If you have a passion for white space and love sharp, clean design, the minimalist style would probably be right up your alley. In minimalist design, the main focus is on the content instead of heavy design effects. Basically, it does as the name suggest by keeping it simple.

There’s a lot of potential for minimalist design in plenty of areas. As an artist, one of the ways you can use this is by incorporating it into your design portfolio. Take a look at these 20 elegant and sleek minimalist portfolio designs I’ve collected to get you inspired.

Tim Brack

Tim BrackTim Brack

Clement Grellier

Clement GrellierClement Grellier



Razvan Garofeanu

Razvan GarofeanuRazvan Garofeanu

Admir Hadzic

Admir HadzicAdmir Hadzic

Charles-Axel Pauwels

Charles-Axel PauwelsCharles-Axel Pauwels

Feven Amenu

Feven AmenuFeven Amenu

Tina Gauff

Tina GauffTina Gauff

One Design Company

One Design CompanyOne Design Company

Mickaël Larchevêque

Mickaël LarchevêqueMickaël Larchevêque

Nicolas Desle

Nicolas DesleNicolas Desle

Stef Ivanov

Stef IvanovStef Ivanov

Brian Delaney

Brian DelaneyBrian Delaney

Brian Nathan Hartwell

Brian Nathan HartwellBrian Nathan Hartwell

Sang Han

Sang HanSang Han

Dennis Adelmann

Dennis AdelmannDennis Adelmann

Adam Mottau

Adam MottauAdam Mottau

Jason James

Jason JamesJason James

Jeroen Homan

Jeroen HomanJeroen Homan

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