a part of the sale of that product or service.

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, all it takes is a Google search. Don’t worry, you don’t have to affiliate with products or services that don’t fit your niche. Instead, choose products that you actually use and make some extra cash to promote them using your blog.

Most of the time, the affiliate link is placed within a blog post where your readers can visit a sales page to purchase the product or service. The company will then send you a percentage of the sale. Most companies that offer affiliate marketing services will have a link on their website where you can sign up. Or, you can reach out to companies personally that interest you.

Grab Some Sponsorships

If your blog has a decent following, you can benefit from sponsorships quickly. According to Growth Marketing Pro, there are a few ways to take advantage of sponsorships including:

  • A sponsored product/service review: you will simply write a review of your experience with the product to share with your audience
  • A banner ad: a dedicated banner for a partner (like Adsense, but you pick what goes there, not Google)
  • Guest blog post: they will write a blog post to live on your blog
  • Dedicated email blast: if you have an email following from your blog, you can use it to monetize your blog by advertising a product you love

The thing about sponsorship is that both parties receive benefits. You can partner with businesses or other bloggers with products or services in your niche. It is important that you understand your follower count and have a good idea of your analytics. Most sponsors will want to know that your blog is worth partnering with.

Again, you can pick a product or service that you love, making it an easy sale. You don’t have to promote or advertise things that don’t fit your blog’s brand and niche.

Write an eBook

Is your blog dedicated to personal finance help? Do you blog about motherhood? What knowledge do you have to share with the world? Use your knowledge and your experience to write a professional eBook to market through your blog.

You don’t have to be a professional publisher to use eBooks for monetizing your WordPress blog. You can create your own eBook using a locked Google Doc for the inside and Canva to design a cover. Once your eBook is complete, you can use your blog to create a sales page dedicated to your book. Your audience can purchase it online and download it immediately.

There is no end to the number of eBooks you can create. If you choose, you can write and self-publish an eBook using CreateSpace or other platforms that offer print and eBook options. You can sell these at a higher price, giving you more monetizing opportunities.

You can implement affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and eBook writing into your monetizing strategy TODAY. All it takes is a bit of research, some time to write some brilliant emails and a bit of effort to put it all together to create a new stream of income through your blog. The best part? It is passive income once you get started. Here’s to a new career, monetizing your WordPress blog, doing what you love. Let’s get to monetizing today!

If you are new to blogging, check out this beginner’s guide to WordPress.

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