(Guest writer: Tapha Ngum)

Designers are getting really good at Photoshop design, and with the right tools and the right skills, they can make it very difficult for us to tell what is real and what is manipulated.

Occasionally, mistakes in design pop up to remind us that it is only human to err. The rest of the time, well, let’s just say that we humans are incredibly creative creatures.

To show you what I mean, I have compiled a list of some of the most realistic-looking artworks out there today. The collection will make you question what you see, this I guarantee. Some of these are so realistic that I had to double check them a number of times to make sure that they were indeed mere illustrations and not products of photography! Enjoy the post!

Showcase of Hyper Realistic Paintings

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Showcase of Hyper Realistic Paintings

Hyper realistic or hyperrealism is a type of art painting which takes technical art to a very high… Read more

#1 – Synth @Mikael Eidenberg
#2 – Wacom Intuos 4 @Dorian Filippi
Wacom Intuos 4Wacom Intuos 4
#3 – Spas-12 @Mateusz Dembek
#4 – Canon 5D Camera @Mikael Eidenberg
Canon 5D CameraCanon 5D Camera
#5 – Tulip @Anna Marinenko
#6 – Kitchen @Mikael Eidenberg
#7 – Socket @Clemens Posch
#8 – Nivea Creme @Sandrino Kelders
Nivea CremeNivea Creme
#9 – Most Important iPhone Accessory @Mikael Eidenberg
The Most Important iPhone AccessoryThe Most Important iPhone Accessory
#10 – Tomato @Anna Marinenko
#11 – Off Buttermilk @Julian Hrankov
Off ButtermilkOff Buttermilk
#12 – Beer @Creative Mints
beer artworkbeer artwork
#13 – Dashboard @Dash
#14 – Coca Cola @Carlos Carvalhar
Coca ColaCoca Cola
#15 – Take A Bite @Dash
Take A BiteTake A Bite
#16 – Cassette @Roman Jusdado
cassette artworkcassette artwork
#17 – Tine – Mountain Milk @Anders Drage
Mountain MilkMountain Milk
#18 – iPhone(s) (5 and 4S) @Mikael Eidenberg
iPhone(s) (5 and 4S)iPhone(s) (5 and 4S)
#19 – HDD @Max Panysh
hdd artworkhdd artwork
#20 – Oreo @Roman Jusdado
oreo artworkoreo artwork

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(This guest post is written by Tapha Ngum for Hongkiat.com. Tapha is the founder of myapptemplates.com, a site that provides custom iPhone app templates to people who cannot afford to spend thousands on their iPhone app design.)

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